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Isabel | 176 comments Feb. 2012

43. Baby Bonanza by Maureen Child
44. Deep in the Heat of Texas by Alta Hensley
45. Looking For Mr. Right by Kelly Wallace
46. The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, #2) by Rick Riordan
47. Northern Exposure (Compass Brothers, #1) by Jayne Rylon
48. 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover (Jazz Tremaine #1) by Linda Wisdom
49. Hex Appeal (Jazz Tremaine, #2) by Linda Wisdom
50. Wicked by Any Other Name (Jazz Tremaine, #3) by Linda Wisdom
51. Hex in High Heels (Jazz Tremaine, #4) by Linda Wisdom
52. Courting the Darkness by Karen Fuller
53. Dance of the Winnebagos (A Jackrabbit Junction Mystery #1) by Ann Charles
54. Taken by the Cowboy by Julianne MacLean
55. Highland Velvet (Montgomery, #3) by Jude Deveraux
56. Lady in Red (Talisman Ring, #5) by Karen Hawkins
57. My Wicked Earl by Linda Needham
58. Sleeping with Paris by Juliette Sobanet
59. Lucky in Love (Lucky, #1) by Carolyn Brown
60. Valentine Surprise by Jennifer Conner
61. Sleep Tight  by Anne Frasier
62. Heartfire by Karen Rose Smith
63. Safe Harbor by Judith Arnold
64. Micah's Magick (Elemental Witches, #4.1) by Anya Bast
65. Champagne for Two by Patrice Wilton
66. The Do-Over by Kathy Dunnehoff
67. Secret Fantasy (Fantasies Inc.) (Harlequin Temptation, No 836) by Carly Phillips
68. After the Night by Linda Howard
69. Model Agent  A Thriller by Sean Sweeney
70. Rogue Agent  A Thriller by Sean Sweeney
71. Double Agent  A Thriller (Jaclyn Johnson, code name Snapshot series) by Sean Sweeney
72. Crossing the Bridge by Michael Baron
73. The Millionaire's Nanny by Carol Grace
74. Cowboys Make Better Lovers by Kelly Wallace
75. Stained by Jessica McBrayer
76. South Beach Cinderella by Sharon Potts
77. The Trouble With Green by Liv James
78. The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, #3) by Ashlyn Chase
79. The Prince's Nanny by Carol Grace
80. Wild Mustang Man by Carol Grace
81. Hostile Witness by Rebecca Forster
82. Nanny Behaving Badly by Judy Jarvie
83. Silent Witness (Signet Novel) by Rebecca Forster
84. My Last Blind Date by Susan Hatler
85. The Boyfriend Bylaws by Susan Hatler
86. The Rent-A-Groom by Jennifer Blake
87. Kissed in Paris by Juliette Sobanet
88. The Life She Left Behind by Maisey Yates
89. The Billionaire's Marriage Proposal  by Melody Anne
90. The Billionaire's Dance by Melody Anne
91. The Billionaire Falls by Melody Anne
92. The Billionaire Wins the Game by Melody Anne
93. Leaving the Comfort Cafe by Dawn DeAnna Wilson
94. A Catered Romance by Cara Marsi
95. Legwork by Katy Munger
96. Dead Reckoning by Ronie Kendig
97. Volcano Watch (The Forensic Geology Series, #2) by Toni Dwiggins
98. Divorced, Desperate and Delicious (Divorced, #1) by Christie Craig
99. Enemies and Playmates by Darcia Helle
100. New York to Dallas (In Death, #33) by J.D. Robb
101. Sorcha's Heart by Debbie Mumford
102. Just the Way You Are by Barbara Freethy
103. Mail-Order Millionaire by Carol Grace
104. Play Dead by Anne Frasier
105. Bring on the Blessings by Beverly Jenkins
106. A Second Helping  A Blessings Novel by Beverly Jenkins
107. Something Old, Something New  A Blessings Novel by Beverly Jenkins
108. Nothing To Lose by Consuelo Saah Baehr
109. Three Days in Seattle by Debra Burroughs
110. Smuggler's Lady by Jane Feather
111. A Seduction at Christmas (Scandals and Seductions, #1) by Cathy Maxwell
112. Affair of the Heart by Laura Allen
113. Sweet Fury by Catherine Hart
114. Where the Heart is by Jenny Gardiner
115. Three Girls and a Baby by Rachel Schurig
116. Three Girls and a Wedding (Volume 2) by Rachel Schurig
117. Three Girls and a Leading Man by Rachel Schurig
118. Three Girls and a Leading Man by Rachel Schurig
119. Blood Ties  Book One in the PI Julie Collins series by Lori G. Armstrong
120. The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst
121. That's Amore by Carol Grace
122. The Wife of Reilly by Jennifer Coburn

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Isabel | 176 comments April 2012

123. For Services Rendered  by Patricia Kay
124. Eagle's Run (Texas Passions, #1) by Desiree Holt
125. Blood Country (Claire Watkins Mysteries, #1) by Mary Logue
126. Witch Way (Magical Holiday Tales, #1) by Heidi Hall
127 . Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle
128. Mine Until Dawn (The Fitzgerald Family, #2) by Ednah Walters
129. Dangerous Love (The Fitzgerald Family, #4) by Ednah Walters
130. One Texas Night by Sylvie Kurtz
131. Breaking The Rules (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 587) by Ruth Wind
132. Kiss Me Crazy (The Fitzgerald Family, #3) by Ednah Walters
133. Three Wishes by Stephanie Bond
134. A Week At The Beach by Virginia Jewel
135. Happy Hour by Michele Scott
136. A Family Affair by Mary Campisi
137. Pulling Home by Mary Campisi
138. Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (A Rose Gardner Mystery #1) by Denise Grover Swank
139. Not Your Everyday Housewife by Mary Campisi
140. Chosen (The Chosen #1) by Denise Grover Swank
141. Hunted (The Chosen #2) by Denise Grover Swank
142. Sacrifice (The Chosen #3) by Denise Grover Swank
143. Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11) by Charlaine Harris
144. Hidden Summit (Virgin River, #17) by Robyn Carr
145. Redwood Bend (Virgin River, #18) by Robyn Carr
146. A Wish and a Prayer  A Blessings Novel by Beverly Jenkins
147. Killing Rocks (The Bloodhound Files #3) by D.D. Barant
148. Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel (Trash to Treasure Crafting Mystery) by Rose Pressey
149. Accidentally in Love with...A God?  (Accidentally Yours, #1) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
150. Accidentally Married to...A Vampire?  (Accidentally Yours, #2) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
151. Seven Minutes in Heaven (Naughty Games, #1) by Lena Matthews
152. Better Off Without Him by Dee Ernst
153. While You Were Dead by C.J. Snyder
154. City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1) by Cassandra Clare

message 4: by Isabel (new)

Isabel | 176 comments May 2012

message 5: by Isabel (last edited Jun 05, 2012 07:35PM) (new)

Isabel | 176 comments 155. The Last Boyfriend (Inn BoonsBoro, #2) by Nora Roberts
156. Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse #12) by Charlaine Harris
157. Love Me (Take Me, #2) by Bella Andre
158. Dying Bites (The Bloodhound Files, #1) by D.D. Barant
159. Death Blows (The Bloodhound Files #2) by D.D. Barant
160. Better Off Undead (The Bloodhound Files, #4) by D.D. Barant
161. Simply Irresistible (Lucky Harbor, #1) by Jill Shalvis
162. The Sweetest Thing (Lucky Harbor, #2) by Jill Shalvis
163. Head Over Heels (Lucky Harbor, #3) by Jill Shalvis
164. Best Friends - Better Lovers by Kelly Wallace
165. Her Man Flint by Jerri Drennen
166. Touched by an Alien (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #1) by Gini Koch
167. Ghost in the Mirror  Real Cases of Spirit Encounters by Leslie Rule
168. [[bookcover:Fairytale|507872]
169. Haunted on Bourbon Street  (Jade Calhoun #1) by Deanna Chase
170. Witches of Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun Series, #2) by Deanna Chase
171. the clash of the bridesmaids by vanessa sisson
172. The Bro-Magnet  by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
173. Touched by an Alien (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #1) by Gini Koch
174. Alien Tango (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #2) by Gini Koch
175. Alien in the Family (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #3) by Gini Koch
176. Alien Proliferation (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #4) by Gini Koch
177. Alien Diplomacy (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #5) by Gini Koch
178. The Morning After by Sally Clements
179. the clash of the bridesmaids by vanessa sisson
180. Crazy On You (Lovett, Texas, #2) by Rachel Gibson
181. Husband Hunting 101 by Rita Herron
182. I, Zombie by Spalding, Nick
183. Suddenly a Spy by Heather Huffman
184. Simmer All Night by Geralyn Dawson
185. Fairytale (Fairies of Rush, #1) by Maggie Shayne
186. I Dream of Genies (Bottled Magic, #1) by Judi Fennell

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Isabel | 176 comments June 2012

187. Nearly Departed in Deadwood (Deadwood Mystery #1) by Ann Charles
188. Blame it on Texas by Tori Scott
189. I'll Be There (Angel Ridge, #4) by Deborah Grace Staley
190. What The Heart Wants (Angel Ridge, #3) by Deborah Grace Staley
191. Only You (Angel Ridge, #1) by Deborah Grace Staley
192. Mr. Wonderful by Carol Grace
193. The Fairy Tale Bride (Once Upon a Wedding, #1) by Kelly McClymer
194. His Devious Angel (Angels with Attitude, #2) by Mimi Barbour
195. Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend (Demons, #1) by Linda Wisdom
196. A Demon Does It Better (Demons #2) by Linda Wisdom
197. My Cheeky Angel (Angels with Attitude, #1) by Mimi Barbour
198. A Perfect Storm (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, #4) by Lori Foster
199. Safe Haven (Xcite Romance) by Shanna Germain
200. [[bookcover:Savor the Danger|9920151]
201. Fuzzy Navel (Jack Daniels Mystery, #5) by J.A. Konrath
202. Sexy in Stilettos (In Stillettos, #1) by Nana Malone
203. She's Me by Mimi Barbour
204. Cherry Bomb (Jack Daniels Mystery, #6) by J.A. Konrath
205. Whisper of a Witch (The Savannah Coven #1) by Suza Kates
206. Conviction of a Witch (The Savannah Coven #2) by Suza Kates
207. Binding of a Witch (The Savannah Coven #3) by Suza Kates
208. Illicit Magic (Stella Mayweather #1) by Camilla Chafer
209. Unruly Magic (Stella Mayweather #2) by Camilla Chafer
210. Devious Magic (Stella Mayweather, #3) by Camilla Chafer
211. Magic Rising (Stella Mayweather, #4) by Camilla Chafer
212. Loving Lucy by Kay Keppler
213. Betting on Hope by Kay Keppler
214. The Executive's Decision by Bernadette Marie
215. A Second Chance by Bernadette Marie
216. Maid for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, #1) by Marie Force
217. Fool for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, #2) by Marie Force
218. Ready for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, #3) by Marie Force
219. Bridesmaid Lotto by Rachel Astor
220. Gamble on Engagement by Rachel Astor
221. The Wedding Wager (McMaster the Disaster) by Rachel Astor
222. Falling for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, #4) by Marie Force
223. Hoping for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island #5) by Marie Force
224. Easily Amused by Karen McQuestion
225. The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1) by Abbi Glines
226. Big Girls Don't Cry by Taylor Lee
227. Taking Instruction (Taboo) by Cheyenne McCray
228. The EDGE Of Trust by KT Bryan

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Isabel | 176 comments July 2012

229. Surviving Passion  by Maia Underwood
230. Surviving Seduction by Maia Underwood
231. Nickolas (Grant Brothers, #1) by Kathi Barton
232 Masters at Arms (Rescue Me, #1) by Kallypso Masters
233. Ryan's Return by Barbara Freethy
234. Assassin's Curse (The Witch Stone Prophecy) by Debra L. Martin
235. Taste It by Sommer Marsden
236. Haunting of a Witch (The Savannah Coven  #4) by Suza Kates
237. Talson's Wait (Talson's Temptations, #1) by Marie Harte
238. Samson's Lovely Mortal (Scanguards Vampires, #1) by Tina Folsom
239. Vampire Forgotten by Rachel Carrington
240. Getting Gabriel by Cathy Quinn
241. Soul Guardian by Tara Manderino
242. Bound by Blood by Tara Manderino
243. Undercover by Christina Wolfer
244. Shadow of Night (All Souls Trilogy, #2) by Deborah Harkness
245. Jane Millionaire by Janice Lynn
246. Beauty and the Feast by Julia Barrett
247. Restraint by Charlotte Stein
248. Head Over Heels by Sara Downing
249. Secrets (Guardian Trilogy) by Liz Schulte
250. The Protector (Crossfire, #1) by Gennita Low
251. Hypnotic Seduction (The Seduction Series) by Laurie Kellogg
252. Dark Seduction (Altered States) by Cheyenne McCray
253. Sold (The Auction, #4) by Jaymie Holland
254. Taking it Home (Taboo) by Jaymie Holland
255. Taboo Desires  3 Sexy Tales of Lust and Passion by Jaymie Holland
256. Niko's Stolen Bride by Lindy Corbin
257. Bound By Blood (Bound, #1) by Cynthia Eden
258. Talson's Test (Talson's  Temptations, #2) by Marie Harte
259. Talson's Net (Talson Temptation, #3) by Marie Harte
260. Bound By Blood (Bound, #1) by Cynthia Eden
261. From This Moment On (The Sullivans, #2) by Bella Andre
262. The Look of Love (The Sullivans, #1) by Bella Andre
263. Can't Help Falling In Love (The Sullivans, #3) by Bella Andre
264. Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1) by E.L. James
265. Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2) by E.L. James
266. Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades, #3) by E.L. James
267. Party Girl by Sandra Edwards
268. BB Dalton (Red, Hot, & Blue) by Cat Johnson

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Isabel | 176 comments 285. Regrets Only (Sequel to The Marriage Pact) by M.J. Pullen
286. Married by Mistake by Abby Gaines
287. Love By The Book by Dara  England
288. Dark Nights by Kitti Bernetti
289. The Highest Bidder by Sommer Marsden
290. Cowboy Dad by Cathy McDavid
291. The Heritage by Johnny Ray
292. Dark Moon by Rebecca York
293. Mystical Seduction by Dorothy McFalls
294. Courage Dares (#4 Sisters of Spirit) by Nancy Radke
295.Shoe Addicts Anonymous

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Isabel | 176 comments 296. Believe In the Magic (Shifting Magic, #1) by Cait Miller
297. Finding the Magic (Shifting Magic, #2) by Cait Miller
298. Trusting the Magic (Shifting Magic, #3) by Cait Miller
299. Honeymoon Bite by Sharon  Hamilton
300. Hired by the Cowboy by Donna Alward
301. This Same Earth (Elemental Mysteries, #2) by Elizabeth   Hunter
302. A Hidden Fire (Elemental Mysteries Book #1) by Elizabeth   Hunter

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Isabel | 176 comments 303. A Fall of Water (Elemental Mysteries, #4) by Elizabeth   Hunter
304. The Tycoon's Revenge by Melody Anne
305. The Tycoon's Vacation by Melody Anne
306. The Tycoon's Proposal by Melody Anne
307. Dangerous Kisses by Trish Milburn

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Isabel | 176 comments Sept. 2012

308. Dangerous Kisses by Trish Milburn
309. Forbidden Disclosure (A Billionaire in Disguise, #1) by Terri  Marie
310. Kisses for Lula by Samantha Mackintosh
311. Too Darn Hot by Pamela Burford
312. Hot Secrets (Tall, Dark & Deadly #1) by Lisa Renee Jones
313. Going For Broke by Nina Howard
314. Lawless by Cindy Stark
315. Nickels by Karen Baney
316. The Lighter Side of Large by Becky Siame
317. Scorched (Turn Up the Heat, #1) by Desiree Holt
318. Cooking Up Trouble by Elizabeth Coldwell
319. The Vampire Christopher (Blood and Snow, #3) by RaShelle Workman

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Isabel | 176 comments 320. Big Girls Do It Better by Jasinda Wilder
321. Biker Billionaire  A Wild Ride by Jasinda Wilder
322. The Preacher's Son  Unbound by Jasinda Wilder
323. The Hunter (Crossfire, #2) by Gennita Low
324. The Wedding Gift (Four Weddings and a Fiasco, # 1) by Lucy Kevin
325. Caribbean Crossroads by Connie E. Sokol
326. Satin Pleasures by Karen Docter

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Isabel | 176 comments 327. Fire And Ice (Liam Campbell, #1) by Dana Stabenow
328. Dangerous Secrets (Tall, Dark & Deadly #2) by Lisa Renee Jones
329. Just the Way I Like It by Erin Nicholas
330. 44 (44, #1) by Jools Sinclair
331. The Future Widows' Club by Rhonda Nelson
332. Friends With Partial Benefits by Luke Young
333. The Great Bedroom War (Return to Redemption, #2) by Laurie Kellogg
334. The Christmas Catch by Ginny Baird
335. The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress (Ruthless) (Harlequin Presents, #2621) by Lynne Graham
336. Danger Zone (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 204) by Doreen Owens Malek

message 15: by Isabel (new)

Isabel | 176 comments 337. Marry Me, Maddie by Rita Herron
338. Sleepless in Savannah by Rita Herron
339. Wicked Werewolf Night (Werewolf Society, #1) by Lisa Renee Jones
340. Match Me by Liz Appel
341. Wild for You by Sophia Knightly
342. My Familiar Stranger (The Order of the Black Swan, #1) by Victoria Danann
343. Palm Springs Heat (Fast Lane Romance, #1) by Dave Thome
344. Agents Under Fire by Dana Marton
345. Dare Me by Julie Leto
346. License to Thrill by Stephanie Bond

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Isabel | 176 comments 347. Big Girls Do It Wetter by Jasinda Wilder
348. Big Girls Do It Wilder by Jasinda Wilder
350. My Fake Fiance by Lisa Scott
351. The Woodcutter by Kate Danley
352. Pink Slips and Glass Slippers by J.P. Hansen
353 My Familiar Stranger
354. Touch Me And Tango

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Isabel | 176 comments 355. Maybe Baby by Lani Diane Rich
356. Secrets  A Novel (Secrets, #1) by Kristen Heitzmann

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Isabel | 176 comments Oct. 2012

357. Bluegrass State of Mind (Bluegrass, #1) by Kathleen  Brooks
358. Risky Shot (Bluegrass, #2) by Kathleen  Brooks
359. Dead Heat (Bluegrass, #3) by Kathleen  Brooks

message 19: by Isabel (new)

Isabel | 176 comments 360. Causing A Commotion by Janice Lynn
361. Love 'em or Leave 'em by Angie Stanton
362. Moonlight and Margaritas by Cindy Stark
363. Crazy Love by Nicola Marsh
364. The Hand of Fate (Jukebox Heroes, #1) by L.B. Clark
365. Call Out (Jukebox Heroes, # 2) by L.B. Clark
366. Everything You Are (Jukebox Heroes, #3) by L.B. Clark
367. Winter Chill (Seasons of the Heart) by Susette Williams

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Isabel | 176 comments 368. Reckless for Cowboy (Stampede Sizzlers, #3) by Daire St. Denis
369. The Navy Seal's Promise by Soraya Lane
370. Tarzan and Janine (Texas Billionaire Club, #1) by Elle James
371. The Runaway Princess by Hester Browne
372. Roped by Ann Jacobs

message 21: by Isabel (new)

Isabel | 176 comments 373. An Executive Decision by Grace Marshall
374. Maid in the USA (The Bad Boy Billionaires, #2) by Judy Angelo
375. Heat of Passion (Out of Uniform, #2) by Elle Kennedy
376. Board Resolution (Knights of the Board Room, #1) by Joey W. Hill

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Isabel | 176 comments 377. Bluegrass Undercover (Bluegrass Brothers, #1) by Kathleen  Brooks
378. Rising Storm (Bluegrass Brothers #2) by Kathleen  Brooks

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Isabel | 176 comments 379. Phantom (Alexander Hawke, #7) by Ted Bell
380. Dream Kisses (Romance on the Ranch, #1) by Verna Clay
381. Bah, Humbug! (A Romantic Comedy Christmas Novella) by Heather Horrocks
382. A Cowboy for Christmas by Kristen James
383. Kiss Me, Dancer by Alicia Street
384. Lone Star Justice by Tori Scott
385. The Teacher's Billionaire (The Sherbrookes of Newport, #1) by Christina Tetreault
386 The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding (Italian Billionaires Collection) by Jennifer Blake
387. The Holiday Bride (Holiday Brides #2) by Ginny Baird
388. Twelve Days by Teresa Hill
389. The Edge of Heaven by Teresa Hill

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Isabel | 176 comments 390. Rock and a Hard Place by Angie Stanton
391. Bed of Lies  (The McRae's #3) by Teresa Hill
392. Snapshot by Angie Stanton
393 Five Days Grace (McRae series #4) by Teresa Hill
394. Season for Love (McCarthys of Gansett Island, Book 6) by Marie Force
395. Longing For Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, #7) by Marie Force
396. Undercover Submissive by Michelle Hughes
397. No More Wasted Time by Beverly Preston

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Isabel | 176 comments 398. Playing for Keeps/Body Check (Rules of the Game, #1) by Heather Peters
399. The Little Romance Book of Christmas Love Stories   A Collection of Festive Short Romantic Stories for The Holiday Season (Little Romance Books) by Alyssa Lindsey
400. Seductive Secrets by Colleen Connally
401. Wicked Truffles by Lynn Summers
402. Cowboy-Sexy by Donna Michaels
403. Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll (SEALS, Inc., #1) by Mia Dymond
404. The Guestbook by Andrea  Hurst
405. Coming Home (Jackson Falls, #1) by Laurie Breton
406. Outspoken Angel (SEALS, Inc., #2) by Mia Dymond

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Isabel | 176 comments 407. Love At First Date by Susan Hatler
408. An Unexpected Date by Susan Hatler
409. Unlovable (Port Fare, #1) by Sherry Gammon

message 28: by Isabel (new)

Isabel | 176 comments 418. What's Life Without the Sprinkles? by Misty Simon
419. Possession of a Witch (The Savannah Coven #5) by Suza Kates
420. A Dixie Christmas by Sandra Hill
421. TV Bride by Meg Bellamy
422. Forever Christmas by Christine Lynxwiler
423. The Wishing Cake by Ellen Meister
424. White Christmas by Emma Lee-Potter
425. Love In The Falls  Sam & Camden by Rachel Hanna
426. The Happiest Season by Rosemarie Naramore

message 29: by Isabel (new)

Isabel | 176 comments 427. To Have and To Code (A Witch Central Romance) by Debora Geary
428. A Modern Witch (A Modern Witch, #1) by Debora Geary
429. A Reckless Witch (A Modern Witch, #3) by Debora Geary
430. A Hidden Witch (A Modern Witch, #2) by Debora Geary
431. A Nomadic Witch (A Modern Witch, #4) by Debora Geary
432. Bundle of Joy (Christmas is for Kids, #2) by Barbara Bretton

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Isabel | 176 comments 433. A Spy for Christmas by Kristen James
434. Hot on Her Trail (Hell Yeah!, #2) by Sable Hunter
435. Her Magic Touch (Hell Yeah!, #3) by Sable Hunter
436. Badass (Hell Yeah!, #4) by Sable Hunter
437. Naughty by Nature (The NAUGHTY AND NICE Series) by Judy Angelo
438. An Evergreen Christmas by Tanya Goodwin
439. It Really Is a Wonderful Life by Linda Wood Rondeau
440. The Candidate's Wife by Isabella Ashe
441. The Parent Pact (Book Three of The Return to Redemption series) by Laurie Kellogg
442. Mistletoe in Maine (Holiday Brides #3) by Ginny Baird

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Isabel | 176 comments 443. Sleeping Roses (Dead Roses, #1) by RaShelle Workman
444. Undercover Christmas (Dead Roses, #1.1) by RaShelle Workman
445. Big Bad Wolf (COS Commando) by Gennita Low
446. Christmas Babies (Holiday Babies) by Mona Risk
447. Santa Wore Combat Boots by Barbara Witek
448. Winter Warmers by Carole Matthews
449. Save Me Santa 5 Holiday Stories of Romance & Suspense by Ann Charles
450. In Deep Shitake by Patricia Mason
451. Christmas in Wine Country by Addison Westlake
452. License to Love  Holiday Box Set (Contemporary Romance) by Kristen James
453. Her Bad Boy Billionaire Lover by Barbara Bretton
454. Alien vs. Alien (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #6) by Gini Koch
455. Touched by an Alien (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #1) by Gini Koch

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