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message 151: by Melinda (new)

Melinda | 35 comments I found the Mrs. Pollifax series in a used bookstore. Loved the idea of a retired woman walking into the CIA and "volunteering" to be a spy.

message 152: by Allison (new)

Allison | 195 comments Thanks for recommending the john dunning series- it sounds great.
And, although I haven't read those books, it seems that The Secret of Lost Things A Novel might be similar. Although it's not mystery persay, it follows a girl who just moved to America, works at an amazing book store, and 'investigates' a rare book scandal. Again, not really a full-blown mystery, but enough to keep you guessing.
Plus, the bookstore she works it sounds like a dream!

message 153: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (ManchesterUnited) Fiona wrote: "C.J Sansom - I got Dissolution to read... ahhh so many books. Has anyone read all of that series and is Dark Fire and the other one beginning with S any good?"

Both my wife and I have loved this series! Dissolution is my least favorite of the group but is still an excellent read. The last in the series was un-put-down-able! Great history and fantastic suspense.

message 154: by Kevin (last edited Apr 19, 2009 06:12PM) (new)

Kevin (ManchesterUnited) I would highly recommend Harlan Coben. A couple of his best... Tell No One and No Second Chance I also really like Lee Child Killing Floor, Dick Francis Whip Hand, Arianna Franklin Mistress of the Art of Death and Dean Koontz The Good Guy

message 155: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (ManchesterUnited) ScottK wrote: "Alright, you asked and I can answer a little bit :
Harlen Coben : Any of his books outside the Myron Bollitar series ( just because I haven't read them) [b:Gone for Good|43930|Gone for Good|Harlan..."

I agree with you...nothing better than a new Coben book. I would add the Myron Bolitar series is also excellent!

Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (SusannaG) | 1735 comments I myself like the entire series about Matthew Shardlake - Dissolution, Dark Fire, Sovereign, and Revelation. The last one features a Tudor serial killer.

Hopefully it's not the last in the series!

message 157: by Rosemary (new)

Rosemary | 170 comments anyone a fan of earline fowler?

message 158: by Melinda (new)

Melinda | 35 comments Yes. Rosemary, I am a fan of Earline Fowler. I first heard of her through my local quilt shop.

message 159: by Rosemary (new)

Rosemary | 170 comments I have read all of Earline Fowler's books. I've also met her. She is a warm, friendly person.

message 160: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (ManchesterUnited) Susanna wrote: "I myself like the entire series about Matthew Shardlake - Dissolution, [b:Da..."

I agree wife and I both loved this series.

message 161: by Paula (new)

Paula | 1016 comments I've enjoyed Earlene Fowler so far, I think I've only read the first 4. Need to get back to her.

message 162: by Irene (new)

Irene Hollimon | 92 comments Almost anything by James Patterson

message 163: by Krista (last edited May 25, 2009 01:48PM) (new)

Krista (kacey14) Here are a couple of my favorite authors who have written mystery series set faraway and long ago. I like the sense that I'm learning something about different times as well as solving a rollicking good mystery.

Lindsey Davis writes the Marcus Didius Falco series set in Roman times. Fun mysteries, humorous and an interesting glimpse into Roman history. The first book in the series is:
The Silver Pigs A Marcus Didius Falco Mystery

Also, have you read the Amelian Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters?
Amelia is a Victorian archeologist working in Egypt. She and her husband Emerson get into all sorts of interesting scrapes as they try to carry on their excavations.

The first book in that series is:
Crocodile on the Sandbank

(Okay, so now that I'm thinking about it, I can't just stop at two authors.) :-)

I also enjoy Aaron Elkins who has written as series of mysteries with Gideon Oliver as the protaginist. He's a forensic anthropoligist also known as the "Skeleton Doctor". The first book in that series is Fellowship of Fear

Nevada Barr
J A Jance
Mary Dahiem
Tony Hillerman
Michael McGarrity

The writers listed above are also some of my favorite mystery writers. (In additon to alot of the other authors mentioned in previous posts!)

Boy, there are WAY too many good mysteries our there for my steadily growing TBR pile!

message 164: by Dorie (new)

Dorie (DorieAnn) | 430 comments Krista, I have the first Elkins book on my TBR shelf! I got sidetracked with reading a similar series by Jefferson Bass, so I needed some time in between. But it is high on my list to read.

message 165: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie | 28 comments Personally, I like the authors:

James Patterson
Iris Johannsen
Tami Hoag
Beverly Barton
Amanda Stevens

There are way more, but currently those are my favorites.

Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (SusannaG) | 1735 comments Yes, the Amelia Peabody mysteries are fun (only read a few of them, but enjoyed all of them).

I recently read another of Elizabeth Peters' mystery novels, The Murders of Richard III, which features murder and highjinks among the supporters of Richard III (the Ricardians), c. 1974. This was also fun, but not quite as much as the Amelia Peabodies.

message 167: by Suzanne (last edited Jun 16, 2009 10:45AM) (new)

Suzanne (Bellamy22) | 610 comments I love the Elizabeth Peters books...mysteries on the Nile and Amelia is a riot...

Also the Kinsey Milhone series by Sue Grafton takes place where I live so it's fun to know where she is in the storyline.

Jonathan Kellerman with Alex Delaware is one of my #1s, though.

message 168: by Marci (new)

Marci (iread49) | 215 comments Harlan Coben is excellent.

Sallie(GeorgiaGirl) (Shuga) Sue Grafton
Phyllis A Whitney
Diane Mott Davidson
Patricia Cornwell
Lillian Jackson Braun
Nancy Martin
Carloyn Haines

These are just a few of the writers I like - there are more but I would be here till tomorrow if I tried to name them all....

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