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BananaG ( Nerdy Ninja) I hate waiting for great books!!! And I miss Tucks!!! :(

Cindy I NO!!! i hate 2 wait 4 excellent books 2!!!!! i wanna finish them fast!!!

Borris Norris Its worth the wait. BEST BOOK!!

BananaG ( Nerdy Ninja) Haha I loved Christian in the very end of this book, such a creeper:)

Gabriela No I can't wait to read it at in this week im going to buy it!

Catherine It is SO good!! It makes you want the 3rd one IMMEDIATELY!

BananaG ( Nerdy Ninja) I know!!! It sucks that I found this series so early cause now I have to wait for the third book!!! I already had to wait months for the first one.

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xavier1998 Aye, I agree with all of you I cannot find this book anywhere it has 63 reserved I'm so depressed I cannot get it:(

BananaG ( Nerdy Ninja) Aww man that's terrible I hope you get the book soon, cause it is awesome!!!

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