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Day-to-Day at Chez Miller

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Twinka Thiebaud Henry Miller was in his eighties and was recovering from major surgery after suffering a stroke when I came to live under his roof as cook and caretaker. We'd met many years before when I was seventeen and he, seventy-one. His daughter and I had become close friends and I was considered more a member of the family rather than an employee. This made for an intimate friendship from the beginning.

Life with Henry followed a set routine which included his visits with business associates, writing each day, painting often and socializing with friends when he was up for an evening out. The best part of my day was cooking dinner and sitting at the table with him. I never knew what subjects or stories might pour forth from his side of the table. I was fed well in food and in spirit and I love reliving that rich period of my life.
One day I poured tea for Henry, Anais Nin and Lawrence Durrell.....life at Chez Miller was never dull.

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