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Shawn (Zaklog) | 10 comments I just finished Elantris, and it was very good. I have to admit, the first half of the book was a little slow sometimes, but the last part moved very quickly. I was just thinking of Elantris and the first Sanderson books I read, the Mistborn trilogy. It's clear that Mistborn was written by a more practiced author.

Elantris is by no means bad, but the thing I found most impressive about Mistborn is missing here. In Mistborn, every time you were surprised by some turn of events, you looked back and saw, "Of course, it had to be that way." I never felt cheated by the twists in Elantris, but they also didn't have that sense of inevitability.

Other Sanderson fans, what do you think?

Mike Thicke (MikeThicke) | 70 comments I agree that the Mistborn trilogy is more polished---everything logically follows from how he sets up his system. I don't think I enjoyed them *that much* more than Elantris, but they were definitely better. And I think Way of Kings is much better than either.

I'm not quite as accepting of Elantris's "twists" as you are. I had a thread earlier about some of my problems (specifically with Aons and the explanation for the Elantrin's "disease"). But a lot of the twists in Elantris seemed quite ad hoc to me. (view spoiler)

Shawn (Zaklog) | 10 comments I hadn't thought of it, Mike, but that does raise the question of why Hrathen was sent at all, if conquest was the plan from the start.

As for Hrathen's arm, it does fit into the narrative to some extent, that we had to have someone who had a more personal knowledge of Dakhor, even if he didn't reveal much of it beforehand.

Brianna | 5 comments I read Mistborn first and I have a tendency to hold an author's first book(the first book that I read which is not always the first book that the author wrote)in a special place in my heart.

Though I loved Elantris for its own sake I spent the first couple chapters missing the characters that I had just left in the Mistborn world. It took awhile to warm up to them but these characters are just as loveable as the others that I've read.

Rachel (RachelSessum) | 9 comments I have had the benefit of reading a lot of Sanderson's work in order, and while I really liked Elantris, I loved Mistborn. I am actually doing a Mistborn re-read at the moment, and I am loving it as much as I did the first time. I agree that by the time Mistborn came around, he was a much more experienced and polished author, and he seems to get even better as time goes on.

Has anyone else read any of his short stories? I enjoyed the one from the Elantris world. It was nice to have something that was from a completely different POV. I also love some of his warnings about how crappy some of the stories are. I like an author who has no illusions about the quality of their work.

Doug S. (dougoftheabaci) | 248 comments I read Mistborn first as well (it was the first recommendation from a fellow Goodread user, actually) and do prefer it to Elantris. However, it's for all the right reasons. The story isn't a better story, it's just done that much better. It's clear that he was a better writer when he started it.

I create websites for a living and every single website I make is better than any website I made before it. Every creative is the same way, and probably every person for that matter.

I'd be interested in hearing how his shorts are. I fell in love with Gaiman's novels but adore his short stories the most. He is just so damn good at them!

@Mike: (view spoiler)

Teadragon | 7 comments This was my first Sanderson book, but reading the above, you all make me look forward to reading more!

Rachel (RachelSessum) | 9 comments Doug, his shorts are available for free on his website.

Doug S. (dougoftheabaci) | 248 comments Rachel wrote: "Doug, his shorts are available for free on his website."

Did not know that. Thanks!

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Richard Magahiz (milkfish) | 4 comments Rachel wrote: "Doug, his shorts are available for free on his website."

O brave new world

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