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((we will start off here and be creative and make up what you see!))

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Lucas dipped his feet into the lake careful not to let go of the dock so the naids could get him.

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Sophia walked down to the lake, she looked at the water eagerly, the closer she got the better she felt.

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He sighed with relief as the water cooled him off. All of his troubles seemed to dissolve into the water.

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Sophia looked at the boy, she saw him relax, she smiled a little " you like the water too?"

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"yeah," he murmured softly swinging his legs back and forth.

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Sophia smiled " whos your parent?" she asked curiously

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"hermes. You?" he replied.

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" Poseidon" she said a bit meekly. She thought it was cool though that a son of Hermes like the water.

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"your Sophia, right?" he said.

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" Yeah" she said with a smile " Your..... Lucas right?" she asked " im a little rusty with the names " she said

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"same here," he laughed.

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She laughed a little and walked toward the water, putting her toes in. The cool water instantly making her feel better and stronger.

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"Feels good, doesn't it?" he smiles at her.

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Sophia grinned up at him " yeah it does" she said. " Now i have to swim" she said and pulled off her camp half blood t shirt and her shorts, just wearing a bathing suit and dove in

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he raised his eyebrows watching her.

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Sophia popped up from the water, she looked at him " what?" she asked as the cool water energized her.

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"You look pretty in the water...with your hair floating out around you," he murmured.

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Sophia blushed pink. She ran a hand threw her wet hair. She smiled a little " So... are you coming in?"

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"Why not?" he smiled as he shrugged off his shirt.

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Sophia smiled and backed farther into the cool water.

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He dove into the water splashing her.

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Sophia laughed and making sure to splash him back when he rose to the surface

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He grabbed her ankles underwater shoving her in.

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Sophia held her breath, but then found she didn't need to, she could breath fine underwater. She giggled a little under water

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He smiled puffing out his cheeks. He needed air so submerged.

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Sophia popped to the surface, didn't think know i needed air, did ya" she said with a grin winking at him

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"Well i do,' he laughed swimming backwards.

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Sophia laughed " aww that sucks" she said cracking grin and then dove back into the water and popped up behind him

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"Aah!" he yelled surprised forgetting how to swim for a second.

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Sophia laughed and pulled him up so he wouldn't drown or anything.

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"Oh my gods!" he gasped for air laughing.

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Sophia laughed more " scared ya?" she asked trying to control her laughter

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He poured then jumped at her cradling her in his arms in a friendly way.

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Sophia yelped a little then laughed

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He grinned dunking her.

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Sophia gasped as he dunked her then laughed aagain she could breathe, she held on tight to him though

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He went underwater himself an smiled at her.

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Sophia smiled back, wiggling a little in his arms, putting a hand on his cheek

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He poofed his cheeks out.

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Sophia laughed " need air?' she asked pointing up

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Rocky was lost in thought when she arrived at the lake

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Ben got to the lake " whatcha thinkin bout?" he asked with a small grin

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Rocky shrugged, and then smiled.
"I bet I can make the biggest cannonball!" She said running and jumping in to the lake, her clothes still on.

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Ben laughed, but he took his shirt off first and jumped in with a splash

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"The waters nice!" Rocky exclaimed.
"Though, your cannonball was a lot bigger, i'm guessing."

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" well thats probably just because im bigger than you i mean look at this" he said raising his arm flexing it with a grin

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"Holy Crap!" Rocky said her eyes going wide.
"Work out much?!"

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Ben's grin widened and he chuckled a little " that basically all i do" he said with a wink

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"Or maybe it's all the swordplay." Rocky laughed

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