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One of my favorite scenes is in chapter two where Jordan is frosting the “Finding Nemo” cupcakes. The conversation between Jordan and Brock in this scene sets up the whole story, especially when he says, “So he kind of ignores the tortured soul that you are.” I love that scene.

My next favorite is the one right after that where she is cutting his hair. There’s a lot of subconscious wanting (subtext) in that one. What starts out as simple favor begins to reveal the powerful connection they share.

Additionally, I really enjoyed the interaction between them when Jordan first arrives in Austin, especially in chapter fourteen, with the pancake scene late at night. Writing the Porsche scene where she lets him drive his car reveals the first sign of change in Jordan in openly placing trust in another person and she deals so well with Brock’s blindness. She is always aware of him and attempts to understand his view of the world. I think these scenes really demonstrate her own strength of character and reveal Brock’s vulnerabilities and also how much he cares about her. My absolute favorite scene is chapter eighteen with Jordan’s get-out-of-jail-free card reference. The interplay between these two was so fun to write.

It was a serious challenge to write from Brock’s point of view as a blind person. I had to really put myself into his head and try to view the world as he saw it from both an emotional as well as physical standpoint. It was not an easy thing to do or write, which is probably why it took so long to finish this novel.

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