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John Hennessy | 9 comments Hello readers/authors,

My name is John Hennessy and I am a 23-year-old who graduated from Western Washington this last June. Since that time I worked on getting my book out into the world.

I self-published my debut novel The Cry of Havoc: Life Descending in October after having it edited by the wonderful Sara Stamey, a senior instructor at Western/author/free-lance editor.
The cover was down by a local senior at Western, Aaron Mortensen, who did a great job fulfilling my vision.

I started writing Life Descending when I was a junior in high school and used what I had written as my Senior Exiting Project the next year. I really sat down and started writing it between my sophomore and junior years of college. From then it really took off, and now it is something I am really proud of, as it has received some great reviews. Readers Favorite even called it a masterpiece, and I don't of any higher complement than that, and beyond exciting to read the first time I did. Actually, it is still exciting even after a few months.

One thing about me, I am not an English major, but instead I went a different route. Don't get me wrong, I love English, and I was an English minor, but I fell in love with the small Liberal Studies department at Western, an interdisciplinary department that incorporated literature, philosophy, history, psychology, anthropology, sociology; it was great.

I am a fantasy/science fiction writer, but I love almost everything. From memoirs to mysteries, history to poetry; it is hard to find a genre that I won't read. So now you know a little bit about me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'll get back to you pretty fast. If you check out my book, tell me what you think, as I would love to hear from readers!

Back of the book: On a world once devastated by deadly climate shifts, war threatens a continent in turmoil. The scorching heat of old is returning, and whispers of a Southern plague cross the Bordergrounds, spreading fear into the fanatical hearts of the North, who prepare themselves for one final holy conquest. At the edge of the conflict lies Tom Navo, man who has lost a life, only to rise again. But his life spirals into chaos once more when he learns that his memories have been tampered with. Hope and revenge are all that remain after he meets Shakara, a woman who has also been shattered by grim secrets, secrets of missing families, brainwashed soldiers, and a warmongering king. Yet, among these bleak forecasts resides a hint of possibility, a chance to extinguish the coming darkness, with a clue to the location of the ancient Impermeable Suit, the lost enchanted armor of legend, surrounded by tales of triumph and glory of its former bearer. Now, Tom and Shakara seek its power, but others, dangerous and determined, including the zealous King of the North himself, have deciphered the clue and race to find such a potent weapon. In a realm full of deception and disloyalty, lust and malice, corruption and tragedy, stands a story of lords and servants, assassins and soldiers, and extraordinary beings aplenty, whose future teeters perilously on the brink of doom, as all life descends into shadow.

My website is
There you can read the first four chapters too see if you're interested.

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Tana (tana_t) | 8935 comments Mod
Welcome John and thanks for joining the group.

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Tana (tana_t) | 8935 comments Mod
OH and if you have time to read/review check out the books that are listed by other authors who are looking for reviews. There are so many different types of books available.

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