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message 1: by Jex (new)

Jex (Jexball) | 2216 comments I've seen postings for Bookplex popping up in many different goodreads groups. I know we'd all love to be paid for reviews since we do it anyway, but I caution those that choose to use these services. I've added a link to a thread to another groups discussion on bookplex that I found interesting and felt gave a lot of information. Well, until the bookplex guy starting yelling at everyone... Anyways, be careful what you sign up for.

message 2: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments Whoa!

message 3: by Sashana (new)

Sashana I don't think the discussion exists anymore. What happened, Jex? I heard about Bookplex via another group and I looked at the website and it sounded fishy.

A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) (avidreader68) | 724 comments Agreed. I checked Bookplex out yesterday and decided to pass after finding several grammatical errors on the site. Would I love to generate an income for something that takes up a huge portion of my time? Of course! I'm not crazy! LOL However, I already receive free books, so I'll stick with that formula.

Frankly, I'm sceptical of an author that pays for reviews. It just seems so unethical though I know that's not the reason most authors pay for reviews. Most authors, I'm sure (benefit of the doubt here), just want to compensate reviewers for their time and get some reviews out there as well as generate word of mouth advertising. However, a paid review carries a taint to it that for me just won't go away. And I can say the same of a review written by someone that was paid to write it. The honesty would always be in question.

message 5: by Jex (new)

Jex (Jexball) | 2216 comments Looks the mod deleted it since the bookplex guy was swearing at everyone.

Basically a guy is advertising his new business, bookplex, all over goodreads. Someone brought up the fact that Amazon and Goodreads will not post reviews where the reviewer has been paid to them. This led to discussion about how he discloses that they're paid but couldn't prove it. One thing led to another and someone asking questions about his site turned him into a raving lunatic that yelled at everyone because the world was against him or something.

The gist of it is, if you are reviewing books a lot of sites won't let you post your review if you've been paid to do it. The only compensation you can receive is a free copy of the book or book related merchandise. If you're writing for your personal blog the choice is up to you. Also, authors that are paying for reviews, unbiased or not, are tainting their reputation for that book as well any they write in the future. It's highly frowned upon.

A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) (avidreader68) | 724 comments If it was in the eBook giveaways group the Mod deleted the thread. I can't remember which group it was in, but I was going to report it.

message 7: by Jex (new)

Jex (Jexball) | 2216 comments It was the givewaway group. I've seen discussions about it popping up all over though, which is why I wanted to post this warning. It's appeared in at least 3 of my groups and I don't belong to very many.

message 8: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments Jex, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was the Bookplex guy that deleted the thread, since he initiated it. He did NOT come across the gentleman in that one.

message 9: by Jex (new)

Jex (Jexball) | 2216 comments The mod posted that she deleted it for inappropriate behavior. By the end he was using some pretty foul language.

message 10: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments Ah.

message 11: by Shay (new)

Shay | 923 comments I think she would have been better off leaving it up and putting a warning about the language. I think the guy's comments would have steered more people away. The whole thing sounds shady.

message 12: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments True. But, maybe it was the part about him saying he was getting tons of hits on his site since the discussion started. She didn't want to give him free publicity.

message 13: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments Either way, a hard call.

message 14: by Shay (new)

Shay | 923 comments Jex, do you have a link to the group this was posted in? It looks like he's posting in another group I belong to and I'd like to let the mod of that group know.

message 16: by Shay (new)

Shay | 923 comments Thanks, Jex. Is it this guy or did he get a new GR account?

message 17: by Jex (last edited Jan 05, 2012 03:50PM) (new)

Jex (Jexball) | 2216 comments same guy. Notice if you look through recent activity they are all posting about Bookplex :-P

message 18: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Short-Ridge I have to say something about bookplex. I know that I am late to the discussion.I was a reviewer and I thought it was the perfect job. I read a lot and wanted to read books that normally I would not have read. Well to add to the shady company is the fact that they do not pay on time and when cornered with a time for payment you get the runaround. I love reading and it is guys like this that actually ticks me off. So if you are interested in reading for them please DON'T you wont get paid and if you do it is several months later. I wish I had read these comments before I started working for them. Now I quit and except for the money I am out, I hope someone else reads this and stops using them and wont get sucked in like I did.

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