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Hugh Howey (hughhowey) | 11 comments Mod
It was nice to complete Wool 4 ahead of schedule. I'd planned on having it out around the first of the year, but it went up two days ago on the 27th. I spent a good bit of the last two days taking care of publishing tasks: Created the interior book block for Wool 4 and sent that off for the physical editions; uploaded Wool 3 & 4 to both the Nook store and iTunes; and did some promotional stuff (Twitter, respond to reader emails, etc...)

Now it's the morning of the 29th, and I'm ready to trim my nails and begin hammering away at #5. This one is going to be a bit tricky. Judging from the outline, it will continue the Wool trend of being longer than its predecessors. In fact, it might be more of a novel (60K range), but it's too early to tell.

I can say this: The final scene of Wool 5 is already written, and now I'm stoked to fill in all the pieces leading up to it. It's wholly satisfying (to me, at least).

I've done this with several of the Molly books, including the first one. I like knowing where a book and series is heading before I set out. It keeps the story from wandering or losing its pace. When I read books (or watch TV shows) and it becomes apparent they're making this up as they go, it's difficult for me to get fully invested. I get the sense that the climax could be a letdown, because it won't have been prepped properly.

So let me assure you: That won't be the case with the Wool series. And another thing, for any of you who are terrified this will be the end of the Wool books: fret not. There are plenty of silo stories to tell. In fact, I already have a first-person story brewing that features a certain bearded fellow from Wool 4. :)

Noneya | 1 comments Most excellent! I was hoping that this would not be the end!

Jessa (Jessa1983) | 5 comments 55078 / 56000 words. 98% done!

98% done - ahhhh so excited!!

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Hugh Howey (hughhowey) | 11 comments Mod

Three weeks from today!

Jessa (Jessa1983) | 5 comments Hugh wrote: ":)

Three weeks from today!"

Yay - I can't wait!!

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