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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 2536 comments Mod
...Yep. I'm only here to announce Cj.

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Cj | 75 comments In a time after science and war. Man has finally reached it's own deathbed. Held captive within his own walls, he fears both nature and his own creations in like manner. Icy storms reign over half of the world's surface. After a war of unknown length, society as we knew it disappeared. Suddenly, no man or woman remembered the names of their own cities. Books disappeared during the course of the long war. In the end, even the old iron destroyers rebelled and freed themselves from their human masters. Unable to control the old ones or to manufacture new ones. The human race chose to hide and wait for oblivion to open the gates of their final resting ground.

The story revolves a post-apocalyptic, snow covered and much larger version of London called, New London. Basically, the whole city is a huge collection of over 200 very similar and extremely robust castle-like buildings. Most castles have their own underground facilities, offering clean water and in every second castle, electricity. Almost every castle is connected with the others through a highly patrolled network of tunnels. Every castle has a lord, he is the ruler of his castle and bows to no one. All lords live in the central fortress of New London.

The most common weaponry around New London are swords and bows made out of scrap metal. In order for the people of New London to find scrap metal, brave men and women leave the castle alone to recover resources from the junkyards around New London. The Junkyards are traps created by the old creations. It's the only place where humans can find any usable metal since the old ones (-machines, for those who can think on their own-) collected all they could find and stored in in old dungeons and ruins all around new London. For reasons unknown to man, the machines know ways to stop the snowstorms and the wind to get to close to their ruins. Some say their ruins are covered by some kind of shell during the brightest days, but most people don't believe in those tales.

Structure of New London:
NL and it's 269 still active castles are divided in a central sector and 2 ring-formed ones surrounding it. The first circle is called the Council's citadel, these 69 castles are still heavily guarded and even have a reasonable amount of guns and other kinds of modern defense mechanisms at their disposal. The Council's citadel is off-limits at the beginning of the plot FYI. The first ring surrounding the citadel is composed of exactly 100 castles. The looks of these castles depend on the geographical nature of it's surrounding. The technology available for these castles seldom go beyond a clean water supply and basic electric utensils. (Lights, ovens and heaters.)

The second ring, also called the first line, is where about 60% of the people living in New London seek shelter. Almost every castle hasn't got clean water supplies and the technological advancement borders on medieval. Most of these Castles wouldn't be defended if they didn't protect the inner parts of NL from attacks. Many people who live inside the first line work in the inner circles and hope that one day they'll be able to move to the other city sectors.

The Old Ones:
Like the name says, the Old Ones are very old machines, who rebelled against mankind's ruling. The name Old Ones doesn't mean all machines around New London are centuries old. For most of them the might be the case, but there have been several sightings of much lighter and very quick machines moving from and around the icy desert protecting NL. These sightings prove that the Old Ones are able to improve and reproduce their armies. For some reason, however, most of the older models surrounding NL have remained unchecked and have not been repaired for centuries.
No man or woman has ever defeated a fully functional Old One.

The Brave Men:
This group has no clear structure or leadership. Most members meet in one of several bars around NL and look for paid trips instead on venturing without a defined destination. Brave Men can be either very rich or poor, it all depends on the quality of their job.

Character Sheet:
Please send me your char via PM and wait for my approval before joining the RP. I will post all active characters unto the first official post.

Social Background: (Rich - Central Castles, Poor – Lower Castles or Junk-collectors)
Occupation: (Doctor, Junk-collector, Prostitute, Watchman, Cleaner, Priest, Artificer, Smith, Seller, Smuggler or none)
Likes and Dislikes:
Other details:

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Cj | 75 comments Personal Characters;

Name: “Jack Frost”
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jack has dull black hair surprisingly dark blue eyes. He is five feet six and his frame isn't exactly slender nor chubby. His arms are surprisingly well trained but he can't run for longer than 20 without turning blue. He has a black tatoo on his back in the shape of a joker. Many people think Jack is in his early thirties due to an unnatural amount of wrinkles in his face hands.
Social Background: None of the above.
Occupation: Hacker
Likes: Pizza, small computers and dark places.
Dislikes: People (as a group, not as individuals), relationships (had none in the past) and olives
History: Jack Frost was born in the year 2195, 5 years before the great war began. Very little is known about his childhood, but by the time he reached the age of 15, he had already hacked into most of the old world's well-defended networks on his own. During the greatest part of his career, the authorities where looking for an entire group of cyber-terrorists instead of only one man. His most famous strike was the so called front-line disarmament virus, a learning virus capable of disabling the world's entire collection electronic weaponry. Before anyone was able to analyse or even trace the virus, it disappeared. Since the virus' creator remained unknown until the end, the government named him after the Front-ling Disarmament Virus' nickname: Jack Frost.

Other details:He is am excellent pilot of nearly any vehicle thanks to several implants.
-New implants might be added later on-

Lynx ~ UCC Strong Name: Violet “Vivi” Echo
Age: 20
Gender: female
Vivi has thick cinnamon brown hair that comes to around her shoulder blades. It’s straight for the most part, but there’s a very slight wave to it. She’s often wanted to cut it short but she knew if she did her dad would get angry at her because he loved her hair. As a result, she usually has it in two loose braids with a foot long stretch of wire wrapped a few times around the end of each braid to keep it from slipping loose. You never knew when wire would come in handy!
Vivi’s eyes are what she was named after. They’re such a rich blue that they look violet. It disturbs some people who see them, but she had grown to love her strange eyes.
Her violet eyes were framed by a somewhat plain round face. She has a light dusting of freckles across her delicate nose and full cheeks. Multiple times she’d been told that if she smiled more often she’d be quite a lovely girl. Her general response is to ignore the comment.
Vivi comes to a good five feet and four inches. Her frame is slender and well-muscled.
Her skin is lightly tanned. She has a tenancy to burn faster than tan, much to her extreme annoyance.
Social Background: Vivi is on the poorer side. Her dad was a watchman and her mother ran a small bakery.
Occupation: Vivi doesn’t often stick to one job. She usually does a variety of small jobs. She has been a messenger, an assistant baker, a delivery girl for her mother’s baked goods, and done random little jobs given to her by others. She also enjoys doing odd jobs for the smith from time to time....
Likes and Dislikes:
Likes: soft pretzels, cookies, cats, apple cider, exploring, the color green, apples, fencing, climbing trees, stargazing on the roof, fire, watching people, daydreaming, and peace and quiet.
Dislikes: Loud and obnoxious people, people bothering her, dogs, dresses, rich people, being stuck inside, getting beaten up by robots, dead ends, her father’s rules.
History: Vivi grew up in the castle Athan Orod in the second ring. Her father taught her everything she needed to learn about self defense and how to use a rapier. Her favorite way to spend time as a child was to go out into the tunnels and explore to escape the monotony of her everyday life.
Other details:

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DragonDreamer I thought we had to send the Charries to Cj to be approved???

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Lynx ~ UCC Strong Mine has been approved. He told me I could post it.

emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 1108 comments Mine was approved as well, so I'm guessing I post it.

Name: Mira Clearlake
Age: 18
Gender: female
Appearance: Short black hair that she cuts herself, which makes it all choppy, but she pulls it back into a ponytail a lot. She has hazel eyes, which she is really proud of, dispite the fact most girls prefer blue eyes. She's slightly pale, mostly because she tries to avoid being out in the daylight, and she's thin and althetic from her occupation.
Social Background: Junk collector, comes from a poor low class family
Occupation: Junk-collector
Likes and Dislikes: Likes adventure and lifethreating situations. She lies for the adrenalin high she gets when she goes for scrap metal. She hates being tied down, hiding from people, or just sitting down and shutting up. She'd rather fight and make a point than stay silent.
History: She never had a father, since her dad was a walk out. Her mother was a poor prostitute, who did her best by Mira, but she couldn't always do that. Mira wanted something more. She wanted an adventure, and wanted something that others dream about. So, she became a Junk-collector, which gave her some decent cash, and she inherited a small home after her mother passed. She lives alone, but secretly wants to fall in love with another Junk-collector.
Other details: She has this thing about people touching her, but if she likes you, then she'll allow you to touch her. But she's hesitant to like people.

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DragonDreamer T.T he never told me if mine was approved or not!!!

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Cj | 75 comments Sorry, sleeping :D

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DragonDreamer Name: Ariella Rucket
Nickname: Skids
Age: 18

She’s got short, messy hair and dark brown eyes. Her height is just around six foot and her phisique is nothing special. She’s rather thin and lanky, but her arms and legs are slightly toned from her work.
Social Background: Poor
Occupation: Smith
Likes: Metal, running, jewels, random interesting things, and mud.
Dislikes: Sweets, idiots, snow, and thunder.
History: Skids grew up on the streets and became pretty scrappy. She lives with her mother, but is usually at her shop or collecting scrap metal. Her father died a while ago from an illness and she wasn’t able to steal the money in time to get medicine. She’s always been really independent and strong and figures she will always be like this until the day she dies. She doubts she’ll be able to find someone who can keep up with her, anyways, so she really doesn’t show any interest in guys. She doesn’t get hung up on sob stories, not even her own of her father. She figures its just part of the hell she already has to live in and that she needs to be used to it by now.
She used to have a pretty serious relationship with a guy, but broke up with him after the death of her father and started focusing more on her smithing skills. She’s had flings occasionally, but never anything substantial.

Other details: Her mother is a sweet woman that always tries to make Ariella be more girly, like wear a skirt or a blouse or something pink. She also is one of the very few that calls her Ariella. She calls herself Skids because she’s known to be quick on her feet because she goes to the junkyard to get metal for her work. She’s barely made it out alive quite a few times. Because of this she’s got quite a few scars all over her body, from small ones only a couple centimeters, like the one above her right eye, to large ones like the one running up from the side of her left hip and curves up to the back of her neck.

She used to have hair that fell to her waist, but she cut it once she started working with her dad in the smith shop.

Lynx ~ UCC Strong We need more guys in the rp... lol.

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DragonDreamer i plan on making one or two, but it is going to take a while. Also, I warn you all: I am not that great at guy charries :/ my girls are usually more complex, but we'll see how these guys turn out :) i'll post them after a bit. In the circumstances I am in right now, it could take a while...

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Thera (therjolras) | 169 comments I'll probably make a guy charrie too, but for now all I have is my girl. :)

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Thera (therjolras) | 169 comments
Name~ Azriel Drake
Nickname/akas~ Riel by friends, Ms. Drake by most customers.

Age~ Fifteen
DOB~ September 19

Gender~ Female
Orientation~ Straight

Social Background~ She’s more or less middle class, I suppose.
Occupation~ Hard to say. She’s been raised in the trade of a smith, but as a fighter she’s undefeated.


Moment of sunchine.

Bad. Ass.

These days, Azriel wouldn’t exactly pass for the typical beauty. Heck, no one else in the second ring would either. But past the scars, burns, bruises, and general dinginess of an second ringer, she could be classified as attractive.

Fair hair, a fine flaxen blonde color, tumbles down about to Azriel’s breastbone in thick messy waves that are constantly tangled or pulled back in a bandanna or braid. It grows slightly darker near the roots, a light brown color that gradually lightens as it falls.

Eyes a silver-grey color peep out from under thin lashes and high-arched brows, commonly taking on a thoughtful or severely analytical gaze but are more than capable of freezing someone in place or melting them entirely.

A rather tanned complexion is maintained due to working with fires, not to mention a few burn scars from earlier days and regular scars from things like dropped hammers and street fights. Azriel is a tall girl, hitting about 5’11, and she’s quite lean and muscular due to work involving lots of lifting and swinging and moving.

Personality~ Azriel is a confusing girl. That's all there is to it. Slightly hotheaded, tough to the core, a will as strong as an oak tree and just as stubborn- but clever, analytical, loyal to a fault. She's never been the type to listen to smartmouths, but at the right moment is more than capable of giving anyone a tongue-lashing.

Now, she isn’t exactly all muscle and guts however you put it. Emotional stress in her younger days have left her scarred, working her fingers to the bone so that she can survive. It’s left her rather emotionless in the sense of love, joy, happiness, et cetera. She hasn’t felt those emotions in years- they’ve been buried deep.
Likes~ A hot furnace, quiet evenings in the forge, sharp weapons, a good game of chess or poker, a hot mug of black coffee when she’s chilly.
Dislikes~ Fuel shortages, guttering candles, long days, demanding customers, and the high-and-mighty inhabitants of the inner rings.
Traits~ She keeps her weapons, a pair of hammers, stowed in her belt at all times.

History~ Azriel’s past is fairly simple. She was born in 2203, earlier in the great war but soon enough that her life was full of it. Her father was a mechanic at the time, and he taught her all he knew before he was killed in a raid when she was seven. She’d never known her mother, and at her father’s death in 2210 she was left alone. She spent a few years on the streets, gathering junk to survive, until she met him.

An old venerable blacksmith, wandering the streets in the early evening unlike many. He saw the girl, eight years old and frightened, and took pity on her. The old man brought her back to the shop, setting her up in front of the fire to warm up as he prepared a bit of his coffee for her. Confused still, she asked him many things. “Who are you? What do you do here? Will you let me stay?”

“I am Jacob, the blacksmith. This is my forge, where I work metal. And yes, I will let you stay.”

Old Jacob taught young Azriel all he knew of his trade, and with what her father’d taught her before he died she did well. She learned to temper, to cast, to melt, to bend. And by the time she was thirteen, she was outdoing her tutor. And it was just as well- in 2216, old Jacob died of old age and disease. Once again, Azriel was alone. So she took over the forge on her own, working the metal with a vengeance and doing it well. She knew every trick, every beat of the hammer, every puff of the bellows.


Old Jacob The man who taught her the ways of the forge- now deceased.

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Cj | 75 comments New Rule: Only one Character per player. (NPCs don't count)

message 16: by Thera (new)

Thera (therjolras) | 169 comments Well, that puts a damper on things. Oh well.

message 17: by Cj (new)

Cj | 75 comments After a while, I will change that. ;)

message 18: by Cj (new)

Cj | 75 comments That should be enough. I will open the RP with a Post of mine, feel free to start smaller plots like going to a junkyard for parts or meeting with each other. As you can imagine, I'll need a week or two (5-6 posts) before joining with ya.

You are allowed to write short posts, but if someone slows the others down, that person should be ignored. (That goes for me too :) )

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Thera (therjolras) | 169 comments Sounds reasonable, Cj. Thanks for the information. :D

message 20: by Cj (new)

Cj | 75 comments You're very much welcome, please. Ask away anything you might want to know. I'll try to answer your questions as good as possible.

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 2536 comments Mod
Finally joining this roleplay.

Cj, would you prefer me to make a male or female? Both will be equally fantastic(Or maybe not so fantastic.:D)

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Cj | 75 comments Falls, I wouldn't dare to tell you what to do. I know you well enough for that :D

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 2536 comments Mod
Just... Make a suggestion. (:

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Cj | 75 comments Hmm... *just arrived from a pre-new year's party*
I guess I would say... female.

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 2536 comments Mod
Falls=Loser for not posting her ruddy character even though Cj approved it ages ago.

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 2536 comments Mod
Name: Ariadne
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Ariande has always been a queer one. Both her parents are blonde, yet her hair is naturally a dark red, almost brown. She has practically black eyes that can only be distinguished as brown in the sun, and then have a hint of red in them, like her hair. Her skin, like most, is pale, but not too much. She's quite slim and shorter than most her age, making people assume she is younger. Ariadne never, ever smiles, and has swirling, swooping tattoos covering the majority of her body, but they are always hidden by her clothing.
Social Background: Rich
Occupation: None
Likes and Dislikes: Hates being cooped up, longs to see outside New London but has always been too afraid to actually stray too far from her family.
History: Ariadne grew up as protected as they come. She isn't innocent, but her views have been restricted to her castle, and very rarely her neighbourhood. She has always had poor health but felt as though if she could just satisfy her taste for adventure, she'd recover.
Other details:

Winterfae *laetus sum* (WinterFae) How do we get our characters approved?

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Zoey (zzoey) | 623 comments Mod
You don't need them approved. I find that approval thing so silly.

Winterfae *laetus sum* (WinterFae) Name: (Taken Name) “Donovan Danu”, goes by Don
(Birth Name) Dawn Danu (pronounced DAN-yoo) Donndubhán. Her nickname, Don, is a play on her real birth name, Dawn.

Age: 9 years

Gender: Female, though she does her best to appear Male

Appearance: Don has a wan, round face with a pallid, sickly grey tint. Her expression is often distant and as impassive as stone, though occasionally emotions such as obstinacy and wistfulness break through. Her complexion is as smooth, cold, and snowy as marble. Cheeks still round with baby fat are nearly colorless as well, unless they are smudged with grime. Her short round chin juts out mulishly and has a faint cleft. Her almond-shaped eyes are pale, and alternatively appear as reflective grey-blue or grey-green pools. Etched beneath these watery eyes are dark crescents, like twin sad smiles betraying her permanent weariness. Her straight nose has a small, soft blob-like end. Her lips are thin and often bloodless in appearance, though as Don is often outside in the cold, they gain a bruised, purple hue. Her thick, bristly, straight black eyebrows have a determined air about them. Her thin, lank hair straggles over a high brow to dangle limply into her eyes. Her hair, having a greasy, damp appearance from the result of being outside and experiencing too few baths, appears dark, dreary brown. When cared for, however, her fine locks become their natural chestnut color, gain a soft sheen, and curl at the ends. Don carefully cuts her hair to be a boyishly short length, its ragged edges no longer than her cheekbones. She dresses as a male as well, wearing a coarse woolen tunic over her warmest turtleneck shirt, worn boy’s britches, snow boots, and fingerless gloves from which her spidery white fingers protrude. Besides her brown utilitarian leather belt, every stitch of clothing she wears has long been reduced to a faded grey color. She caps her head with a grey leather hood that can cover her ears.,,, http://joediliberto.files.wordpress.c...

Personality: Don is extremely willful, and it takes a mighty effort to sway her. Once she has decided on a course of action, woe to those who want to change her mind. Don has the habit of digging in her heels and, once she bites down on something, she holds on with a frightening tenacity and won’t let go. She prefers her own company, and prides herself on her independence. She is inarticulate and uneducated, but has the street smarts that allow her to survive, and a certain cleverness with which she solves riddles and fixes mechanical things. Don doesn’t bog herself down with morals; she is not above pinching what she needs, or lying when it suits her, and is constantly seeking ways to exploit and manipulate others to her advantage. However, the young girl is not heartless by any means, and will help others if they are in need, particularly if they come from a poor background like herself. She is suspicious of strangers, and treats most people with a frigid, detached politeness. She avoids confrontation, and knows it is better to make allies than enemies. Her drive is simple, if shortsighted: to see another day, and she clings to this goal with a dogged determination.

Social Background: Poor – Born into the servant class of the Lower Castles, but while she will work occasionally at the Lower Castles, she has mainly become a Junk-collector.

Occupation: Handyman, Messenger, Delivery “boy”, Jack-of-all Trades. Don will do almost any odd job for some coin, though junk-collecting is her favorite.

Likes and Dislikes: Don likes animal companions, cramped hiding spots, large hearths lit with crackling fires, nearly anything that has to do with warm food, thick blankets, making her own decisions, getting her way, being left to her own devices, uncovering secrets and mysteries, solving riddles, and being in constant motion. She also has an obsessive need to keep her hands busy fiddling with little metal scraps. Though she tries to keep to herself, she has a soft spot for beggars, seeing as it was this humblest of society that took her in and saved her life.

Don has a strong distaste for the Old Ones or any other artificial intelligence. She dislikes the damp and cold, which is unfortunate, as she spends most of her waking (and sleeping) hours being both damp and cold. She also doesn’t like long hair (it’s too girly and gets in her way), taking baths, pesky people asking her personal questions, bullies, giving up, being told what to do, or being controlled. She is envious of the wealthy, and loathes anything that smacks of femininity.

History: Dawn Danu Donndubhán was born to a servant of one of the Lower Castles. Her mother named her only child after the time of day during which she entered the world. As for her middle name, her namesake was the Irish goddess of old, already an ancient deity before the creation of artificial intelligence. Dawn never knew her father.
Dawn was reared in poverty, but she knew only the love of her mother and wanted little. Her mother taught Dawn to adapt to nearly any circumstance. Seeing as females are often considered inferior, and some jobs are only available to the male race, her mother trained her in the ways of acting male when it was convenient. Although her mother taught her the mannerisms of a young boy, cut her hair, and dressed her in boy’s clothing, it was Dawn who came up with the pseudonym, Donovan, and the nickname of “Don”.
When Dawn/Don was 5, her mother was killed by an Old One. Alone in the world, the child would have likely starved to death had a beggar, who had known her mother, not took her in. Ever since the death of her mother, Dawn shed her birth name and became Donovan “Don” Danu.

Other details: She views femininity as a weakness, and has all the swagger and careless confidence of a boy. She takes care to walk, talk, and sit, or rather, sprawl, like a boy street urchin.

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