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Brenda | 919 comments My chosen titles (in no particular order and subject to change)

The Indigo Sky by Alison Booth★★★★★
Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett ★★★★★
Cherry Pie by Leigh Redhead★★★
Granville A Mother's Grief by June ollerenshaw ★★★★
Precipice , The by Virginia Duigan
The Secret River by Kate Grenville ★★★★★
Five Bells by Gail Jones★★
Nosebleed by Rosanne Dingli ★★
Kenyon and Nami by Nicole Murphy ★★★
Outback Heart by Joanne van Os★★★★★
Treespeaker by Katie W. Stewart ★★★★
By The Sword by Alison Stuart★★★★
'A Bella Street Mystery: Doc Gutson's Revenge' by Clare Havens ★★★★
Doc Gutson's Revenge by Clare Havens ★★★★
Brotherhood , The by Y A Erskine★★
Blood Vows by Helen Cummings★★★★
Hell on the Way to Heaven by Chrissie Foster
Death in the Mountains: The True Story of a Tuscan Murder by Lisa Clifford
Come Back to Me by Sara Foster★★★★★
The Mistake by Wendy James ★★★★
Empty Chairs: Much more than a story about child abuse by Stacey Danson ★★★★★
Dead Heat by Bronwyn Parry ★★★★★
Bella's Run by Margareta Osborn ★★★★
The Road Home by Fiona Palmer ★★★★
Murder At The Rocks by Jill Paterson ★★★★★
Whisper My Secret by JB Rowley ★★★★★
Live Bait by Sandy Curtis ★★★★
Passage by Caroline Overington ★★★from 10 Short Stories You Must Read in 2011
Frantic by Katherine Howell ★★★★★
The Darkest Hour by Katherine Howell ★★★★★
Cold Justice by Katherine Howell ★★★★
BoomBust by Lisa Chappel ★★★
Violent Exposure by Katherine Howell ★★★★★
Silent Fear Katherine Howell ★★★★
Faint Echoes Of Laughter by Stacey Danson ★★★★★
Scared Yet? by Jaye Ford ★★★★★
Doll House by Anya Allyn ★★★★★
Burning Lies by Helene Young ★★★★★
This Peaceful State of War by Patty Jansen ★★★
A Season Of Transformation by Jayne Fordham ★★★★
The Boy Who Fell to Earth by Kathy Lette ★★★
A Stranger in My Street by Deborah Burrows ★★★★
A Distant Land by Alison Booth ★★★★★
Sighting a Dolphin by R.E. Thomas ★★★★
Cold Grave by Kathryn Fox ★★★★★
Death by Sugar by Helen Goltz ★★★★
After the Darkness by Honey Brown ★★★★★
Where Have You Been? by Wendy James ★★★★
The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman ★★★★★
Assassin by Tara Moss ★★★★★
Trapped in Gondwana by JB Rowley ★★★★
Tower of Tales: Collected Stories by Alison Stuart ★★★★
You Can't Shatter Me by Tahlia Newland ★★★★
Autumn Manor by Helen Goltz ★★★★★
Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks ★★★★
A Beautiful Place To Die by Malla Nunn ★★★★★
Darkness on the Edge of Town by Jessie Cole ★★★★
As Darkness Falls by Bronwyn Parry ★★★★★
Dark Country by Bronwyn Parry ★★★★★
Sisters Of Mercy by Caroline Overington ★★★
Tuning In by Lauren Murphy (a.k.a Jayne Fordham) ★★★★
Paper Dolls by Anya Allyn ★★★★★
The Girl in the Hard Hat by Loretta Hill ★★★★★
Body Count by P.D. Martin ★★★★★

The link to post my reviews on AWW12's new site:

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I really want to read Five Bells too as pasrt of my dabbling beyond crime fiction

Brenda | 919 comments I've wanted to read it for most of this year, and haven't got around to it, so good excuse to include in this challenge:)

Marg (MargReads) | 64 comments I heard her speak at MWF and I have meant to add her to my TBR list ever since!

Brenda | 919 comments That would have been good:) We both have no excuses now;)

Katie Stewart (Katiewstewart) | 14 comments Thanks for including my book, Brenda. My warm fuzzy for the day! :)

Brenda | 919 comments Katie, that's my pleasure! Thank YOU for putting it out there for us all:)

Alison Stuart (AlisonStuart) | 5 comments A bit slow catching up with the email traffic, but very touched to see you have included my book, Brenda. Hope you enjoy it!

Alison Stuart

Brenda | 919 comments Thanks Alison, I'm sure I will:)

Sally906 | 94 comments You'll enjoy Cherry Pie - I have had the pleasure of meeting Leigh and she is the nicest person. Zany and out there but impish sense of humour.

Brenda | 919 comments Oh you lucky thing:) That would be wonderful! I chose this one because of the Summer challenge, the food one, and a recommendation from David. Now I have it here, from the library, but I'm saving it for January:)

Brenda | 919 comments Won't be long now and we'll be able to get stuck into this challenge:)

Brenda | 919 comments I have finished my first for the challenge Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett. Loved here

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

golly Brenda it's only 3 January and you've already done 2 books, putting the rest of us to shame ;)

Brenda | 919 comments Making the most of some 'spare' time Bernadette;)

Bree T (breeza82) | 32 comments You're flying Brenda!

Brenda | 919 comments Thanks Bree:)

Brenda | 919 comments I've just added 7 more books to my list:)

Mish Some great books you have on your list Brenda.

The Precipice, Me and Mr Booker, Red Queen and Desert Fish…I’ve read all 4 and they are simply amazing :)

Brenda | 919 comments Oh that's good news Mish, thanks:) Will get the last 3 from the library, but own the first!

Elizabeth Lhuede | 136 comments Mod
I've only just surfaced to discover there are whole threads here on GoodReads that I've missed. Brenda, you are astonishing with your reading. I'm looking forward to AWW Wednesdays when challenge participants are invited to read and respond to all the reviews. :)

Brenda | 919 comments Thanks Elizabeth! I'm a read-a-holic as I read as often as I can, and usually only take a couple of days to read a book, sometimes 3 if it's a bit longer!

Elizabeth Lhuede | 136 comments Mod
Brenda wrote: "Thanks Elizabeth! I'm a read-a-holic as I read as often as I can, and usually only take a couple of days to read a book, sometimes 3 if it's a bit longer!"

So I'm discovering! :)

Jenny Schwartz (jenny_schwartz) | 63 comments You're a brilliant readaholic! I'm going to indulge by exploring your list of challenge books.

Brenda | 919 comments Haha! Thanks Jenny:)

Elizabeth Lhuede | 136 comments Mod
Fantastic, Brenda. I loved Dreams of Speaking so I'm looking forward to this onel

Brenda | 919 comments Hope you enjoy it Elizabeth!

Brenda | 919 comments I'm about to start Blood Vows by Helen Cummings.

Lauren Murphy (AustralianBookshelf) | 12 comments Gosh you are getting through the AWW books fast, well done! I've been adding a lot of books to my TBR shelf from your reviews :-)

Brenda | 919 comments Thanks reading Aussie authors:) And others too of course;D

Glad you've got some new ones from my reviews as well:)

Brenda | 919 comments I've just finished Come Back to Me by Sara here

Katie Stewart (Katiewstewart) | 14 comments I'm doing a course at the Writers Festival in Perth with Sara Foster at the end of Feb. Thanks for the review!

Brenda | 919 comments Oh, you lucky thing!!! I love her books:)

Brenda | 919 comments I have completed my challenge of 10 to read, but will be continuing on throughout the year with the books in my list above...possibly adding more as I go.

I have loved it so far, and have read quite a few authors I've not read before, with lots more to go!

Sally906 | 94 comments I've found a few new authors as well. I haven't quite finished my goal but like you will keep on going once I do :)

Brenda | 919 comments It's awesome isn't it!! I haven't read this many Aussie authors EVER!!! I love the diversity of it all:)

Elizabeth Lhuede | 136 comments Mod
Brenda wrote: "Finished The Mistake by Wendy James brilliant review"

Thanks, Brenda. This book has been getting excellent reviews.

Brenda | 919 comments Such a great book Elizabeth:)

Brenda | 919 comments I read Nosebleed, but I'm afraid I didn't enjoy it...not much of a review!

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