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Catarina: Reading and Things I really want to know what to do! I want to know if I should buy this book. So any help? What was your favorite part, thing about it, character, anything!?!?! What did you think about the book in general? Should I buy it?

Melissa Ditto...the main character Kale, deeeelish!! I loved the whold Denazen Conspiracy thing...DO IT!

Annie Brewer Yea I have this one and reading it now. So far its great! Its worth the buy!!

Ferdy I would definitely recommend it.. Deznee is a great heroine, she does a few stupid things but I could understand and symathize with her.. she's better than the usual YA heroine - who are usually all powerful, holier than thou, self righteous, virginal idoits. Kale was a great hero, again he wasn't like the usual YA hero who are the 'bad boy', hot and cold alpha jerks.. he wore his heart on his sleeve. It's a very good read and one of the better paranormal YA books:)

Jennifer K Jovus I would buy it. I read my ARC twice before it was released. :)

Ellen I really liked this book and would definetely advise getting it. I am looking forward to the second in the series.

Heather It was an entertaining read but no deep plot or well developed characters really. I enjoyed it but certainly wouldn't read it again.

Annie Brewer I loved this book so much!!! I finished it and wanted to read it again. It was different and unique and brilliant! I would say Dez is my favorite heroine and Kale is one of my favorite fictional males!!!!! Damn this was awesome!! I would totally recommend it everyone!!! Can't wait for the sequel!!

Ferdy Yay.. can't wait for Kale's novella!!

Annie Brewer Omg I know. Its called Untouched! It comes out Feb 21st!!! Can't. Wait.!! So another one too? Wonder what its about!!! So excited!!!

Libbie It was okay, but not my thing. I finished it, but I won't be continuing the series.

alana I agree that it was a great read and very absorbing but I've decided not to continue reading them either (extremely out of character for me if that tells you anything).

Halle I'm gathering this is a book adults enjoy more.

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