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Josephine  the Rereader (auroralector) | 10 comments Mod
I will be reading this book during January and Febuary 2012. As a full-time college and music student this seems to be enough lee-way for me at the moment.

If you would like to join me, be aware that you do not need to read this edition of the book. You do not even need to read it in English or Korean, you may read it in any language you understand. Discussion will be in English and probably from the perspective of a young westerner, but I look forward to any comments you may have. I think I'll break the discussion into several topics based on respective groups of chapters and discussion of the entire book when I've finished.

Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, I only started this group today and no one may be joining me on this journey.

Josephine  the Rereader (auroralector) | 10 comments Mod
There are four sections, I assume each is for one of the narrators. There is also an epilogue.

So I think it makes sense to break it up into a discussion of each section, and then one for the epilogue. Each discussion will focus on the section, plus all that preceeded it, so the epilogue will really be a disussion of the entire book.

I'll put up all the topics straight away so as to allow others to comment at their own pace, but perhaps a suggested reading rate for others who need some motivation?

1 Nobody Knows - January 15th
2 I'm Sorry, Hyung-chol - Janurary 26th
3 I'm Home - February 7th
4 Another Woman - February 19th
EPILOGUE Rosewood Rosary - Febuary 29th

If anyone joins me, we'll see how it goes. Two months may turn out to be entirely too long.

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Mia (miacchiato) | 2 comments I'll try to start with the next book!

Josephine  the Rereader (auroralector) | 10 comments Mod
Great! (Although I'm actually behind with this one, and you could easily just read it at your leisure) Is there anything in particular you'd be interested in reading?

message 5: by Mia (last edited Feb 26, 2012 10:58PM) (new) - added it

Mia (miacchiato) | 2 comments I will eventually read Please Look After Mom but Kafka on the Shore is currently next on my to-read list! It's a Japanese novel written by Haruki Murakami. Both books appeal to me though, I might just read Please Look After Mom first. :)

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