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What do you think of this book???????
Tori Tori Jan 09, 2012 04:39PM
What do you think of this book???????

This series was my first love. :)

Poorvi Totally! Love it!
Jul 14, 2013 03:05AM

I didnt read all of them, but i did read most of these books how many of them are there?

it was..ok

I love this whole series!!!!

It was cute.

Reminds me about my pre-teens and early teen years :))

This book is a dream.One that makes you wonder about your destiny.The writer did a good job but her books fall apart and kind of fail to grab the reader attention after a while.No doubt the book attracted girls who wanted life to be a fairytale and yet wanted life to be life again.Meg's writing was good but not exceptional.This book is sweet, pleasant and a runaway gift from the busy household chores.Good not great.

I loved these when I was a pre-teen!

I loved this book because I could really understand what Mia was going through which made it a really nice and enjoyable book.

The profanity was unnecessary. The movie was better, hands down!

I enjoyed the first three books. :) The rest weren't as enjoyable.

I completely loved the series and am re-reading it atm. Now that I'm older I realize much more of the sarcasm in the books.
Also how Cabot writes about stuff most teenagers worry about at one time in their lives.
Like "does it really build up when boys don't get sex???" no, of course not, but who hasn't heard that typical boy excuse at least once? XD

It was good but it cussed alot! EEESh!

I really liked the stories, but I didn't really like the mother of Mia very much. Sorry to those who do, I just don't like her. She's too prejudiced for me.

I thought it was entertaining, but mostly a terrible book. Not because of the writing, or characterizations, or anything like that, but the horrible lessons it taught.

In particular, what really got on my nerves is how none of the adult characters ever listened to Mia. She absolutely did not want to be a princess. Her grandmother thought that was absurd. Her father just gave in to his mother's demands. Her mother just dodge Mia's concerns whenever she raised them. Basically, all the people who are supposed to teach her and support her didn't care at all what she wanted. That's absolutely terrible, and I think those parents should be ashamed of themselves.

Poorvi Agree with all the above comments...
Jul 14, 2013 03:07AM

I thought it was fantastic. I love Meg Cabot and her princess Mia.

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