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The Gaia Wars (Gaia Wars, #1)
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Jo Bryant | 5 comments The Gaia Wars

Clement Valley has been home for thirteen-year-old Warren Wilkes, ever since his parents died just before his third birthday. Living with Uncle Dave, Warren has come to love the Valley and Torch Lake.

The Finlays want to destroy that. Todd Sr., by development, Todd Jr., because he is his father’s son. I admit to feeling a sense of satisfaction at the way the world turns on Todd Jr.

When Warren stumbles across an ancient skeleton, and finds a medallion, his world is changed – irrevocably. Dark, malevolent forces are set loose upon the earth and its ancient secrets.

I finished The Gaia Wars in one sitting. I simply couldn’t stop reading. Technically a YA fiction book, The Gaia Wars is a lot more than that.

The character of Onotah is breathtakingly clever, and a poignant reminder of where we are headed with our planet lest we take care. Adults and young adults will relate to Warren easily as he struggles to find out where he fits in to the world, where he came from, and if life itself can be kept safe.

The Gaia Wars is fantastic, as fantasy should be, but it is oh so true.

I think that is what I liked the most about this book. The reality that is woven with the fantasy so realistically it almost doesn’t seem fantastic at all.

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