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who's your favorite character in the book?

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Konihamaru i have been a fanatic of George R.R Martin's finest epic novel since i watched the series Game of Thrones on HBO. My favorite character would be Daenarys Targaryen. i love how she metamorphosed from a scared little girl to be a fierce queen and pretty clever too.
Much love for Daenarys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons and Khaleesi of the Dothraki!

Konihamaru now that i'm almost finished with the 3rd book, me new favorite is jon snow and jaime lannister!

Jp36 I've liked Jon and Arya out of the box, through the novels they stayed favorites.

message 4: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim Monroe Arya--I would read a whole book just on Arya's story.

Cally I really like Jaime and Tyrion Lannister, though I was never adverse to some Jon either. I can't say I like Danaerys at all. She always made me put the book down.

IUHoosier I like Bran. I know most people find him whiny, but I think he'll be pivotal to the conclusion of the series.

I love Danni and Arya, too, but their storylines are becoming awfully dark. I'm almost afraid of what Arya will eventually become.

Jennifer C. Definitely a tie between Arya and Tyrion. Jon is pretty great too. God, this is hard! How do you pick just one, in a series full of amazing characters? I can say without a doubt that Cersei is a cold hearted bitch and could die any time now. That's for sure! She is absolutely my least favorite character.

Joslyn Hernandez Arya and Tyrion are the two characters I can't wait to get back to when I am reading. I usually find myself counting the time when it is Dayaerys or Jon Snow.

Zografia im in the first 100 pages of the first book, and i like bran [poor boy :'''( ], jon and arya. and maybe tyrion.
i know im still at the beginning, but i cant help hating catalyn and JAMIE LANNISTER. but now i see that a lot of people like him. who knows, maybe he did something good afterwards. even though it's kind of hard to believe i'd ever like him after what he did to little bran.

Therese Arya is may favourite but I also love Jon and Tyrion.

Elizabeth I just started the second book and so far my favorites are Jon and Arya. At first I felt sorry for Daenarys and then she sort of "lost her mind" in the book... I don't know what else to call it lol but I'm curious to see what they do with her character.

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Cee I love Daenarys and her Stockholm syndrome craziness.

Schawn schoepke Jon and Tyrion, hard not to like these two... I have only read the first book though so I have much to learn...

Cheyenne When I read the first book Jon was easily my favorite.Followed quickly by Tyrion. After getting through the next two books my Martins characters have a lot of depth and you see his characters develop in a lot of unexpected ways. Arya was always one of my favorites, Sansa really started to grow on me later on in the series. Then two characters who I originally did not like at all ended up becoming some of my very favorite ones, the hound and Jaime. Needless to say I can't just pick one. :)

Daniel Tyrion and Arya are great. I couldn't help but to skip to the next Arya or Tyrion chapter a few times, silently berating Martin for stopping the chapter where he did. And even though he is the heavy-for-hire I do like the Spider. But by far Jon Snow is my favorite. "You know nothing Jon Snow."

Laura Wise Elizabeth wrote: "I just started the second book and so far my favorites are Jon and Arya. At first I felt sorry for Daenarys and then she sort of "lost her mind" in the book... I don't know what else to call it lol..."

What do you mean, lost her mind? If anything, she actually gets a mind of her own after she gets away from her creepy brother for a while.

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Mark Bless Tyrion Lannister. I don't think HE knows whether he's a good guy or a bad guy. Both I would say.

Elizabeth lost her mind in the sense she goes a little crazy and burns that lady.... I'm just wondering what that will do to her character will she kind of go off the deep end or will she be strong and powerful....

Yefim Tyrion, Jon, and Daenerys.

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Jeff Kind of getting sick of Tyrion... though he's a better character than Bran. I'm on book two which im finding to be pretty Tyrion centric... I think Jon Snow is a pretty boring character but I'm confident that once he finds his place in this world, he'll blossom. I would like Daenerys more if she was in a place where she was with our other characters. Her story is just her. I want to see how she interacts with other people other than the people who are loyal to her. How would she act with a manipulative insecure dwarf that is Tyrion?? He would own her and her "blood dragon" status would be proved irrelevant. Can't wait for that scene!!

Arya is my favorite character of all time!! She's on a journey of her own only because her father was killed and she has no where else to go. She keeps on trying to find people to call her own and accepts her for who she is (her family liked Sansa a lot more!!) but people keep on killing them! leaving her alone again. I feel for her and I can't help but cheer for her every time she whispers her former master's words... "quiet as a shadow, strong as a bear."

I want Jon to go back to his family - they were all so happy together!!! God damn you night watch!

Sansa is finally beginning to understand that maybe marrying Joffrey was a bad decision, she's finally having some original thoughts! Not much is going on with her character but I have hope that she'll have more interesting plots to come!

Theon is an awesome addition to the cast!! I just finished the chapter where Asha just fooled him into believing that she was NOT her sister. Best line ever? "The pimples left when the breasts came."

Laura Wise Elizabeth wrote: "lost her mind in the sense she goes a little crazy and burns that lady.... I'm just wondering what that will do to her character will she kind of go off the deep end or will she be strong and power..."

I think burning her was more about revenge than anything. Dany was actually completing an ancient ritual to wake her dragon eggs, but she didn't know that at the time. All she cared about was, "This bitch is going to DIE."

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Jp36 Laura wrote: "Elizabeth wrote: "lost her mind in the sense she goes a little crazy and burns that lady.... I'm just wondering what that will do to her character will she kind of go off the deep end or will she b..."

I thought she 'got it' that she needed blood for blood, not 100% if she said/thought that or it was just aluded to.

Elizabeth lol true but I picture in my mind when she's getting ready to the ritual she just becomes this kind of crazed person and can't be reached like she's lost it and nobody can get through to her until she finishes. I think she does become kind of crazy after her husband dies because she becomes obsessed with the dragon eggs like they're calling to her and that's all that matters :)

Gregory My favorite is Jaime, but it took four books for him to make it, I don't want to drop any spoilers, but all of the players are great, the bad guys play their parts so well you hate them, the good guys play theirs so well you love them, those who you are not sure of as good or bad play their parts so well you they keep you guessing, All of them are what they are supposed to be as you see them,BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not all of them will be the same through out the story, things change and people show their true selves mostly later than sooner, GRRM has done a great job of setting a great stage for an even greater story to unfold, it has been a super ride so far.

Lyuba Tyrion, definitely. You have to love the way he bosses people around every now and then.
Dany can be pretty cool as well, but she's no match for Tyrion.

Matthew Harrington I have only begun the second book but myself I have always liked reading about Jon, Catelyn and Tyrion. If I had to choose one it would certainly be Tyrion.

Maouz Duef Konihamaru wrote: "now that i'm almost finished with the 3rd book, me new favorite is jon snow and jaime lannister!"

its so awesome how i hated Jamie in the fist book but hes pretty cool now :)

Whitney St-Marseille Jon Snow
Varys (the eunuch)
Robb Stark

Claire Martin The characters created in this series are amazing, even the ones we hate - as they are created in such a way that makes the fact you hate them as amazing as the fact you love other characters, it takes true depth of a character to create this.

Jon Snow is my favourite character overall, but I also love to read about Tyrion and as with other people, am fast becoming a fan of Jaime (currently just finished book 3). I am holding the hope that between Tyrion and Jaime, they may make you change your view on The Lannisters - if we are rid of Cersei of course!!

I hope Jon plays the part I am hoping for - but who knows what other surprises Martin will have in store! I mean who would have thought you could start to like Jaime Lannister??

Cloey.k Jon and Arya are my favorites but that could change after I read A Dance With Dragons.

GRRM keeps me guessing who will be there at the end of the book!

message 31: by Will (new) - rated it 4 stars

Will IV That probably won't change with ADWD since Arya is only in it for a chapter (maybe 2). It is mostly Dany, unfortunately.

message 32: by Ben (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ben Whitney wrote: "Jon Snow
Varys (the eunuch)
Robb Stark"

I see you've come around to Varys, eh? Hahaha

message 33: by Ben (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ben My favourite Characters are:
Tyrion Lannister
Daenerys Targaryen
Arya Stark

message 34: by Kimi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kimi Arya and Jon are still my favorite characters in the book starting from the first book. But I think I like Daenerys starting from the second book.

message 35: by Jez (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jez Sharpe I am currently reading the second book and my favourite has switched from Arya to Jon Snow. I like the harshness of the lands the other side of the wall.

message 36: by S (new)


Matthew Tyrion Lannister hands down smart, clever and knows a persons worth

Rushabh Tyrion !!!

Cheyenne It's hard to choose because all the characters have such amazing depth and are so multi-dimensional. Some really grow and change a lot. I would say that it started off being Arya, Jon, Tyrion and Ned (Eddard). As the story progressed I really came to love Sandor Clegane, who I would now say is my favorite.

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Marina I've just finished it and I absolutely loved Tyrion and Brynden Tully.
And however little is known about him so far, I find Rhaegar pretty awesome.

Brian Tyrion and Arya...so bad ass

Kenley Tyrion Lannister!!!!!

Ainiah Eddard all the way, then again he was obviously too perfect a character to keep up:(
Jon Snow, although his story was slightly more difficult to relate to once he moved away from the main scene. Tyrion as well, because he gave a varied pov to the entire plot. Thus far Arya hasn't done much for me to like her exclusively but nonetheless not too bad.

Couldn't appreciate Dany because she was so out of the whole plot, there was no excitement towards her at all.

Damon Sarvela Well from the beginning I would have to say Jon Snow, bastard child to lord Eddard Stark, he is the out cast in us all from reading the first four books. I could never put down the book at his chaperters and always wanted more.

Tyrion Lanister would have to be my second. Like the eunich says, " some of the smallest men cast the biggerst shadow." His cunning, and fasionashion for the well being of others is widly under looked by his counterparts like Cersi, Tywin, and just about everybody thorugh the stories.

The parts that I find hardest to read is Lady Caitlyn Stark. The writing is phanominal along with the rest of the stories, I just find it hard to relate with her connections to her children and how she views lifes obsticules.

message 45: by Selena (new)

Selena Tywin Lannister-- needs no explanation further!
Tyrion Lannister-- wins my heart with his saying:
"A mind needs books like a sword
needs a wet stone".

Freda Potter Tyrion, Arya, Jon Snow, Daenerys, all Starks

While Jaime Lannister becomes more sympathetic, he can never be forgiven for Bran.

Theon Turncloak almost deserves everything he gets.

Cersei has no redeeming qualities; even her love for her children is self-serving.

Maged Aziz Arya, Jon snow, Tyrion and Daenerys

Beatriz It is very difficult to choose just one character, as I think that all of them are amazing! However, I must say that I prefer Arya because she is very strong and intelligent despite her age. I think that she breaks the stereotype of the "lady" and tries to be herself and achieve her dreams despite the disapproval of society. I also like Tyrion and Jon, though.

Andrew Goldie Tyrion all the way!

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Dew Mark wrote: "Tyrion Lannister. I don't think HE knows whether he's a good guy or a bad guy. Both I would say."

I don't know if Tyrion is a bad guy or a good guy.

My favorite is Arya.

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