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R (rikksandresslbpublishingcocom) | 2 comments Excerpt: My Father's Colors by Marian L. Thomas, 2011 "USA Book Best Award" Finalist

For now, let’s take a step back in time to the first Mr. Jazzmyne. Of course, he had a last name but at this point who really cares to know it? What you will care to know is how she felt about him. You might read this section and feel as I did, at first— another woman scorned. That too has no color. But in reality, I have come to determine that hurt is hurt and pain is just what it is.

So just what did she have to say about her late husband? Read on.

Me: “I heard that you were married before, what was your first husband like?”

Jazzmyne: “When we first met, he walked into the thick gloom of the Skinny, (for those of you who don’t know, this was a hot jazz joint where I first heard her sing) I couldn’t see his face but I saw the smoothness of his perfectly polished black leather shoes and I tell you that when I looked into those shoes of his, I swear I saw our wedding day. I saw me standing next to him, grinning like a fool in love and I saw him standing tall with those shoes on. Grinning like a fool trying to act like he was in love. Man, what a reaction he caused in me!

“Then I heard him, his voice was like butter that slid off the tip of his tongue and glided down to that spot in my heart that made it beat even harder. It took a moment but when I finally got the nerves to look up and stare into his eyes, I felt like my feet had been lifted off the ground and I was floating on every syllable that uttered from that man’s mouth.

“I’m not going to lie; I was ready to say ‘I do.’ Forget the dress, forget the fancy ceremony. I wanted to ride off into a courthouse with this man.

“It took six months, two days and three hours for that initial reflection to become a reality and all I can think about now is….never judge a man by his perfectly polished pair of black leather shoes.”

Me: “Why do you say that?”

Jazzmyne: “Well, every time I stepped off the stage, he wasn’t there. I’d be standing on the stage, singing to him like a love-sick fool, and he, instead of hearing me would be listening to the giggles of someone else.”

Me:”How did that make you feel?”

Jazzmyne: “Every day that we were married I stared at those shining black shoes of his, only this time the reflection was smeared. How do you love a man who never read the book on what love is supposed to be like? How do you love a man that when you offered him just a little more than life, your heart, gave you nothing more than spit on your face?”

Me: “Do you think he ever really loved you?”

Jazzmyne: “Mr. Charles T. Williams never saw me and never cared one dime about me, until the day I opened my mouth and began to sing.”

Me: “May I ask what was that like?”

Jazzmyne: “The way it happened was like a whirlwind. He flew into the house one day, as I was in our tiny kitchen cleaning up the mess he always forgot he made. I was so angry at the situation I was in that something inside of me wanted to let it come out, so I like a fool, opened my mouth and began to sing. It had been a long time, too long. I didn’t even see him standing there, but when I turned around trying to avoid the whiff of some woman’s cheap perfume looming in the air, I saw him staring at me like he had seen me for the first time.”

Me: “So what happened?”

Jazzmyne: “Well, this next statement might make some of your female readers want to reach out and touch me across the face, real hard, but I admit that seeing him look at me like that, made me want to love him for the both of us. Downright crazy, I know, but when you have never had the love of a man that you love, let’s just say that a look like that can cover over so many empty promises.

“The words that came off the lips of that man for the first time had me wanting to sing to the universe if I could. Truth be told Mr. Pitts, I thought for a moment, perhaps it was more like a split of a split second if there is such a thing, that I had found the way to his heart. My voice would be like the juice that started the ignition that had never felt the key turn it before.

“Before I knew it, that man had me on the stage at the skinny. Do you know what he said to me that day?”

Me: “No ma’am.”

Jazzmyne: “He told me to sing like I was singing to a man who loved me. You know they say words never really hurt you, I say words can downright kill you. That was the night the microphone man introduced me as Jazzmyne.”


© 2010 All rights reserved. Book Excerpt Reprinted by Permission of Marian L. Thomas, author. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author's written permission. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. Share a link to this page or the author's website if you really like this sample from "My Father's Colors".

My Father's Colors by Marian L. Thomas
ISBN-13: 978-0615409412

Purchase from Barnes &

About the Author
Marian L. Thomas lives outside Atlanta, Georgia and is also the best-selling author of acclaimed novel, Color Me Jazzmyne. Avid readers have embraced Marian's ability to move the heart and stir the mind with her dramatic style of writing.The best-selling author has been a frequent guest on radio shows, nominated for many industry awards and interviewed by numerous newspapers and national magazines. Marian is working on her next novel, Strings of Color, which is scheduled for release in April 2012.

Connect with Marian L. Thomas online at:

Schedule a Book Club Visit by the Author,

Rikki Sandress


My Father's Colors-The Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Monà Continues by Marian L. Thomas

Brianna Headen (THEROADTOGLORY) | 3 comments The Road to Glory

Have you ever meet "Mr. Right" only to find out his real name was "Mr. Wrong?" Married the wrong man even after knowing he was not the right man for you? Had your only child whom you adore tell you that after all you scarficed that you didn't do enough to protect him?

Follow the charaters as they discover that life isn't what they thought and their way of thinking only gets them further into a trap.

About the Author:

Brianna Headen ~ An Inspiration to Women Young and Old

Brianna is a spiritual writer that writes true to life stories. Stories that will touch and captivate the hearts, minds and souls of the readers. She is a sought after inspirational speaker. Traveling near and far sharing her testimony of over coming.

Her debut book "The Road to Glory" is a book that addresses the unspoken issues of life from the perspectives of four women. The book caused a stir amongst her readers, causing them to contact her requesting more information about the topics discussed in the book.

She is a licensed and ordained minister. The founder of Over Comers a ministry for at risk teen girls and single mothers. An advocate for kids with cancer and kids with autism. She is currently working on her BA in Christian Counseling at Laurel University in High Point, North Carolina.

Make your purchase by visiting amazon:

Special Note: January 21-22 The Road to Glory will be free to download! The Road To Glory by Brianna Headen

Janet McNulty | 41 comments I just want to let everyone know that I am giving away one signed copy of my novel Legends Lost Amborese. Here is the link to sign up if you are interested.

Justin (JustinBienvenue) | 493 comments The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore by Justin Bienvenue.
A five chapter fifty poem anthology of creepy essence and things that scare us. Take a journey into the deep, dark and even downright disturbing with these chilling tales. If you don't scare easily you may find yourself lacking this very thing afterwards. So if your looking for a thrill of a ride or to be creeped or grossed out then look no further than this...

Julia Vampires, secret societies and first love - those are things that Anne Watson missed during her first high school experience.
Panthera Academy is not only a place for eccentric characters, but also the home of two secret societies, the panthers and the rebels. There Anne has to deal with midnight meetings, shocking confessions of dark secrets and mysterious deaths as she experiences falling in love for the first time.

Book trailer:
For more info visit:

Renee Pawlish (reneepawlish) | 13 comments Bestselling Nephilim Genesis of Evil by Renée Pawlish.

It was an evil he couldn’t explain.
This thought weighed heavily on his mind as he thumbed through a book, the muted sounds in the New York Public Li-brary going unnoticed, as were the words on the page in front of him. He blinked hard, once, trying to erase the image of the shapeless thing – that evil – he had seen a few months ago.

He was waiting to cross Broadway near Times Square. Cars droned by, and the chatter of conversation filled the air. And then he saw it, hovering above the traffic, watching him. He studied it as he started across the street. It seemed intangible, almost like a faint haze, and yet somehow it had substance. Its very presence threatened him, and he knew it was evil. It spoke and a chill raced through him. Suddenly, he heard screaming, then a car horn blared and tires screeched. He turned just as a taxi plowed into him. His chest exploded in pain and then he blacked out.

The hair on his arms prickled now as he thought about it. He had felt the evil then, right before the accident, and now, a few months later, it still lingered along with a few aches and pains. He sighed, as if the expulsion of breath could take him away from the apprehension he couldn’t escape.
He tried to concentrate on the book again. He’d spent days researching, trying to tie that black, formless cloud to unex-plained sightings, ghosts, spirits, anything, but with little success. The closest thing was vampires transforming into a mist – was that black haze he’d seen some kind of vampire coming after him? He didn’t know, and that troubled him more.
And the fact that he couldn’t explain it scared him almost as much as the experience itself. Because he should’ve been able to explain it. After all, he was an expert in paranormal pheno-mena; he’d built a highly successful career as a journalist re-searching not only ghosts and vampires, but other psychic phe-nomena, people supposedly coming back to life, séances, crop circles, and on and on. He’d spent countless hours exposing charlatans and ferreting out the truth behind “unexplained” things. But he couldn’t explain this.
He sighed again and slammed the book closed, eliciting a dirty look from a woman who frowned at him over her minuscule glasses. He mouthed a “sorry” and picked up another book. He had a stack of them, all about various types of baffling phenome-na. He’d skimmed through about half of them, but he’d found nothing about mysterious black forms that communicated with people.
He was about to give up when he saw it, just a chapter heading: Evil presence in Colorado mining town. Curious, he turned to the short chapter and began reading about strange hap-penings during the 1880’s in a small mining town called Taylor Crossing. As the story went, the townspeople had literally dis-appeared overnight. One day the place was thriving, the next, it was a ghost town.
Impossible, he thought. That type of thing was hyperbole, it never really happened like that. But he kept reading. The chapter on Taylor Crossing gave a brief history of mining in the area, then discussed the town itself, how many people had lived there and so on. He began skimming, and then he saw it.
A year after the town died, an industrious newspaperman found a few town residents living in Boulder, a town northwest of Denver. They reluctantly spoke of others who had seen a mysterious black form, dark and menacing, coming after them. Rumors of an evil presence had drifted through Taylor Crossing. It had been insufferably hot, and this had fueled rumors that the presence was the devil himself, coming to visit a sinful town. Others wouldn’t say what they thought it had been, fear keeping them silent. If only their friends had left, the surviving town members lamented. But those who’d seen the mist-like thing had disappeared shortly after talking about the evil presence. None of the survivors could explain what their friends had seen, or what it meant, but it was obvious that the stories and disappear-ances terrified them, so much so that they fled. That was all they would tell the newspaperman, who concluded that whatever had happened at Taylor Crossing would forever remain a mystery. The chapter ended noting that the town had revived itself in the last fifty years as a tourist town. The author of the book de-scribed how she had visited the town, and found that although it was located in the idyllic Rocky Mountains, she’d felt a chill un-related to the mountain air the entire time she was there. She’d never found anything evil, per se, but she still felt something amiss in the atmosphere of the town. The book had nothing more on Taylor Crossing.
As he finished reading he felt his hands go damp and his heart thumped like a piston in his chest. He flipped through the pages again, and his mind raced. Whatever those residents had seen was too similar to his own ominous experience to dismiss. He had to know more about this mountain town and the black form that had visited there. He took the book, copied the chapter on Taylor Crossing, and left the library.
He spent the evening working on his laptop, organizing the notes he’d compiled over the last couple of weeks. He took the laptop and the photocopies he had made, stored them in his briefcase, and packed a suitcase full of clothes for an extended trip, sensing that he would be gone for a while. The next morn-ing he called a travel agent about long-term lodging, made some arrangements, loaded up his truck, and headed out West.

You can purchase it at Amazon (ebook and paperback):

Mindy Bolinger (sassycaligirl) | 62 comments Excerpt: Wanted Nightmares: Battle for Love

He advanced on me, slowly, as if he was waiting for me to actually turn and run now. He wanted to make this fun, more like a game. He acted as if he was annoyed by my stubbornness to not back down. I now had the moonlight to give me the full view of my attacker and I made out the unnatural frame. Someone had messed him up. His muzzle was slightly twisted; his eyes were offset – one was higher and larger – and his ears were turned wrong.
He was studying me as well. The matted fur around his mouth pulled back into a smile, and he suddenly looked as if my death meant more than any meal he’d ever had.
“How the vampires will mourn their loss over you, while the werewolves will celebrate over your spilled blood. I will take your body back and show them how easy it was to take you down. Sweet, sweet victory.”
Now I was scared. I knew that he was done and ready to attack. I wanted to ask him what he meant by his words, but his body tensed. I sucked in my breath as he jumped into the air. I braced for the pain, but what I did feel took me by surprise.

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Non Nomen (TheUnwords) | 10 comments The Unwords

"A smile...
compressed and encrypted...

A touch...
password protected...

A word these days...
too luxurious,
therefore carefully marketed...

You passed by me today...

You went by me so swift,
in such a hurry...
like an empty promise,
eager to be ignored...
to be forgotten...

Why won’t you look at me...
and welcome me into your world?
It’s so easy...
a smile, a split of a second, a word...
yet so expensive...

I miss the kisses I haven’t given you yet...
I miss the memories we haven’t shared yet...
I still miss you...

My appearance is not memorable...
I am not much to look at...

I lived my life unnoticed...
sheltered under filthy ceilings, divided into four...
one for every wall...
how beautiful, how elegant...
my sense of beauty it seems...
when splattered lies in the dark...

All I had to say...
remained unheard...
It wasn’t of much importance...

All I had to show for...
remained unseen...
It wouldn’t make any difference...

Every note I ever played and echoed back to me,
so exceptional and clear...
nothing but a cacophony to someone else’s ear.

The physical facts marked on your skin...
leave no room for doubt...
a savage condition...
your voice...
a distorted, pale sound...

Pass by me,
accidentally touch my shoulder on the street...
you and me, so close...
so melodic as it seems...

...couldn't be further apart."

The Unwords are only available for purchase through their official website:

Mindy Bolinger (sassycaligirl) | 62 comments That is really good.

Non Nomen (TheUnwords) | 10 comments I'm glad you liked it...but the excerpt you posted above is the definition of good writing, I usually use bad writing to define good points.

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Katie Hughart (Chattikat) | 40 comments Hello, these are my links.

Panic  by Katie HughartPanic
Katie Hughart

Summary: Cara Michelle Malone is attempting to get on with her life after the death of her father. The last few years she has experienced manipulative family members and the heartache of a love that she has been too afraid to pursue. Cara finds herself desperately alone as she re-evaluates her life.
She has always had her best friends there to help her through anything, but with a maniac on the loose she just wants to stay alive. When Cara decides that her presence is putting the people she cares about in danger she is faced with a hard decision. She has to decide if she will leave her home and give up the love that she has wanted her entire life, or if she will stay and risk the lives of the people she cares about. She has to figure out if she can beat the nightmare in her head and have a happy life, or if she’s going to give up on life altogether.

Avaliable at the link below or on your Kindle, keyword: Katie Hughart

Michelle Hughes (MichelleHughes) | 20 comments Eternal Crimson

Their love was meant to last for an eternity, but when Rafe is taken by the Elder to punish his creator for his past sins, everything Cara's heart desired was stripped away. Unwillingly surrendered to the demon that dwelled in Gabriel, their lives are now intertwined with a blood and spiritual bond stronger than the power of her heart.

Rafe returns from his exile and discovers that Cara had been saved from the fate he had feared, but now she belonged to the vampire that sired him. Would the love they once shared be strong enough to break the ties of Eternal Crimson?

Discover the world of Singe Tsgian, where the vampire race began, and return to the endless nights through the doors of Tears of Crimson, the New Orleans Vampire Bar. Eternity starts here!

The Tears of Crimson Vampire Series was written from dreams ....we can't wait to fill yours. Just remember when you walk through these doors, you'll never look at vampire's the same way again!

This book will be offered as a giveaway starting March 9, 2012 I'm also looking for a few reviews, so if you're interested please let me know.

Karen Wyle (kawyle) | 56 comments Just a heads-up: Desi Moon has an interview with me today, at

Mindy Bolinger (sassycaligirl) | 62 comments Anonymous wrote: "I'm glad you liked it...but the excerpt you posted above is the definition of good writing, I usually use bad writing to define good points."

Sometimes you have too... I love doing that.. If you can be bad at something and still make it look good, then you are a great writer..

message 16: by Karen (last edited Mar 14, 2012 09:25PM) (new)

Karen Wyle (kawyle) | 56 comments Starting in just under 3 hours, the Kindle edition of my science fiction novel Twin-Bred will be FREE on Amazon for one day, Thursday, March 15th.

Twin-Bred asks the question: can interspecies diplomacy begin in the womb? After seventy years on Tofarn, the human colonists and the native Tofa still know very little about each other. Misunderstanding breed conflict, and the conflicts are escalating. Scientist Mara Cadell’s radical proposal: that host mothers of either species carry fraternal twins, human and Tofa, in the hope that the bond between twins can bridge the gap between species. Mara lost her own twin, Levi, in utero, but she has secretly kept him alive in her mind as companion and collaborator.

Mara succeeds in obtaining governmental backing for her project – but both the human and Tofa establishments have their own agendas. Mara must shepherd the Twin-Bred through dangers she anticipated and others that even the canny Levi could not foresee Will the Twin-Bred bring peace, war, or something else entirely? . . .

The Amazon link:

Renee Pawlish (reneepawlish) | 13 comments My middle-grade/YA novel THE EMERALD QUEST will be FREE Thursday and Friday:

A long-lost emerald, a missing treasure map, and a wealthy villain combine for an action-packed adventure!

Thirteen-year-old Noah Winter, the son of sea-exploring treasure hunters, dives the San Isabel shipwreck with his parents in search of a mysterious treasure map lost in the murky depths off the Florida Keys over a century ago. The map reveals the hiding place of the priceless De La Rosa emerald. But before the Winters can find the map, a wealthy treasure-hunting rival kidnaps Noah’s parents. Now Noah must match wits with a dangerous adversary, not only to discover the treasure map first, but to rescue his mom and dad before it’s too late.

Kids and adults love this book.

Sterling Gate Books (sterlinggatebooks) | 20 comments The Ninth Orphan
This thriller novel is FREE for Kindle readers now to March 19 PST.

A regular on Amazon’s bestseller list in its Conspiracy Books category, it’s a high-octane thriller with an edge.

How do you catch a man who is never the same man twice? That is the question posed in The Ninth Orphan...

An orphan grows up to become an assassin for a highly secretive organization. When he tries to break free and live a normal life, he is hunted by his mentor and father figure, and by a female orphan he spent his childhood with. On the run, the mysterious man's life becomes entwined with his beautiful French-African hostage and a shocking past riddled with the darkest of conspiracies is revealed.

Here’s what reviewers are saying about this mainly 5 Star-reviewed novel:

★★★★★ "Action-packed and very well written" –Have You Heard Book Review
★★★★ "A Cloak and Dagger Grand Prix" –The Kindle Book Review
★★★★ "In the spirit of all great spy stories" –The Write Edge Bookshelf
★★★★★ "Do yourself a favor, read this book!" –Holy Smoley Book Review

More reviews are welcomed!

Best from

Lance & James –
authors of The Ninth Orphan and Fiji

Red Harvey (seansgirl329) | 10 comments "Becoming, and the Tale of Lamashtu"

Death/marriage in the family? About to come into some money? Imogen Ameore can warn you before something is about to happen, not that it will do much good. When she moves back home to Graydon, Florida, she begins a new life. Still, her prescient gift makes her vulnerable to a bombardment of ancient spirits that wish once more to be a part of the world through the use of her body. Also, her new boyfriend seems to know more about her power than she does...

After another psychic informs Imogen of her impending death, she tries everything she can think of to prevent it, even as she knows that fate is inevitable. Once she's dead, Imogen's true test of character is how she can stop the body-thieving demons from destroying all of mankind.

"Becoming, and the Tale of Lamashtu" is the first novel from author Red Harvey, who takes the reader on a journey involving Native American legends, Hernando De Soto, and the world of a new kind of superhero.

Red's Blog

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Lulu

Buy on Smashwords

Willing to gift the e-book via Smashwords to any interested reviewers. Thanks!

Red Harvey

Justin (JustinBienvenue) | 493 comments Justin Bienvenue is back! Spreading the good word about his creepy book of horror poetry entitled, The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore. A book of 5 chapters, 50 horror poems, all with enough in them to make the most innocent squerm and the most evil scared!

Check it out today, The horror awaits you...

Susan Howdy y'all! (southern greeting)
I'm a self-published author - I cannot believe I can actually say that! I just sat down and wrote... and that created books!
The first:
Evangelina Green (The Color Guard) by Susan Firtik
(only at Amazon)

And finally got Book #2 finished! ha
Tatianna Yellow (#2 in Color Guard) by Susan Firtik
(available at and Amazon)

Both are PNR erotica (which to me is explicit sex scenes) but I like the story also! I'm hoping everyone else does too!

LET ME KNOW by reviewing them!?

Laura Thomas (laurathomas) | 257 comments Congratulations on being published! I know a few friends who are going to want to check these out!

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Bryan Dull (BryanDull) | 3 comments Bryan W. Dull

Solstice (Moxley Trilogy #1)

by Bryan W. Dull (Goodreads Author)

4.86 · rating details · 7 ratings · 6 reviews

In Gavin Moxley's world, there is not a thin line between right and wrong. In a personal crusade to help severe a line of disease carried by a clan of vampires that are purposely infecting the human population; Gavin has no choice but to be ruthless. Waiting for the infection to start within the person, Gavin executes them one by one. Gavin is not strong or powerful, so finding the persons before they turn into full vampires is ideal.

This is Gavin's life, and nothing has changed it until a young half breed vampire, Solstice, attaches herself to Gavin. Asking for help and protection, Gavin unwillingly takes Solstice and agrees to protection for information leading to whereabouts of others that are infected.

Solstice's existence leads to a dangerous game of cat and mouse. There is no where safe for either of them as they are consistently being hunted. Solstice is a rare breed and is wanted for her "ability".

For Gavin, the past is not always forgotten. During their outing, Gavin starts coming to terms about his past and his family. His faith and humanity is tested during the turmoil that ensues.

"Solstice" is a story about faith and love in a way that is completely unconventional. Torn between his hate and his love for Solstice he is thrown into a moral dilemma that only he can figure out.(less)

About the Author
Bryan W. Dull has told and written stories most of his life; "Solstice" is his first published work. Dull has a unique perspective on life that puts his writings in a class by themselves. Other works he has created have been praised but never published. He currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his family. Dull has lived in Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina; which is where Solstice takes place.

Jennifer Lafferty | 143 comments Excerpt from "A New Verse" the the opening story in the collection "Offbeat Love Stories and More",

This is a sizable excerpt from the first story in my short story anthology. The entire collection is only .99 cents.

Let me know what you think.

Julian Darius (JulianDarius) | 4 comments Quick note: Shedding Skin: Two Tales of Horror and Identity is free on Kindle this weekend (9-10 June) at

And The Slave Factory, a very literary story of the slave trade, is also free at

If you like those, bounce over to Nira/Sussa at and get the free 12000-word Kindle sample. If you're not MESMERIZED, don't buy. It's that simple.

Many thanks!

Shedding Skin  Two Tales of Horror and Identity by Julian Darius The Slave Factory by Julian Darius Nira/Sussa by Julian Darius

Sterling Gate Books (sterlinggatebooks) | 20 comments FREE NOVELS! Attention all Kindle readers.

Both our novels are FREE to download on Amazon from this Saturday until Wednesday (June 9-13).

Reviews are welcomed for both…

Fiji: A Novel – an historical action-adventure

The Ninth Orphan - an international thriller

The Ninth Orphan is the first novel in the Orphan Trilogy. The prequel, The Orphan Factory, will be published next month.

Damon Marbut (DamonFerrellMarbut) | 9 comments Hello Everyone,
I'm Damon Ferrell Marbut, new Goodreads Author. I live and work in New Orleans, Louisiana. Please follow the link to the page for my novel, Awake in the Mad World. It's full of description and discussion for you to determine if you'd like to add it to your to-read list. I look forward to making friends through your work as well as mine. Cheers!
Awake in the Mad World by Damon Ferrell Marbut
Awake in the Mad World

J.H Gaines (JHGAINES) | 13 comments ver since mankind began to climb the ladder of civilization we have asked why we are here.
Empires come and go; gods and religions are created then denounced but the one thing which remains a constant in the development of mankind is the burning question of what is the meaning of my existence.
We have documented our history and boxed it neatly into various time periods.
The time of the pharaohs, the time of the Greeks, the time of the Roman Empire, the middle ages, bronze age, the stone age to name just a few.
Over the centuries we have gathered a mix match of documented history filled with truths, fantasies and legend and called it our history.
With this lack of substantiated material we find ourselves awash with unanswered mysteries about our past and we still ask the question of who we are.
We can place men on the moon, we can split the atom yet still we cannot find our past.
With all the technology in the world today it is time to ask yourself this question with your eyes open, it’s a simple question but has so many different answers from so many different cultures and societies, in Christianity we come from Adam and Eve.
The native Indians of America believe we come from the stars and from their beliefs they have developed countless different beliefs and religions, the feather religion, longhouse religion, drum religion, the Indian shaker religion are just a few. Across the continents we have the Asian beliefs where mortals are godlike as with the emperors of Japan and China.
In ancient Greece and Rome we have Zeus and Jupiter, in Scandinavia we have Odin.
The mind of mankind is filled with legend and myths; it is like we have been programmed to believe in some celestial being that rules over us and dictates what we do and holds our fate in its hands. Every civilization from every corner of the earth has its beliefs rooted with the ethos of some kind of divine being or god.

If we step back and add all this data together we find a parallel, a common bond where we can find that of all the beliefs there is always something in common, it is the yearning or expectation that we are part of something bigger or more powerful than ourselves.

What has been totally overlooked is the power of evolution, it is the way of the universe yet we dismiss it for myths, fantasy and faith.
Evolution has the power and the answers to solve all of our questions, evolution over time enabled trees and plants to evolve with spikes and thorns on their leaves to stop the dinosaurs from eating them, a simple tree or plant, it had no brain or conscience yet somehow it sensed it was in danger from the mammoth eating habits of the huge dinosaurs and it found a way to survive, it found the way to exist.
Evolution gave insect’s wings and the power to fly; evolution gave fish the ability to turn amphibian therefore allowing life to exist on land.
How can this be answered, if we rationalize this it cannot, but this is evolution, the same evolution that brought us from apes to where we are now but with the trees it took millions of years to achieve, with us we have done it much quicker.
In this book, ‘Child of Aquarius’ we discover our truths, we discover what we really are, within this series of books we learn where we come from and how evolution has pushed some individuals to the limit of our capabilities as it has left others behind’ We discover the truth about the myths of our nightmares, the vampires, werewolves, the truth about the dark side of our character, Zachania and the lost histories of mankind.
And you will also discover the ancient and secret societies of the Empreen and Shalm, and what is more startling you will discover that not everything we know is not how we believe it to be.......

Copyright © 2010 J H Gaines
All rights reserved.

Joseph Henry Gaines
Child of Aquarius
Book 2
‘Bright Lights and Fangs’
Will be released shorty.

Joseph Henry Gaines author of
The Child of Aquarius series

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Amy Walker (hopetofaith) Hello Friends,

To a person of faith, the Church is the body of Christ created to extend God’s love and grace here on earth. What can seekers and believers do when life inside the Church habitually drives them to seek sanctuary in the arms of the world instead? Countless people have experienced burnout and been subject to guilt trips and methods of manipulation in the name of ministry while their relationship with God suffers the consequences. What can you do when you become disenchanted with God’s people? How can the Church win back the countless souls who have walked away in a desperate act of self-preservation? Is there a way to restore hope to your faith?

Believers, seekers, pastors, leaders, the burned-out and the passionate are all invited to join the discussion. If you have not suffered the soul-crushing blows to your faith that can happen within the Church then chances are you know someone who has. It is a life-altering experience with eternal consequences. Together we can learn to recognize the pitfalls that subtly creep into our congregations enabling us to intervene BEFORE it’s too late. Those who have already left the Church will see that all is not lost when their hope is in Jesus Christ. As the disenchanted endeavor to rebuild their faith, God will reveal a path to restoration and reconciliation.

For more info please visit or you can also find me on twitter @hopetofaith and Facebook "Surviving the Church The Book". I would love to connect with you.

Thank you!

Amy Walker
Surviving the Church  Restoring Hope to Your Faith by Amy Walker

J.H Gaines (JHGAINES) | 13 comments Please take alook at my new promo for CHILD OF AQURIUS i have been working on it all day and would love to get some opinions.
hope everyone is well

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J.C. (CaptKidd) | 7 comments Hello everyone, my name is J.C. Henderson, and my book "Halfway to Nowhere" is available on and as an ebook here on Goodreads.

here's the blurb:

"Alex Smith is an ordinary joe lost in an ordinary world, a cruel and dreary place where nothing turns out as planned. He works the night shift at a dead end job that barely pays the bills, his sleazy landlord swindles any money that's left over, his apartment only a tiny box with roaches for company. His absent father suddenly walks back into his life asking for redemption, his friends gone or unavailable. What makes matters worse is that Alex is taunted by recurring dreams where he wakes to an empty world, where there is no one left around but him, nothing but empty streets and an empty city. Put simply, his life is a boat without oars in a sea of shallow water, and all he wishes for is some inkling to life purpose, a direction to happiness and self worth.

When Lexi, a recently impregnated prostitute crosses his path, he invites her to stay with him for a time until she can get her own life together. This small act of kindness will send him down a bizarre spiral of events that will change his life in a way he never could have predicted, and into a shape that could only come from life itself."

The novel deals with the meaning of life and exploring how the choices we make dictate who we become. That ultimately the meaning of life is different for each and every one of us, and that part of life's journey is that we have to find it. And, sometimes, find it again.

US: Kindle Paperback

UK: Paperback Kindle

Halfway to Nowhere by J.C. Henderson

Samantha Bailey | 11 comments Hi, everyone! My name is Samantha Stroh Bailey, and my debut novel, FINDING LUCAS is available on Amazon:

Here's the synopsis if you are looking for a great summer read! Please visit my blog if you'd like to read about my publishing journey:


Can you ever really go back to the past?
On her fifth anniversary with boyfriend Derek, Jamie Ross finds herself in a Montreal hotel room wondering how the carefree guy she met in a Chicago bar has turned into “the quintessential metrosexual.” Weighed down by Derek’s disdain for her second hand wardrobe, unusual family and low-paying job as an associate producer of a daytime talk show, Jamie reaches a breaking point. And when her new boss plans to reunite lost loves on the show, she remembers Lucas— the boy she’d loved and lost ten years earlier. What follows is a quest that is at times hilarious and at others disastrous as Jamie’s life transforms from run of the mill to absolutely crazy. But will finding Lucas give Jamie everything she’s looking for?

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Katie Hughart (Chattikat) | 40 comments Hi everyone, I have a new book of poems out. Words in Black and White  a book of poems by Katie Hughart Rated a five star on Goodreads and Amazon!

Twitter: @khughart



Leave a comment where ever you follow me so that I can follow or like you back! :)

Katie Hughart (Chattikat) | 40 comments Hi everyone, I have a new book of poems out! It's rated a five star on Goodreads and Amazon! Words in Black and White  a book of poems by Katie Hughart

Twitter: @khughart



Leave a comment where ever you follow me so that I can follow or like you back! :)

Samantha Bailey | 11 comments Samantha wrote: "Hi, everyone! My name is Samantha Stroh Bailey, and my debut novel, FINDING LUCAS is available on Amazon:"

Congrats on the great review, Jennifer!Offbeat Love Stories and More looks very special.

Jennifer Lafferty | 143 comments Check out my two articles on Uzuri Wilkerson, author of the vampire novel, "Sweet".

Ken Magee | 8 comments Hi everyone, My name is Ken and I'm an Irish author. My debut novel, Dark Tidings, is a funny contemporary fantasy... here's the blurb:
What happens when ancient magic meets the Internet? One thing is certain, modern life will never be the same again.

A thousand years ago, a young thief, Tung, and a disgraced wizard, Madrick, are thrust together in an executioner’s dungeon.

In the darkness, Madrick reveals an incredible secret about a legendary spell. The great spell helps them escape their prison cell... and eventually their century.

Catapulted into the present day, their lives collide with Michael, a computer hacker who plans to destroy the world’s largest bank. But sinister people are tracking their every move and they will stop at nothing to steal their spell.
I've had some really nice reviews, some by Goodreads members, which I really appreciate... I was particularly chuffed when someone started their review with the words:
"Imagine the worlds of Terry Pratchett and Dan Brown coming together - Dark Tidings provides a witty and clever read that will appeal to all readers."

It would be fantastic if some of you had time to check it out. (paperback US) (paperback UK)

It's also available on the Kindle.

Thank you for reading as far as this

Yannis Karatsioris (MrKarats) | 16 comments Gold medal winner in the competition hosted by HarperCollins UK on

The Book of the Forsaken by Yannis Karatsioris

A sarcastic storyteller traps three characters in his web in order to get hold of a special book. Daniel, Cassidy and Igor are three unique individuals, considered outcasts for different reasons. They are about to meet and stick together, as coincidences and forced situations lead them to a journey all around Europe.
As everyone is after the Book of the Forsaken, the coming Game is about to take place on the dark side of the moon. But there is a cost to that knowledge. Let alone to the wish to partake.

Follow the links below to have a look at the opening pages.

Amazon paperback:

Amazon Kindle:

More about the author:


John 1:1
In the beginning there was Logos ...and God of course.

And it was all extremely boring for Logos because he could never beat God at any game. But his foresight delved into time and Logos saw that there were others, who knew no games and Logos willed to teach and play with them…


Here I am, to tell you a story. Why?
Because I have to. Why?
Because everyone follows their own special set of rules. Even me. And the rules say I must communicate a part of the Eternal Truth to you people.

You see…you have no idea what the reality you live in looks like. And I’m the one who is going to draw this out for you.

I will be talking about me and you won’t know whether or not it’s me I’m talking about. It enhances the mystery of the story. You know; sales go up, money comes in, I make something out of following the damn rules.

Turn the page.
It has begun.

Feel free to contact me about a review :-)


Joanna Gawn (lazuliportals) -- Chance to WIN an acknowledgement in MOSAIC OF LIGHT --

Mosaic of Light is the sequel to The Cordello Quest, and is the second book in our visionary/fantasy fiction trilogy, 'The Lazuli Portals'.

We are inviting readers to vote in our poll to choose a name for one of our new characters. Those voting for the winning name will have their own name entered into a Draw, the prize being an acknowledgement in Mosaic of Light.

The link to the poll is here.

We already have more than 50 entries - but we would love to hear from as many people as possible! The poll closes on 5 August.

Joanna & Ron | The Lazuli Portals

Janet McNulty | 41 comments Just want to let every one know that I am selling my Latest book, Legends Lost Tesnayr, 50% off at

use code SSW50 at checkout.

Janet McNulty | 41 comments I am giving all of my books on Smashwords for free from now until July 31. Use code SSWIN. Share with your friends and leave a review.

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Kenneth A. Mugi | 9 comments Hi everyone,

Just letting you know that my new novel: Morgan is having a giveaway this week. (An Early Adopter Special!)

Morgan (Genjitsu, #1) by Kenneth Mugi

Morgan is a paranormal romance written for mature YA readers and is based in Ipswich, Australia. Part I of the Genjitsu series, it explores the challenges faced by today's multicultural and at-risk youth in Australia and Japan.

Meet Kasumi and stay for Morgan as they navigate the challenges of immortality, how to get university assessments in on-time and try to understand what friendship and love really mean.

If you'd like more information about the novel, please see its Amazon page over here:

If you'd like a copy of the book, you can send me a message via Goodreads. Alternatively, you can send me an email. My email address is kenneth dot mugi at gmail dot com.

Rob Kaufman | 7 comments Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to let you know that my novel "One Last Lie" is for sale at HALF PRICE (e-book) at Smashwords. Check out the reviews on GoodReads then go here:
to get it at half price!!
I KNOW you'll enjoy it!

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Alannah Foley (alannah_foley) | 11 comments Hi there!

I describe myself as an avid writer, photographer, Campervan Capers blogger and experienced Cycling Widow.

What do I write? All sorts - including travel, short stories, poetry, etc...

Currently, all my books are DISCOUNTED or FREE in the Smashwords Summer Sale (ends 31 July). So why not check out my Smashwords Author Page (link below) for a list of my books. All can be downloaded in just about every format (including for Kindle).

Lots of other free-to-view stuff on my Foley's Forum website.




Alannah Foley

Francis Ray (Francis_Ray) | 2 comments H&H exclusive cover reveals for Francis Ray's All I Ever Wanted, out Feb. 26, 2013. I'd really appreciate your comments on the cover.

Thank you

Sterling Gate Books (sterlinggatebooks) | 20 comments Our new blog promotes our films and books - including our thriller series The Orphan Trilogy. (Book #2 out now!)...

Jaye Frances | 74 comments My new Sci-Fi fantasy "The Beach" was released today on Amazon in kindle eBook. Through September 15, 2012, I’m offering the book at a reduced introductory release price of $0.99

Here’s the Amazon link:

The Beach is one of two novellas (called a duella in book marketing parlance), and features the bonus story Short Time. Here’s a little bit about both:

Alan loves the beach. More than a weekend respite, it is his home, his refuge, his sanctuary. And for most of the year, he strolls the sand in blissful solitude, letting nature—and no one else—touch him. But spring has given way to summer, and soon, the annual invasion of vacationers and tourists will subdivide the beach with blankets, umbrellas, and chairs, depriving Alan of his privacy and seclusion—the fundamental touchstones of his life.

Resigned to endure another seasonal onslaught of beach-goers, Alan believes there is nothing he can do but prepare for the worst.

But fate has other plans.

Delivered to him on the crest of a rogue wave, the strange object appears to have no purpose, no practical use—until Alan accidentally discovers what waits inside. Now he must attempt to unravel an ageless mystery, unaware that the final outcome will change his life, and the beach, forever.

In the companion novella Short Time, you’ll meet a respectable but bored middle-class executive, who exchanges his future for six months of excess and extravagance, only to find out the price he must pay for his hedonistic indulgence is beyond anything he could have imagined.

The stories contain mature language and themes, and are best suited for an adult reader.

Hopefully, I’ve piqued your interest and you’ll consider adding "The Beach" to your kindle reading list!

Thank you,
Jaye Frances

Jaye Frances

The Beach

The Beach by Jaye Frances

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Massimo Marino | 29 comments Greetings everyone.

Daimones is a sci-fi, post-apocalypse novel, at some 102,000+ words.

On Goodreads, The Animal Deaths Quiz, based on the novel, allows you to win discount coupons at Smashwords, up to 100% of the original price. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Take this quiz..."

Dan Amenta and his family woke up one morning to discover the world had changed. Apocalypse had arrived.

They were surrounded by horrible disaster. They were surrounded by death, yet they were untouched by it. More and more they sensed that some sort of supernatural power had left them the only 3 people on Earth. They were not!

The efforts to survive and find other people brought Dan to discover the disturbing truth about the human extermination. Dan and his family met Laura, who brought revelations about this catastrophe.

The presence of Laura, a sexy, young, and disruptive girl, raises questions about what is right and ethical in this new reality.

Other survivors report what they have seen, forcing Dan to find explanations in his own past. Ancient hallucinations strike Dan with the force of a sledgehammer. They bring him face-to-face with his new role in a scenario with roots millions of years old.

Earth is in the hands of a higher, older power, but not the one Dan had envisioned throughout his life.
"...even within the best intentions, cruelty is just around the corner."

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Aviva | 4 comments My debut novel, The Mist on Bronte Moor, will be released on January 8, 2013 (WiDo).

This one is for young adults and Bronte fans of all ages.

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