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message 1: by Phoebe, TheInvincibleRabbit (new)

Phoebe Decent (TheCrazyChick) | 3313 comments Mod
Here, you can list as many practial jokes-gone-wrong, or successful practical joke stories! But it has to go in numbered oreder- eg.

4. etc.

So, come one come all and share your practical jokes with everyone!

message 2: by Savannah (new)

Savannah  | 98 comments 1. One of my friends played a practical joke on me. She wrote a love letter to my crush and she said at the bottom it was from me. She then gave it to one of my other friends who gave it to my crush. I already knew he didn't like me but my friend didn't care. I got the paper back that same day it had a check next to no because he didn't like me.

message 3: by Phoebe, TheInvincibleRabbit (new)

Phoebe Decent (TheCrazyChick) | 3313 comments Mod
Wow, that is so mean.

message 4: by T. H. De Siqueira (last edited Sep 07, 2012 10:44PM) (new)

T. H. De Siqueira | 47 comments 2. Up at Girl's camp one of our leaders was telling all of the girl's a riddle that went like this "A farmer has forty cows and thirty eight chickens, how many didn't?" I became obsessed with the riddle. It took me two hours to solve it, and my boyfriend's dad's friend (named Dave)was also there and when we both solved the riddle we decided to play a joke on my boyfriend and his family. Dave called Mike (my boyfriend's dad) and told him in a serious tone that he had something very important he wanted to talk to him about. I told him the same thing. We both went over to their house and gathered the family together. Both of us were completely serious the whole time. Dave told the family that he had come as moral support for me, because I had told him the situation. When it was my turn, I began by saying that this was "very hard for me to say, and I would really appreciate their support." I then rambled a bit longer finally saying "I would love for you to give me an answer to my question as soon as you can", and I then told them the riddle in an absolutely serious face. After I finished, Dave and I stood up, said "thank you for your time" and left.
Their faces were priceless! Haha afterwards they told me they thought I was pregnant! hahahahah

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