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Donna (electrogirl68) | 31 comments Can anyone suggest something similar to CJ Sansom. Need prezzie for husband and he has read and enjoyed the whole series of these.

Susan | 818 comments How about Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin, and I think there are three others in the series.
My Daughter and I really enjoy them.

Donna (electrogirl68) | 31 comments That looks good, will bear that one in mind. Thanks.

Jacky (jackyann) | 63 comments They are beautifully written, but sadly there are only 4 as Arianna Franklin (aka Diana Norman) died earlier this year.
Check them out on Fantastic Fiction as some had different titles in the US.

Donna (electrogirl68) | 31 comments I decided on Martyr by Rory Clements in the end. But I'll keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks.

Bill | 1319 comments You might also try the Ellis Peters books; the Cadfael series; it's quite excellent.

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