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2nd Bulding: Dorms *Mature* > Caroline, Jules, and Carissa's Dorm (Eleanor, Adrianja, and Axela ) *mature warning*

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Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) ((Sure. Thanks!))

Caroline Sophie Arbitta-Schmidt opened the door to the dorm meekly, unsure of whether or not someone was already here. "Hello?" She called uncertainly, and when nobody answered she pushed the door open the rest of the way and walked in, shutting it carefully behind her.

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Axela Carissa, feeling a little shy, caught the door before it swung shut. As she opened it, a blue glow illuminated the room that she knew no one else would see--it meant there was a Vumpyr there. She blinked against the blinding glow and walked in with her head high, flipping her hair behind her shoulders and exposing her neck. Please, please let this Vumpyr be my roommate! She looked back and saw the creature, and the creature alone, noting her scanty clothing and the confidence she held about her.
"You rooming here?" she asked nonchalantly, ignoring the way her carotid artery started to throb. She had been bled around two weeks ago, but seeing as she needs to be bled twice a week at least, she was starting to get uncomfortable.

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Axela She smiled sweetly. "I am. And Thanks to the Goddess, you'll be glad of it." She tilted her head to each side, cracking her neck, but left her explanation there, not taking notice of the other girl in the room.

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Axela Carissa's smile softened. "You don't know what I am, do you, hon? Have we really fallen out of use that badly?"

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Axela "I'm a Kyre, Vumpyr. I'm made to feed your kind, from centuries back." She flipped all her hair to one side. "You can't kill me, or even really hurt me for that matter." Her smile turned almost flirtatious. "Glad to have me here yet?"

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) Caroline ignored them quietly, sticking to the shadows she knew so well as she opened her bag.

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) Caroline slowed in her unpacking, listening to the conversation with trained ears.

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) Tucking a strand of dark red hair behind her ear, CC refolded a pretty black spaghetti-strap tank top that had been thrown hastily onto the top of what one could now see was a thoroughly unorganized bag of clothing, books, notebooks, and a few pencils and capped pens.

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) ((Oh no, not at all. She just likes that tank top a lot, so she's folding it.(-:))

Caroline glanced over at her vampire roommate, then at the Kyre, then looked back at her bag of messy doom((I've called a bag that...)).

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) ((:-D))

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) ((Have her ask CC a question!))

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) "Me? Caroline Arbitta-Schmidt. You can call me CC if you like...What about you?" Caroline asked politely.

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) CC cocked her head. "Nah, it's fine. I can pretty much stand anyone. I just introduce myself formally because that's what Mom said was very important...First impressions, y'know..." CC shrugged.

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Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) "Not at all." CC smiled brightly. "Not too strict with most things, but when it came to first meetings..."

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((Mature warning... Is everyone in this dorm okay with it?))

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) ((Yup. All's well. :-D))

"Hm. Sorry about your parents." Caroline said sincerely. "I'm me, I guess. Don't like describing myself in case people don't actually think I'm that. If that makes sense?"

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) "You have that right." Caroline said instantly, then realized that might be taken as rude. "No offense!" She added hastily.

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) "Okay. That makes sense. People can't tell what I am but I'm very much fine with that." Caroline said, shrugging. "Or at least most people can't." She added.

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((Okay then.))

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) "Thank you." Caroline said, happily accepting the compliment.

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) ((The link didn't work, Adrianja...))

"I'm a Faerie. Like my mom. She's a faerie, my dad's a sorcerer. I got the faeriness. Only other faerie in my family, in fact. Well, in my close family, the ones that live in my house." Caroline said, stumbling over her words a little.

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) ((No, it just takes me to .))

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) "Well enough." Caroline shrugged. "I'm not a nature freak or anything, and I'm certainly not vegetarian, but I don't like people stepping on plants and that sort of thing..."

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Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) ((Hm...I didn't know I had a safe search at all, let alone that it was on...))

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Axela ((Sorry you guys! How do I come back into this...?))

Carissa had listened politely, not wanting to interrupt the new conversation, but it was true that the throbbing in her throat had gotten worse... She still waited patiently, wanting to see first what the other girl was going to say.

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Axela Carissa gave a slow, flirtatious smile. "Why on earth would you use a blood bank?" She lowered her shoulders, stretching her neck out but not looking stupid about it. "You've got your own personal refrigerator right here."

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) "Hm?" CC asked, zoning back into the world at large.

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) "I don't care. Never seen a vampire feed...Besides, I still need to unpack. Go right ahead."I'm also curious... She added silently.

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Axela The pain of the bite was euphoric, the gentle pull of the Vumpyr heavenly. She half sighed, half moaned as she rose up on her tip-toes, pushing the fangs deeper into her throat. Her entire neck vibrated, hopefully sending a pleasurable sensation into the Vumpyr's body. She felt her breath start to shudder and adrenaline enter her veins. Without thinking, she pushed herself closer to the Vumpyr and wrapped her arms around her, her long nails gently scratch-scratch-scratching her back.

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Axela Carissa's hands slid down Jules' back, slowly but surely, dragging her nails before gently cupping her butt. Carissa moaned and let her other hand slide gently around to the Vumpyr's belly, letting her fingers tease the bottom of her shirt as she tilted her head back and let the blood flow faster.

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Axela ((...What? I don't remember, sorry...?))

Carissa pushed her left hand up the Vumpyr's side beneath her shirt, and gently caressed the skin there. Please, she thought, knowing the Vumpyr could hear them as long as she was drinking. Touch me, hold me, love me back.

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Axela ((Daggertooth))

Carissa suddenly became very aware of the girl in the room next to them.

Sh stopped what she was doing and maneuvered the teeth out of her neck, feeling the bleeding stop instantly.

She looked over at the other girl, whose name she still didn't know. "Sorry," she muttered shyly, dropping her eyes to the floor.

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) "Hm?" CC looked up from a book. She hadn't noticed anything.

((She sort of spaces...))

Eleanor Is Bad At This (audinosbiitch) "Okay. I'll leave then." CC said easily, shutting her book cover and standing up. She didn't say anything else, just opened the door and left.

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Axela Carissa sighed. "Tell me about it." So her roommate probably hated her now. The mood and her buzz was murdered, and--she yanked up the sleeve of her long-sleeved shirt--her bruises hadn't even gone down. "This is one horrible day," she muttered under her breath.

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Axela Carissa snorted, rolling up her other sleeve too to expose the long bruises along her radial arteries. "I need to bled, and a lot... my blood's coming out of my veins and making bruises under my skin. I don't care if you change," she added.

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Axela Yeah, don't forget that. I have a Vumpyr that can't even take my pain away. "Today just sucks!"

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Axela "Well, I got shipped off here, for one thing. My parents are nutjobs. There was a perfectly healthy amount of Vumpyrs around my house!" She sighed exasperatedly. Carissa was pissed. She was great friends with a Vumpyr named Ashlynne and another named Karen. They were enough for her. But her parents... oh, her parents are crazy.

"Then, it takes me forever to get here. I feel like I'm ill from the trip--and not being bled. It's driving me crazy. I hate feeling sick." She was so underfed it felt like she had the freaking flu! Tired, achy, slow... she wouldn't be surprised if she had a fever, although there was no biologic basis for her to have one. She had enough excess blood in her to feed 4 Vumpyrs.

"Now that I'm here, I get a Vumpyr for a roommate which could almost be a bblessing if that other girl had just waited an hour or two before showing up. I feel even more sick now than I did an hour ago."

She turned her shamed face to the Vumpyr. "Everything hurts. I hate today."

Then she shook her head. "Nevermind about me. I get almost PMS when I'm like this. How was your day?"

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Axela Carissa snorted. "Unless you're willing to bite me till you're drunk, there's nothing you can do to lessen these," she defined, sadly examining her bruises.

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Axela Carissa smiled slowly. "Deal." She flipped her hair and rolled her sleeve all the way up to her elbow. "Neck or wrist?"

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Axela Carissa flung her head back and moaned, feeling the bruises on her wrist start to fade ever so slowly.

So... you've never been with a girl? she thought to Jules, again wrapping her arms gently around her. What a shame...

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Axela Carissa hummed. It's not all that different... we're just softer, more gentle... Carissa dragged her fingertips around Jules' body and down her side to the end of her skimpy dress, where she tickled the cool flesh of her thighs. She smiled when she felt Jules shiver. See? Not all that different...

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Axela Carissa huffed a small laugh and slowly pushed her hand up Jule's dress, hesitantly wanting to make sure the vumpyr was okay. As she raised her other arm from around Jule's back to calmly stroke her hair, she mentally noted that her bruises were nearly gone. She snapped a mental picture. Almost gone, keep it up, she praised, and tangled her fingers in the Vumpyr's hair, slowly pulling her close and pushing the fangs slightly further, moaning at the pain. I'm such a masochist... she thought absent-mindedly.

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Axela Carissa laughed now. If you're really going to do this..." she whispered breathlessly into Jules' ear. Hurt me. I'm a masochist. Do something to cause me pain, and you'll see what happens next.

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Axela "Hm...." Carissa hummed. "Okay, then..." An idea flashed through her mind. "Ever felt this before, Vumpyr?" he whispered seductively, and twisted her head aroud to gently scrape her teeth on the Vumpyr's own neck, allowing her hands to roam Jules' body freely without hesitation.

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Axela Carissa chuckled. "Your shaking. You can stop now, if you like." Carissa gently began pulling her neck away, and disentangled the fangs from her throat with ease.

"But that doesn't mean I'm done with you," she murmured, refusing to back up.

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Axela Carissa echoed Jules's smile perfectly, swaying forward slowly, pushing Jules gently backward until she was lying on the bed and climbing on top. Leaning down carefully, she gently touched her lips to Jules's. She unlocked her elbows to assume a less predatory pose over Jules, lowering her breast. She now seemed pleading as she waited for Jules to react.

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Axela Carissa made apoint to be extra soft and gentle with her mouth as they kissed, kindly letting Jules explore her mouth as she straddled her. She rocked back and forth slowly, matching the rythm of their curious kiss, but within thirty seconds or so she started to move faster, increasing the tempo and the tension.

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Axela (( :) No problem.))

Carissa slowly moved her hands around Jules' belly to her sides and slid them down, carefully guaging her reaction. She didn't want to move too fast... scare her off... When Jules didn't seem to do anything indicating discomfort, she let her fingers tug gently at the edge of her dress, aleting her that she was going to go up it before she cautiously did so.

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Axela ((Awesome! Merry Christmas!))

Carissa smiled. "Well, it's more fun if you try to lead a bit. For you, at least. Predatory species and all..."

She sat up, pulling off her shirt, exposing her rather plain but well-fitting bra. She leaned back over, slid her hand back up Jules' dress, and lifted up. "Let's get this off of you," she whispered huskily.

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