Who Is Your Favorite Character in Harlan Coben's Myron Bolitar Series? discussion

Which book features Win dealing with his mother and their estrangement?

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Tam (Tam14) | 2 comments Also, who would be good to play Win and Myron in a movie?

Lyrpa | 3 comments Backspin is the book that featured the estrangement between Win and His mother. It is my favorite book because all of the Win parts are great even though there are only a few.

There are no known actors out there now that could do justice to Win. Nathon Fillion comes closest to my though a younger Tom Sellect would have been great.

Melissa (MelissaMcGoldrick) | 3 comments Neal McDonough is the guy I think of every time I read a book with Win.

Lyrpa | 3 comments I googled Neal McDonough. He fits certain parts of Win's description: the height, blonde hair, and blue eyes; however he is not near handsome enough, too thick, and not suave. And yes, I want the perfect hair part and fine china complexion. I imagine him with the sexiest muscled slender body because of the way he moves like a ghost and his martial arts ability.
That's why no actor can play him. I could piece together certain actors. If you could take pieces of actors, who would you piece together?

Melissa (MelissaMcGoldrick) | 3 comments Hmm no clue...

Christine (cristinenmarie) | 2 comments Jason Statham, Christian Bale, or Clive Owen. They would make a good Win.

For Myron Bolitar, I think Jeremy Piven, Robert Downey Jr, or Alec Baldwin.

Getting goosebumps just thinking of the possibilities.

The movie will be awesome.

Daman (damanbahner) | 2 comments Perhaps Michael Fassbender for Win?

Tam (Tam14) | 2 comments Fassbender is a good call, but not if he gets much older. Armie Hammer is another idea for Win. He's got that blond patrician look. Myron needs to be played by a tall actor who is good looking but not as "pretty" as Win; he's got to be plausible as a rugged ex-pro basketball player. No one come to mind immediately. Anyone else with ideas?

Christine Hatfield  (Christinesbookshelves) | 5 comments I think myron bolitar should be played by clive owen and win should be played by brad pitt

Daman (damanbahner) | 2 comments I think Brad Pitt would definitely work, but I think Clive Owen's too serious maybe?

Christine wrote: "I think myron bolitar should be played by clive owen and win should be played by brad pitt"

Christine Hatfield  (Christinesbookshelves) | 5 comments I don't think so because i think clive owen will play the part in a movie as myron bolitar

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