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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments This is for all of you who skip a few days, come back, and wonder what in the world is happening. I'm going to try and keep it up-to-date, but anyone can add anything they think is significant to the roleplay.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments District 7 Symbol

Here's a list of main characters based on the roleplay. This list will change as the roleplay develops.

Town/Rebel Characters (not in any specific order)

*Peter Rand - lumberjack rebel; 18yo (Lightfeather ☼☺♥)

*Candie Pastor - memory washed after electrecution torture; unsure of loyalty; 9yo (Kailee *the history maker*)

*Modre Oci - rebel; younger sister of Zelene; 14yo (the sound of Autumn)

*Matthew Woods - rebel; younger brother of Jake Woods 13yo (Nemphisi)

*Xene - wild, forest child with a grudge against Peacekeepers who took her mother away; 17yo (the sound of Autumn)

*Maya Lenette - townsperson; pianist; 18yo (the sound of Autumn)

*Bluebell (Belle) Thomas - governor's daughter; no part of rebellion; 19yo (Lightfeather ☼☺♥)

*Spark Laylee - former PK footsoldier; was "turned" by her growing feelings of affection towards the rebel, Candie; 20yo (the sound of Autumn)

*Ashton - hunter/gatherer for the rebels; 16 yo (Angel♥)

*Zelene Oci - rebel; Victor of the ___ Arena with Jake; older sister of Modre; 16yo (the sound of Autumn)

*Jake Woods - rebel; Victor of the ___ Arena with Zelene; older brother of Matthew; 16yo (Nemphisi)

Main Peacekeepers:

*Ethan Strike - Cheif Peacekeeper; 22yo (Lightfeather ☼☺♥)

*Tilly Yelzen - one of the finest Capital bounty hunter; brought to D7 to calm the rebellion; 24yo (Kailee *the history maker*)

*Ryu Andrews - high ranking PK from Capital; brought to D7 to calm the rebellion; 22yo (Storm)

Dead Characters:

*Wren Lowchop - killed by PK in rebellion; lumberjack rebel; often pretends to be Peacekeeper; 19yo (☠Loudfire♥)

*Taylor (Lore) - killed by PK in rebellion; rebel; 22yo (☠Loudfire♥)

*Isabella (Izzy) Leler - killed by PK in rebellion; rebel; often pretends to be Peacekeeper; 17yo (Nemphisi)

*Fayah (Fay) Copper - killed by PK when friends captured; rebel; 15yo (PickleDough)

*Taylor Lavon - killed by PK when mistaken for a rebel; lumberjack; no part of rebellion; 20yo (Kailee *the history maker*)

*Giles Mace - killed by Maya in rebellion; PK Enforcer (carries out torture); 47yo (Lightfeather ☼☺♥)

*Tristan Leats - killed by Zelene in rebellion; footsoldier; 26yo (Kailee *the history maker*)

*Angel Polk - killed by PK in rebellion; rebel; 15 yo (Angel ♥)

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments General: District 7, known for lumber, is in a state of turmoil. Peackeepers are cracking down hard. People are disapearing unexpectedly. A small group of resistance fighters (mostly young adults) forms. Their intent: to rid the district of Peacekeepers.

SUMMERIES ARE NOW BOLD POSTS. (Therefore, the most recent updates will be the most recent "bolded" posts. I try to keep track of the updates by adding the post numbers)

Summary as of post 1-1087

Peter and Wren are co-leaders of the rebellion. Both are great fighters, though not always patient. They respect each other as well as anyone who's proven themselves loyal.

Wren and Sitka are undercover Peacekeepers. When uncovering secret Capital files, Wren finds out that Peacekeper Rhays is her long-lost sister. Slowly, she was able to convert Rhays, who is now working for the rebellion.

Lore and Isabella are friends by chance. Lore was taken by a Peackeeper Sia (explained later), and Isabella helped him escape. Both are wary of Peter and Wren.

Alandra's father is a head Peacekeeper, intent on crushing the rebellion. She was once captured and tortured to reveal their secrets. Alandra didn't tell anything and was eventually able to escape. Her father is still alive.

Peacekeeper Sia was captured by Lore and Isabella and was taken to the rebel hideout. They hope to keep her in order to gain furthur inside information. However, Sia is very tricky, and has been able to escape a few times. Nevertheless, Lore has always re-captured her.

Peacekeeper Bailey has come to the rebel hideout, hoping to barter information for Sia.

Posts 1087-1222
Sia escapes, causing an all-out, Hollywood-style chase. Numerous attempts on her life have failed. Lore and Isabella finally corner Sia. Torn between his feelings for the Peacekeeper and his duty to the rebellion, Lore feels he can't shoot. However, upon Isabella's snide remarks about his weakness, he finally decides to put the rebellion ahead of feelings. Unfortunately, Sia escapes.

Post 1223-1365
Head Peacekeeper Ethan Strike comes to the rebellion district, brought because of the rising fear of the rebels. During an investigation in teh woods, he comes across Isabella and Kat, and almost captures her. Wren, dressed as a Peacekeeper, intervenes.

Post 1366-1618
Ethan agrees to split up the rebels. He takes Kat in for investigation, leaving Isabella with Wren. Ethan took Kat to the Peacekeeper office, grilling her on what she knows.

Wren and Isabella slip into town and kill a Peacekeeper resembling Isabella. Isabella then exchanges her clothes for the Peacekeeper's, assuming the dead Peacekeeper's name: Marilyn Smith. Now, the Peacekeepers will assume Isabella is dead and she'll be able to become one of them.

Peter finds Alandra in the woods, weak and injured. He finds out she's escaped from a Peacekeeper torture camp, operated by her father. She was able to escape after knocking her father unconscious.

After walking a little ways, Peter and Alandra come across Wilson, a little boy who's lost both parents to the rebellion. Wren arrives and gets aquainted with Al and Will.

Two girls from town, Modre and Candi, come across each other while exploring in the woods. They become instant friends. Matt comes along, running from Peacekeepers who he thinks are going to kill him, and joins their group.

Candi goes home, too young to fully understand their "fighting and death" conversations. However, she soon runs away again when her father, in a drunken rage, kills her brother and mother. Mo and Matt find Candi and agree to come up with a plan to escape the district.

Post 1619-1968
Candie, Mo, and Matt all are trying to use a map to escape the district. When they are in the woods, just about to leave, 2 viscous peacekeepers appear and capture them, beating them all, threatening them that more will happen if no one cooperates.
Also, a run away from the capitol has found them, and is demanding that the peacekeepers stop punishing the three.

Post 1969-2172
Mo, Matt, and Candi are taken by the Peacekeepers, Spark and Tristian, to the PK headquarters. The rebels are handed to Captain Ethan. Upon questioning, Matt becomes snarky and doesn't answer any of the questions. Consequently, Ethan commands they be whipped as punishment.
Once taken into the enforcement room, the three are tied to poles and whipped. Matt: 20X (b/c of his back-talk), Mo: 10X, and Candi: 5X. Giles, the enforcement Peacekeeper, leaves them on cots for the night, rcooperating.

TOWN Post 2173-2416
The next morning, three rebels are taken for questioning. Candi and Mo by Ethan, Matt by Giles. THe Peacekeepers aren't able to get much out of them except that they had planned on running away, but didn't go far and that they didn't know each other until recently. They are then returned to seperate cells for the night.

TOWN Post 2417-2573
That night in the Peacekeeper cells, Matt is attacked by a mysterious man. As they fight, Mo finds the hole that the man used to enter the cells and is able to slip through to help Matt. They fight frantically, but the man is too tough and drags them to the forest. To Matt's dad.

FOREST Post 1-70
Peter leads Wren, Wilson, and Al to his secret hideout. He shows them hidden tunnel that leads inside the cabin, and they crawl inside.

Mo and Matt are dumped at Mr. Woods' living room.

TOWN Post 2574-2585
Candie is left behind, unable to find a way out of her cell to reach her friends. In the morning, a Peacekeeper arrives to check up on the prisoners. Finding Mo and Matt escaped, he drags Candie for investigation. Not believing her story, a doctor inserts a tracker into her thigh that will let them follow her movements. A remote with a single button is also given to the girl. When she finds her friends, she is to press the button, causing Peacekeepers to swarm the area within minutes.

FOREST Post 71-291
Candi finds her way to Matt's dad's house, reuniting with her friends. Unfortunately, they can think of no way to help. The tracker is placed too deep to be removed safely. Matt's father comes in and finds the newcommer. He says nothing, but helps wrap her injuries. However, he and Mo get into a heated argument, causing him to stomp out of the room. Candie flees into the forest.
In a moment of despair (brought on by anxiety), Matt prepares to take his life with one of his father's knives. Mo pleads with him to stay alive, if not for her or Candi, for his brother. The cause. Anything. Matt finally, agrees, laying down the knife.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments Love Triangles: ('cause what's a plot without live triangles?!)

*Zelene Oci and Jake Woods are engaged. (Luckily it worked out that the two of them could both be Victors in the Hunger Games!)

*Modre Oci and Matthew Woods are in-love.

*Maya Lenette was in love with Taylor. However, as she was escaping the rebellion, she witnessed Taylor being beaten to death by a PK. As expected, she's not in the best emotional state.

*Peter was in-love with Wren, but now that she died in the rebellion, his emotions are out of wack.

*Ethan Strike and Spark Laylee. They have a messed up relationship to say the least. They were attracted to each other's power and fire, but sometimes the heat would spill over into violence. Now that Spark is with the rebels, Ethan is on the war-path.

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Loudfire | 3341 comments Awesome!! *High fives*
I can help add to this too if you'd like, if you ever get tired of it
Don't forget James! Haha. Haven't Role played him much...

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments I didn't forget! The list is just for main characters. People that could change the plot. If James becomes more prominant as a character, he'll make the list. =)

Oh, and that would be great! If I forgot something important, please let me know!

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Loudfire | 3341 comments Okay :)
And sure! If something big happens and someone missed a bunch of posts, I'll summary it.
(By the way- Wren is a lumberjack.)

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments Kay. *edits* And I also edited the summary so it's officially updated. =)

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Can i have a summery of wut is going on in the never ending arena

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments I'm sorry, Nour, but I'm not a part of that. If you haven't already, why don't you ask in the "Questions? Coments?" folder under the "Info" topic. =)

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Nvm I got it...but thx!!

ALICIA-HUNGER-GAMES (Greenwater) | 4 comments So wats going on

the sound of Autumn Very nice, well done!

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments Thanks! ^^

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Kåiłeē (Kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 2977 comments Sounds good!!

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Kåiłeē (Kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 2977 comments This is what has happened since the last time the summary was updated!

Candie, Mo, and Matt all are trying to use a map to escape the district. When they are in the woods, just about to leave, 2 viscous peacekeepers appear and capture them, beating them all, threatening them that more will happen if no one cooperates.
Also, a run away from the capitol has found them, and is demanding that the peacekeepers stop punishing the three.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 2269 comments Alandra sighed, knowing lying now wouldn't help. "When we dispatched.. it was my brothers birthday, so i went to the forest to set his mamoriel. But... my father came. He.. smaked me across the head, and took me to the jail. I don't know how long i was there... but then he tried to kill me, and i hit him with a chair, i think, we fought.. and... the details are still coming back to me." she said, reaching absently to her head. "But it's no big deal."

So that's my last post, #1475, page 30, just so u guys know :)

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 2269 comments what's happening?

the sound of Autumn Mo, Matt, and Candie have been taken into the Peacekeeper HQ of District 7 for punishment and interrogation. Each got whipped, and each is getting interrogated.

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments *sigh* The summary post is getting to long. From now on, the official updates will be in bold.

FOREST Posts 292-459
Candi comes across a forest child, Xene. Xene helps Candi take the tracker out of her leg with minimal suffering and only ragged stitches to show for it.

Fay, an escape rebel from D12, finds Mo and Matt in Mr. Woods's cabin and strikes up a conversation. Suddenly, Xene and Candi come in. They all exchange stories, finding a common dislike for Peacekeepers.

Suddenly, Peacekeepers Spark and Tristian arrive at the cabin, following the scent tracked by their dogs. The cabin turns into a warzone. Xene whisks Candi away to safety in the forest. Mo and Matt, in their terrible state, can do nothing to defend themselves. Luckily Fay comes to the rescue, diverting their attention.

the sound of Autumn *claps*

Now, Fay has fallen to the hands of Tristan and Spark, who is now on a chase to capture the escaped Xene, Mo, Matt, and Candie.

Tea in Chapter Three (teainchapterthree) Great job Lightfeather!

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Kåiłeē (Kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 2977 comments Ikr! It was great, much better then what I could have done!

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments *blushes* Thanks guys! ^^ OH, and Autumn, could you put the post numbers for the update? That way, people will know where to start reading after the summary.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments (sorry I'm scatterbrained) Also, do Mo and Matt like each other? If so, I'm going to add it to the love triangle thing. =)
AND are Tristian and Spark simply footsoldiers? I don't think they have a specific job, right?

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 2269 comments sweet.. but still nothing with Peter, Alandra, Wren, and Wilson? :(

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments FOREST Posts 460-514
Xene comes back, grabbing Mo and Matt under each arm and runs off again. Her devious track ends up making it impossible for the dogs to follow.

Fay, the only one left in the cabin, is finally overcome. Tristian's blow to her head sends her into unconsciousness where she's dragged to the Peacekeeper HQ.

Tea in Chapter Three (teainchapterthree) Lightfeather ☼☺♥ wrote: "(sorry I'm scatterbrained) Also, do Mo and Matt like each other? If so, I'm going to add it to the love triangle thing. =)
AND are Tristian and Spark simply footsoldiers? I don't think they have a..."

Oh god. I honestly have no idea whether there is a love thing with Modre and Matthew.
Tristain and Spark are just simple footsoliders.

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments (S) Asami Seo Hyun 축구 wrote: "sweet.. but still nothing with Peter, Alandra, Wren, and Wilson? :("

Not...really. They've made their way into Peter's cabin and are in the living room. I think the last two posts in FOREST topic are Wren and Peter.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 2269 comments really?? oh.. i didn't even know there was any!

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments I made a new topic so there wouldn't be as much confusion. =)

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 2269 comments ahh smart :)

the sound of Autumn Nemphisi - Adalwolfa wrote: "Lightfeather ☼☺♥ wrote: "(sorry I'm scatterbrained) Also, do Mo and Matt like each other? If so, I'm going to add it to the love triangle thing. =)
AND are Tristian and Spark simply footsoldiers? I..."

I think that maybe there is something between Mo and Matt, but they're really to busy and too pressured to really take the time to think about it. Like that one small chore you have to do on an incredibly, ridiculously, overwhelmingly busy day.

Tristan and Spark should meet up with some other peacekeepers!

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Tea in Chapter Three (teainchapterthree) Indeed. Matthew and Modre may perhaps have something going on, but at this moment they are caught up in other things and not focused on the romantic aspect.

Perhaps they meet Isabella, the rebel disguised as a Peacekeeper.

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Kåiłeē (Kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 2977 comments Ohh, yes. Let them meet Isabella.

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments Alright. Thanks! *continues updates*

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments FOREST Post 515-645
Matt, Mo, Candi, and Xene are able to escape. Xene brings them to a secluded spot in the forest where they can relax and rest. Unfortunately, this leads to a figity(sp?) Matt, almost causing Mo to have a break down. Matt's blood-thirsty drawings in the mud scare Candi. Candi draws a cheerful scene that quickly morphs into a nightmare.

Upon dragging Fey back to the town, Peacekeeper Tristian runs into Isabelle while she's pretending to be a Peacekeeper. Spark meets up with them and suspiciously asks for Isabelle's ID. Though the ID seems real, Spark remains skeptical. Lucky though, Tristian gives the OK for Isabelle take Fey to the town.

Peter, Alandra, Wren, and Wilson make it to Peter's old hideout in the woods. Though Alandra is faint and bloody, they are all in one peice.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments TOWN Post 2663-2718
Taylor and his little sister, Kennel, look into a bakery shop at some small cakes. Noticing their longing gazes, Maya buys them one of the cakes. Not wanting the girl to go un-thanked, Taylor starts up a conversation. After a while, he suddenly realizes Kennel is no longer with them. After a frenzied search, the two spot Kennel's blonde locks just as it starts to rain. Caught in the downpour, they wonder where to go. Bluebell, the governor's daughter, gestures for them to come into a cafe. Once snuggly inside, Bluebell tries to start up a conversation and they recognize each other as old schoolmates.

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Kåiłeē (Kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 2977 comments Thats almost perfect Lightfeather, but Taylor didn't recognize the two of them from school until they were inside the shop.

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments Alright. *edits*

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Kåiłeē (Kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 2977 comments (:

the sound of Autumn Excellent job, if I do say so myself! You're so good at this Lightfeather!

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments Thaaanks! ^-^

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments FOREST Posts 646-800
A sudden downpour catches Matt, Mo, Candi, and Xene off guard. They try and make it to shelter, but end up in a ditch. Lore happens across the unfortunate group, offering assistence. After a few heastitant questions, they decide to trust the rebel.

Peter, Wren, Alandra, and Wilson discuss tactics for the rebellion. Wren suggests placing a time bomb in the lumber, detonating it when it's on the way to the Capital so as to kill as many Peacekeepers as possible. ((IS THIS RIGHT?)) She also points out that they have to recruit many more rebels if they plan on winning. The only hitch do they sort out the Capital spies? They're still not sure. And a way to communicate without alerting the Peacekeepers? Alandra suggested getting the bakers to bake the rebel symbol (two chains, breaking free; like two C's) into peices of bread, letting others know who's side they're on. Approved.

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments Guess what I found?! D7 Symbol!

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments And I know Alandra said "shackles" as symbol, but could we turn it into "chains"? Easier to make perhaps?

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (LightfeatherBethany) | 1141 comments I can't find a picture for it, but what if the rebel symbol was an axe breaking a peice of chain? =D

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Kåiłeē (Kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 2977 comments Thats cool!!! I approve.

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Loudfire | 3341 comments Cool! You're really great at making those summaries by the way :)
Ooh! I forgot about the whole Love triangle.
Sitka and Rosemary aren't really 'here' any longer...
I think it was that Wren appeared to like Sitka, but likes Peter (or at least eventually does)
Sitka and Rosemary like each other. Peter likes Rosemary, but then starts to like Wren, but of course thinks she likes Sitka and the fact that she's unreadable most times makes him confused.
So it was a love triangle with confusion... Hmm.
And Sia is kind of gone now, it'd be interesting to have Lore like some hardcore Peacekeeper girl X)

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