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Michelle (In Libris Veritas) (Shadowrose) | 534 comments Hello!

A little over a year ago I started my book blog In Libris Veritas so I could have a place to review and talk about books. Since then it's become a bit bigger and a decent following. I just had my 50 follower giveaway, and I'm very close to holding my 100 follower.

I review a wide assortment of books, though lately I have been reviewing more Young Adult fiction. You can see the different types by checking out my reviews already posted.

Please feel free to stop by and click around or leave comments.

In Libris Veritas

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Michelle (In Libris Veritas) (Shadowrose) | 534 comments I also have a second blog called Pages of Desire. This is where I post all my romance and adult novel reviews. I decided to divide it up like this due to the content of some of the books and the fact that Veritas has younger readers following.
It does have a 18+ warning before you enter as a precaution, so please keep that in mind. There are no vulgar pictures posted and I try to keep the reviews fairly clean, but I have no control over titles, book covers or content of the books.

You can find that here, please stop by.

Pages of Desire

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