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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Ashby | 108 comments Did anyone else find odd the large number of references to western classical music?

message 2: by Brad T. (new)

Brad T. | 217 comments I did but thankful that it was there because I went and downloaded all of them and felt that they added to the experience. Especially the Sinfionetta

message 3: by terpkristin (last edited Jan 07, 2012 06:11PM) (new)

terpkristin | 3078 comments I don't know if I found it odd...from what I've read about Haruki Murakami, music plays a large role in his books, his writing process, and his life. I had thoughts of downloading all of the songs but ended up not doing it. If you're interested in some of the music references in other books (don't see any of the references in 1Q84 listed yet), check out Random House's page on him.

I think one of the reasons I didn't end up getting any of the music is because I was listening to a lot of the book, so didn't see it written. I wonder if there's a 1Q84 playlist/soundtrack out there, like there is for Ready Player One.

message 4: by terpkristin (last edited Jan 07, 2012 06:18PM) (new)

terpkristin | 3078 comments And it turns out there is a playlist. Yeah, I'll probably end up getting the stuff on it, maybe not from iTunes.

Edit to add: is an image of a Spotify playlist that Knopf put together.

message 5: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Ashby | 108 comments The inclusion of musical references is not what surprised me, but the fact that all of the references were to western pieces. As far as I remember there are no references to Japanese works at all.

message 6: by Aloha (new)

Aloha | 919 comments Murakami was highly influenced by western culture. In fact, he was so fluent in the English language that he could have worked as an interpreter if his writing career didn't pan out.

Here is a link to the forum dedicated to 1Q84 that talks about his music.

I've been too busy to join in Goodreads discussions lately. Also, I'm talked out regarding 1Q84. My mind is usually on whatever book I'm currently reading, and 1Q84 is several books ago.

message 7: by terpkristin (new)

terpkristin | 3078 comments Interesting.

Also, I keep hoping Sean will show up in here and tell us about music in Japanese culture in general. Whenever I think of Japanese music, the only thing that comes to mind is J-pop.

message 8: by Aloha (new)

Aloha | 919 comments It's interesting that he could have translated his own work. In fact, according to the interview with the 2 interpreters of 1Q84, he was pretty much hands off regarding their translation of it, trusting their interpretation.

message 9: by Sean (last edited Jan 07, 2012 10:00PM) (new)

Sean O'Hara (SeanOHara) | 1939 comments Kevin wrote: "The inclusion of musical references is not what surprised me, but the fact that all of the references were to western pieces. As far as I remember there are no references to Japanese works at all."

I have the impression that Japanese musical curricula are a lot like those found in the US (and it wouldn't surprise me if they were designed by Americans during the Occupation) with a lot of emphasis on European classicism. For example, someone recently did an unofficial translation of the novel, "Sayonara Piano Sonata," which is about Japanese teenagers interested in music, and just looking through the table of contents you'll see a ton of references to classical music -- Firebird, Toccata, Paganini -- and more recent Western pop -- Layla, Kashmir and Beyond the Sea.

Still, it's odd that all the major characters were into classical music -- I'd expect Ushikawa at least to be rockin' out to ARB.

Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 1954 comments I had started a conversation about the music here.

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