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The Art of Racing in the Rain
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Through what animal's eyes would you write a book

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Brian Betke | 12 comments Mod
If you were to write a book, what animal would you choose to tell your tale?

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Stephanie | 5 comments A Monkey, because I want to know what possesses one to eat bugs off another monkey's butt!

Hehehe I had to not be serious while I think of a real answer.

Brian Betke | 12 comments Mod
For me it would be the Black Rhino. I would be the last one left. No friends. Where did they go. The long solitude and search for a friend. Then the realization that you are the last one.
I did not cry at the beginning of the book. I guess because I knew how it started and the fact that I work at Sparrow. I enjoyed the story of how the two got together and the early years, but never related to the soon to be wife and child. I don't think we, as readers, were forced to connect. Even the owner seemed mechanical. The end of the book was great, because it was the dog again. I love the death description. Very well played out.
Stephanie, for the boy monkey's it is just an excuse to touch her butt. "No, really, you had a bug there."

Lisa D | 9 comments Oh, I guess I'd be a fly. How many times do we catch ourselves saying..."oh, if I were a fly on the wall" I could go everywhere, see on someone that annoys me..and I could puke on them! O.k., now there is down side, for all my brass behavior, I risk a grisley death..certainly....and if I live to a ripe old age and live to September...then I start to go all stupid...and fly all cockeyed..until I just get caught in a screen somewhere and expire...ya, that's the way I want to go!

Lisa D | 9 comments oh, and if I were a fly, I'd keep ya company Brian...ride buckshot and bite your rhine ears! (i just hope I wasn't the bug in the monkey butt!!!)

message 6: by Stephanie (new) - added it

Stephanie | 5 comments lo Lisa . Loving it!

Brian Betke | 12 comments Mod
I wonder if the part about the in-laws was needed. Maybe to some degree, but I would rather have more interaction between the dog and the others. More walks; and the conversations the people had with Enzo. Dogs are great listeners. I did like the TV part. Some animals like TV.

Lisa D | 9 comments I agree with some of your comments Brian, the book got off to a slow start for me...Enzo was a bit unbelieveable until his knowledge was explained by his love of t.v. I did like the ending, that was done well. I loved the Zebra! His initial confrontation, and subsequent exchanges...that seemed like "dog logic" and very funny...he could have used more of that.

RTgoddess | 11 comments I think I would write about a bird...they must see so many things throughtout their journey.

Brian Betke | 12 comments Mod
That wouldn't be a sparrow would it Amanda?
I almos forgot about the zebra. That was great stuff. That is what I wanted more of, because to make the journey to humanhood had to be difficult. It almost seemed too easy. A hero isn't cool if they have no flaws. If Enzo had struggled and made mistakes. Then had regrets on his deathbed. You wold wonder, "Did he make it?" So the ending would have been much better.
All kidding aside Amanda, a bird would be cool. You would have to do some research on migratory patters and other basic info. Hmmm.

RTgoddess | 11 comments too deep I was watching my dog the other day and he didn't pay one lick of attention to the TV. Now I know why Barkley is a dumb

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