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Natalie | 1321 comments Jenna walked into the bathroom subconsciously, then realized where she was. She tryed to back out when she heard Myrtle sobbing. But it was too late.

Grace Lucy and Caz quickly retreated into the bathroom after getting yelled at by a professor. They did not know anyone else was in there when they began to resume kissing.

Grace They found that it was hard to embrace each other like usual with crutches in the way. Eventually Caswyn got creative with how to balance on his crutches and hold his girlfriend. She was giggling all the while. It was interesting trying new ways to kiss her marvelous beau.
Pretty soon it got too tiring, so they sat cross legged on the floor and resumed.

Grace At the sound of moaning, the couple got up as fast as possible and left for another quiet, intimate spot.

Natalie | 1321 comments "Sorry," sid Jenna backing toward the door. "You may now resume."

Grace Lucy and Caswyn reentered the bathroom. They were bored. Lucy saw her friend Jenna and waved hello.
"This is Caswyn," she said excitedly, pointing to her crippled boyfriend.
"Hi," he greeted awkwardly with a slight wave.

Natalie | 1321 comments "So this is your-" Jenna smiled at Lucy. Se turened to Cazwyn, "Hello, I a Jenna." sh said extending her hand to Cazwyn.

Grace He tucked a crutch under his arm and balanced on Lucy to shake Jenna's hand.
"So what year are you?" he asked to be polite.

Natalie | 1321 comments "I am in the third year." Jenna said proudly, "Lucy has told me so much about you! It is nice to finally meet you."

Grace "You've talked about me?" Caswyn quietly asked, turning incredulous eyes to Lucy.
"Um, yeah," Lucy answered, blushing. She held on tighter to Caswyn.
"Oh. Um, you going to the dance, Jenna? You shouldn't miss out on something like that. You can meet some greAt people."

Natalie | 1321 comments "Oh! I am." Jenna said shyly, "Someone asked me." se lowered her head blushing.

Grace "Oh! Congrats!"
"Who is it?" Lucy asked with joy for her friend. Jenna deserved a good guy.

Natalie | 1321 comments "Thank you, it is Nickholas, the new transfer." Jenna said staring at the floor.

Grace "Oh! The guy from France, right?"

Natalie | 1321 comments "Yeah!" Jenna looked up.

Grace "That's Sooo cool!!! Caz and I can teach you some French if you want. He'll be impressed and fall in love with you!"
Caswyn nudged Lucy and she reined herself in.
"Sorry, got a little carried away there. I really do think he'll like it if you speak some French at least."

Natalie | 1321 comments "Haha sure, we will have to do that some time, mabey then i can understand him a bit better." Jenna smiled.

Grace "Sounds like a plan."
Caswyn jumped in by saying, "Let's get out of here. I believe that's Myrtle. Last time we met it wasn't very... modest on my part."
"Right. Well, Jenna, do you want to come with us? We'd love To have your company!"

Grace Lucy and Caswyn glanced at each other, patiently waiting for Jenna'a reply.

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Emma walked in and dropped her things on the floor, carefully laying out her potions ingredients.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Kat came in after her, and started digging in her bag. "I read somewhere, that the essence of roses are very nice for the spell, and I thpink I have a bit of that..."

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"Great," Emma said, turning her cauldron upright and setting up her brass scales.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Katherine nodded, and joined her by the side of the cauldron, setting some vials on a sink.

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"We should add some eye of newt, as well," Emma said, thinking back to one of her recent potion classes.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
She nodded, and took a vial off the sink, handing it to Emma.

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Emma emptied it into the cauldron and began stirring counterclockwise. "What else should we add?" Emma asked.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Katherine thought as she looked at her vials. "Well, possibly some fluxweed, so if the page really does rip, it can mend itself... If we're going that far, some salamander blood might be nice too!" She picked up two vials. "These would be for mending though, not for the reall strength of the page, and I'm not sure about that." Katherine looked at her, and handed her the vials.

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Emma added the other ingredients to the potion, which turned a bright purple color and began to smell of lavender. "What else should we add?" Emma asked, sifting through her potion ingredients.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
"I don't think it needs anything else. Let's try it on this copy of Wuthering Heights" Katherine said, digging in her bag and bringing a book out. She handed it to Emma as she enjoyed the smell and smiled.

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Emma spooned a small portion of the potion into a vial and handed it to Katherine.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
She took it and blew on it so it would cool down a bit. Once it had, she spread the purple creamy liquid over the page, and waited for it to settle in. "So you're really good at this!" She complimented Emma.

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"Thanks," Emma said. "You're not bad yourself."

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
She smiled and nodded, looking at the page. "I think it's dry!" She laid her hand atop the page to make sure, and nodded to Emma, confirming thatnit was. She sucked in a huge breath and grabbed the corner of the page between her index finger and thumb and went to rip it, but stopped suddenly. "Would you like to do the honors?"

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"Absolutely," Emma said, accepting the book. After three attempts, she concluded that she was unable to rip the pages. "It works!" she cries gleefully.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Katherine cheered and did a small dance. "Perfect! We ought to show this to someone who can put it on all the pages in the library!" She paced back and forth. "Possibly we could use it on thoer things!! Things like blankets, or tents. Things like..." Her eyes widened and she was lost in thought.

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"Who should we take it to?" Emma asked. "Should we see if a shopkeeper in Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley will sell it? We could make millions!"

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Katherine's eye widened even more. "Oh Emma! This is amazing! Tomorrow we shall set out, don't you think?" She asked her.

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"Definitely," Emma agreed enthusiastically.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
She nodded and throw things back into her bag. "This is amazing! Tell you what; I will make some more of that tonight, and then you can too if you'd like, and then we can have multiple vials to take to all sorts of shops tomorrow!" She said. "Thank you Emma! I think we'll make nice partners!" She giggled.

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"I'll see you in the Great Hall tomorrow for breakfast," Emma said, smiling widely.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
She nodded and smiled. "See you there Emma!" She said as she left the room.

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Emma neatly packed up her with and headed back to her dorm with a smile on her face.

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Izzy ran inside the bathroom sobbing. Myrtle understood her, it was strange really, how the most 'annoying' ghost could be so understanding. once again the sobbing was replaced by anger, then fear, then happiness, then izzy passed out. Her mood swings had reached the limit.

GOURI | 78 comments Piper walked into the bathroom and heard Myrtle crying "Hey,Myrtle.How are you?"she asked.Well..she was kind of crazy.

Abigail   (not given) (abbie_cook) | 131 comments Jennifer entered the bathroom and said to Myrtle"Myrtle the chamber of secrets has any one come in speaking parsltung lately?"

Ella Miller | 1177 comments Wind ran into the bathroom, locked herself in a stall, and started sobbing. Myrtle came and asked what she was crying about. "I... I... I'm a monster! Free's dad was just like me and... I don't belong here..." Wind didn't make much sense to Myrtle. "What kind of... monster? Oh, he he he," Myrtle started to laugh every time Wind cried harder. "Just go away Myrtle!" Wind screamed as she dried her eyes. Then, she disapparated(even though you can't inside of Hogwarts)

Ella Miller | 1177 comments Decypha and Elissa entered. "Ok. I'm a werewolf. They want me to put the imperius curse on me and turn me into F-Fenier Greyb-back!"

Kat | 231 comments Elissa's mouth dropped in shock. "Yikes!"

Ella Miller | 1177 comments "Yeah, Dumbledore also knows. Ya know, I think me and Harry would make great friends, I mean we both go to Dumbledore. See, I go to Dumbledore for it. Now, though. You can't tell single soul about this! Not even your family! Ok? Or else I might have to wipe your memory..."

Ella Miller | 1177 comments "Just kidding about wipijg your memory." Decypha added when Elissa didn't reply.

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