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What happened to Rickon?
Sue Sue Dec 24, 2011 12:12PM
I just finished 'A Dance with Dragons' not too long ago and loved it. The kind of love where you can't think of a single thing to critcize. But its been a few weeks and something occured to me: what the hell happened to Rickon and Asha? They completely fell out of the last 2 books after they separated from Bran and Hodor and it kind of upsets me. He is a Stark afterall, shouldn't we care what happened to him? Where do you think Rickon and Asha ended up?

I haven't re-read the book since it came out, but isn't the onion knight supposed to be going to the isle of the green men to get rickon? Or am I just imagining things?

The POV style means that if a character is in a place where there's no 'POV' character, we will only hear about him/her by hearsay. It was Martin's original intention to tell the whole story from quite a limited number of POVs. However, when he got to Feast for Crows, he found that there was too much going on on the Iron Isles and in Dorne to do things this way, hence we get 'minor' POV characters such as Aeron Damphair et al, usually referred to by some reference other than their name to show that they're not a 'main' POV character (e.g. 'The Soiled Knight').

He continued this practice into DwD somewhat, although he sometimes used their real names this time (I think he's started to play around with the device). However, what he doesn't want to do is have any more POVs than he has to, as it fragments the story and means it takes even longer to get back round to each main POV. Consider how many POVs we're seeing the concurrent sections of FfC and DwD from in total -- it's quite a lot.

So, some characters will drift out of the story until their path crosses a POV person. This can also be used to dramatic effect and/or when the person isn't contributing much to the story for a period (e.g. Theon rotting in a dungeon -- not too interesting as a POV but dramatic when we return to his story as he gets out, having thought he was maybe dead). Rickon probably hasn't been doing much that's very interesting, but when he re-emerges to be heralded by some as the rightful ruler of the North, things will be pretty dramatic. Plus, in the meantime, we get to wonder, 'whatever happened to Rickon?'...

Qiana ^ I second that.
May 10, 2012 11:25AM
Scribal Me three.
Mar 26, 2013 06:11PM

He's going to come down out of the North riding Shaggydog with an army of cannibals riding on carnivorous unicorns. He's going to be a savage King in the North from the days of old, with only Bran as his Green Seer to control him. Grrrrrrr!!!!! Rickon! King in the North!!!

I think we will definitely find out in the next book!

i do hope they confirm that poor rick on went full shaggy dog. unfortunately, i thought 65% of DoD was a long boring recap, so much happened and was set up in FoC and especially considering the gulf between the books, i was left really disappointed and underwhelmed. the only saving grace was Arya's (as usual) and Theon's POV.

I love Davos!!! He's supposed to find Rickon and Osha. I think that you meant "Osha" when you wrote "Asha," because Asha Greyjoy is Stannis's prisoner and Theon's sister.

It's established that he's on Skagos. I believe if you read the sample chapter from The Winds of Winter on GRRM's web site, it's reaffirmed.

The better question, in my mind, is what happened to Shaggydog? And how much "connection" does Rickon have with him?

I'm sorry, but where the hell is Rickon...

Sue wrote: "I just finished 'A Dance with Dragons' not too long ago and loved it. The kind of love where you can't think of a single thing to critcize. But its been a few weeks and something occured to me: wha..."

It's believed that he's in Skagos.

Wex Pyke tells Wyman Manderly that Rickon Stark is aliveand that he followed Rickon and Osha to Skagos. Davos goes after him.

One of my favorite characters is Davos Seaworth, the Onion Knight. He has been tasked with finding and returning with Rickon by Lord Wyman Manderly. I expect that will become an important thread in The Winds of Winter.

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I heard he went off to the same college as Chuck Cunningham. I'm still not sure if that's true, but it seems plausible.

But yes, the 'hearsay' is that he's on Skagos, and Davos is off to get him, so it'l probably be a Davos chapter he re-emerges in.

Skagos, the isle of cannibals.

he bacame a total wolf. true story.

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