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Elves have turned into what they are due to the various magical (Not elemental like runes) energies running through Timeroot forest. They are a very peaceful race. This is due to their very small numbers. Because of their long lifespan, it takes an elven mother a year and a half to show symptoms of pregnancy and another year to breed. Elves reach adulthood at the age of 75 (aproximately) and though they do not grow old, they do become gradually weaker and more sickly as they age past 120. Elves live an average of 250 years. The oldest elf in history was known to be 400 years old.
Long ago elves kept to the Old Way (A term used to summarize all the old traditions etc.), but after living in the majestic forest for 5000 years they gained the wisdom needed to understand that one needs to adapt to his surroundings. Now the elves are a completely different culture. No trace of their previous humanity is left.
Elves have the greatest collection of knowledge on the planet. The Great Library holds over 17 thousand books and scrolls, some from the previous world, some written after the Occupation.
Elves mostly worship Surite as they see nature balancing itself every day.

Elves can see much better in the dark then any other race (Even Ordun), they are perhaps the most intellegent creatures on the planet.

At 750 a.o. an elven scientist by the name of Ellarius discovered the magical properties of Timeroot. It took them another 950 years to completly study it. Elves were also the first ones to stumble upon the fact that magical streams existed everywhere. They were like tiny threads of web interwining the universe.
Later another scientist named Aralus managed to control the streams. And another 300 years later a man known as Tirsius the Mindstorm showed the full potential of these tiny streams of energy. That same man started the art known as "Spellsinging". A form of magical control. And today every single elf has some degree in Spellsinging. It was also discovered that a deeper involvement in Spellsinging may lengthen the life of an elf by, at best, another 600 years. Sadly it does not stop the physical weakening process.

(Spellsinging is controlling arcanic energies with your mind, physical strength and voice. Elves can use it shield themselves from harm, heal wounds and sometimes even damage oponents.)

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Maxim (HeavensWrath) | 265 comments Mod
Small update.

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