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message 1: by K.D. (last edited Jan 03, 2012 07:32PM) (new)

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) The Social Responsibility Committee headed by Veronica and Dra. Ranee is planning to do an ocular in February. Let us know if you are interested to join us.

The original plan includes:
1) Visit a children's orphanage
2) Feed them/ eat with the orphans
3) Read books with them
4) Play with them
5) Leave the books or toys behind with them
6) Donate money (optional)

Ocular - Feb
Actual visit - depends on our preparation

Note: There were 10 or so books that some members brought last Christmas Party. Marami roon parang di masyadong maa-appreciate ng bata (less than 12 yrs old). Pero makonti-konti bumibili na ako sa Booksale ng mga picture books. I hope others can do the same.

Our intent is to make them like books para pag lumaki sila magiging readers din sila. Obvious na yata ito.

We will post photos of these in our own website. We hope to get donors by doing this so we can do more charity works later.

"We can buy books. That means we are better off than most Filipinos. It's time to share our blessings to others"
- Veronica (tama ba ang quote ko harhar)

message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 03, 2012 07:31PM) (new)

I wanna come with you guys. :)

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Thanks, Ellie. Please keep yourself posted by visiting this thread. God bless.

Em (adaywithmami) | 140 comments join din po ako :)

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Thanks, Em. God bless.

Sheila (archiveangel) | 107 comments I want to join K.D. and write about it. I hope my sked will permit.

Joyzi (jOiT) | 1767 comments I want to come too. :)

Rollie (zheick) | 2059 comments Nice Charles. :D :P

Blue (codenameblue) | 762 comments It depends on the date, but I hope I can come too! I have several books that I enjoyed as a kid that I'm planning to give away.

message 10: by K.D. (last edited Jan 04, 2012 04:15PM) (new)

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Shiela: Thanks. I've noted that down.

Joyzi & Charles: Yes, we need to do this. Self-actualization :)

Alexa: We'll announce it really in advance so you can schedule your activities.

God bless all of you.

Maria (mariasm) | 2092 comments i can join any day except for the first weekend of January (out-of-town ako neto).

time to visit booksale to buy some illustrated books :)

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Oh yes, Maria. Yong mga yon yata ang mas appropriate.

Sheryl | 230 comments Count me in! :D

Ranee | 1651 comments Ngayon pa lang, nagpapasalamat na ako sa support!

Original plan ay sa Feb. 14 pero di sya weekend, mahihirapan tayo. Parang heart's day event ng TFG.

Arizel紫 (Arizel) | 123 comments Pag ok sked ko, I'm in! ;)

message 16: by Po (new)

Po | 1193 comments kuya doni, veronica,Dr. Ranee count me in! kahit may pasok pa ako niyan I will devote my time for the choildrens

Ace (lj560) | 1169 comments Ranee wrote: "Ngayon pa lang, nagpapasalamat na ako sa support!

Original plan ay sa Feb. 14 pero di sya weekend, mahihirapan tayo. Parang heart's day event ng TFG."

Ouch! may pasok ako ng feb 14 :(

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Ranee: So dapat, Sat. Feb 18th? Ocular pa lang ito di ba?

Next Saturday will be the 2nd F2F: Antoine Saint-Exupery's "The Little Prince." So, 2 Saturdays tayong magkikita-kits. Exciting.

Angus (angus25) | 3351 comments Basta ako kasama ako rito ha! Mga ilang books kaya ang acceptable? Gusto ko sanang bumili ng brand new books para mafeel ng bata/recipient na hindi sila hand-me-downs.

jzhunagev | 3323 comments The Month of Hearts should be spent giving your hearts to those in need.

And when you give of your heart and time you give yourself all.

I, too, shall go as the soft wind caresses the face of those so blessed.

Monique (attymonique) | 1253 comments I will just give the books because I'm not really sure about my schedule. I will be joining the 1984 discussion naman, so I can bring the books there. Salamat na lang po in advance sa mabait na magbibitbit. :D I may not be physically present but I hope I can help in whatever small way I can.

Sheila (archiveangel) | 107 comments KD: Yes, the vision of the orphanage and children and books are begging to be written immediately after I read this post (if not me, someone still has to document, right?). And because I think I've never read anything about children in orphanage reading books (I don't remember Charles Dickens mentioning that David Copperfield read books while working in a blacking factory, which is worst than being in an orphanage). So I have to write this: )

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Shiela: I read David Copperfield at least a decade ago. I liked about the fact that the book talked about almost all phases of his life. I know, just like most of his other books, that the childhood of David was impoverished and he had to work at an early age. Not sure too where.

I am really looking forward to meeting you in person.

Sheila (archiveangel) | 107 comments I want to make a point that books save lives: )

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Love saves lives.

Emir Never | 791 comments Sali din po ako.

Ranee | 1651 comments Ace, weekend ito gagawin, hindi sa Feb. 14.

KD, oculars lang ba gusto mo for this month?

since medyo mega event nga ito, i need to get your pledges for the books/financial aid etc. Give me a private message.


message 28: by Veronica (last edited Jan 06, 2012 04:15AM) (new)

Veronica | 554 comments Ranee & KD, if we're scheduling the affair for February, I think we should do the ocular this month. It will give us an idea of how many visitors can be accommodated, how many children actually, their ages and maybe their reading level. That will give us an idea of the kinds of books to bring and the number. What about 14th Jan? Puede kaya?

Ranee | 1651 comments duty po ako sa 14.

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Veronica, so far pede akon ng Jan 14. Pedeng tayo na lang.

Then schedule na natin ang actual visit sa February (Valentine's event ng TFG).

Ranee: We need to see the children muna. Kung ano ang kailangan nila. Let's say, kung kailangan nila ng gatas or something, parang mas maganda yon. Cash contribution tapos tayo na ang bibili ng item. Then yong age levels ng mga bata para appropriate yong books na babasahin natin.

message 31: by Veronica (last edited Jan 07, 2012 05:02AM) (new)

Veronica | 554 comments Ranee, may Saturday ka bang libre this month? Kung wala, kami na lang ni KD muna sa Jan. 14. Para maka-prepare ang mga members.

Anyone else care to join us for the ocular? Pagkatapos lunch and kwentuhan. :)

Ranee | 1651 comments i'm free on the 21st. pero it is ok with me if you do the ocular on the 14th.

message 33: by Po (new)

Po | 1193 comments Veronica wrote: "Ranee, may Saturday ka bang libre this month? Kung wala, kami na lang ni KD muna sa Jan. 14. Para maka-prepare ang mga members.

Anyone else care to join us for the ocular? Pagkatapos lunch and kwe..."

veronica pede ako sumama a ocular

Veronica | 554 comments KD & Po, puede kayo sa 21st Jan?

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Jan 14th na lang sana. Baka punta kami sa Cavite ng Jan 21st eh.

message 36: by Po (last edited Jan 08, 2012 07:53AM) (new)

Po | 1193 comments any dates pwede ako 14 or 21

Veronica | 554 comments Ok, sa Sabado, Jan 14 na ang ocular ng Virlanie. Tawagan ko sila this morning to set the appointment.

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Call ako dyan. Thanks, V. :)

Angus (angus25) | 3351 comments Ilan ba ang kailangan sa ocular?

Tina (tinamats) | 2361 comments Sali ako sa event, although I can't go to the ocular since booked na all weekends ko ng January. :) Ranee, I'll send you a PM!

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Sa Jan 14 na ang ocular sa Vilarnie. Sa Makati lang pala yan. Kami ni Veronica at Po.

Tentative natin na punta roon for the actual group visit: Saturday, February 18.

A week after will be the 2nd F2F: Antoine Saint-Exupery's "The Little Prince" (our Feb 2012 group read).

Emir Never | 791 comments KD, saan sa Makati to? Di ko sure kung makakasama ako sa ocular, pero tingnan ko kung pwede ako. Thanks.

Ranee | 1651 comments wow! yehey. wala man ako sa ocular, I'll be there in spirit.

thanks Tina for the pledge!

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) 9:00 a.m. at the meeting place: Shell station sa Quezon Ave. While on the road, we will plan what we will do there. But basically, we will talk to the administrator of the orphanage and ask how we can be of help as a simple book club. We will of course see the children too. Maybe it will be nice to bring some foods.

Angus (angus25) | 3351 comments Hi Miss V!

I got your email, pwede na rin ako sa Caltex Boni. Waaah. I need to wake up early on a Saturday, hahaha.

message 46: by Veronica (last edited Jan 10, 2012 01:19AM) (new)

Veronica | 554 comments Ok recap for Saturday:

KD & I will meet at the Shell station in Quezon Ave. (near Sto. Domingo Church) at 9:00am. Then we pick up Po at McDo EDSA (near MRT) and Angus at Caltex Boni.

Charles, kung sasama ka, you can go to any of the 3 points, basta 9am sa Shell. Paki pm yung cell number mo and email address so we can coordinate. Kung gusto mo naman dumerecho sa Virlanie, email ko yung map. Let me know kung sure ka, para maayos ko yung sasakyan. Thanks. :)

Ranee | 1651 comments guys! good luck sa ocular inspection! have fun! post pics!

K.D. Absolutely (oldkd) Veronica: Meron bang dapat dalhin na parang pasalubong sa mga bata? Like kung bumili kaya ako ng isang bilaong pansit sa Malabon? O too early?

Veronica | 554 comments Feeling ko no need pa. Ocular lang naman tayo. Siguro sa actual visit na lang.

Ranee | 1651 comments wag muna KD. kunin nyo muna feel sa place. reserve all resources sa actual visit!

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