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What book did you read with your child last night?

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message 1: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments Every night, my husband or I read a book aloud to our daughter. I thought it might be fun to share that book and what we thought of it. Please join in and have fun with it!

message 2: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments The last book I read with my daughter was I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen.
What a funny, charming book! My daughter who is a five-year-old kindergartener and early reader was capable of reading most of this book on her own. She had read it once without me and spoiled the "twist" for me, which was delightful. She was so excited to know and understand what was going to happen and wanted to know my reaction.

4 stars!

message 3: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments Last night, we read Pirates and Princesses by Jill Kargman. This story is about a pair of kindergarteners, Ivy & Fletch, who were raised as best friends from birth. When they start school together, what will happen to their friendship.

This was a read-to book, and we both enjoyed it.

3 stars!

message 4: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments For the last several nights, we have been stuck reading the same book because my daughter is loving it so much.

Everyone Poops

Yes, that's right... It's perfectly natural for a five-year-old to think about bodily functions and such, but I admit the third night in a row was a bit of a grind. Maybe we'll get to the library this weekend and find something new.

A great book, by the way. 4 stars.

message 5: by Nancy (new)

Nancy | 4 comments My children are in their 30s, but I tutor young students now. I last read to them-- Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree.
First published in 1963, it's a darling picture book that flows along nicely with the rhyming text... a true classic.

message 6: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments Nancy wrote: "My children are in their 30s, but I tutor young students now. I last read to them-- Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree.
First published in 1963, it's a darling picture book that flows along nicely with..."

Sounds wonderful! It's all checked out of my local library right now. I'll have to keep that one on my radar.

message 7: by Terry (new)

Terry (ReadingTub) The Carpenter's Gift: A Christmas Tale about the Rockefeller Center Tree by David Rubel ... it came as part of our annual tradition of a book and PJs the week before Christmas Eve.

message 8: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments Terry wrote: "The Carpenter's Gift: A Christmas Tale about the Rockefeller Center Tree by David Rubel ... it came as part of our annual tradition of a book and PJs the week before Christmas Eve."

I saw the Rockefeller Center Tree in person the fall I spent on an internship in New York City. So beautiful! I'll see if I can find it.

message 9: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments Last night, we read "When a Dragon Moves In." This is a repeated visit. My daughter really loves this book. The artwork is amazing. Check it out!

4 stars!

message 10: by Matt (last edited Dec 22, 2011 12:59PM) (new)

Matt (mrwilson41) | 2 comments Last week we read My Name is Elizabeth! My Name is Elizabeth! by Annika Dunklee. What a delight as this is a family name and brought a smile to our daughter who is named the same. The book is about a sassy young girl who gets upset about the numerous variations of nicknames that people around the town call her. Wizabef? Close enough.

message 11: by Matt (last edited Dec 22, 2011 12:58PM) (new)

Matt (mrwilson41) | 2 comments Tonight we read Penguin Chick Penguin Chick (Let's-Read-And-Find-Out Science Stage 2) by Betty Tatham which is basically a condensed version of March of the Penguins.

message 12: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments We read Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems. What a fun story! My kindergartener can read this one mostly by herself, but she enjoys having me read it to her. The art is simple, but so clever and even my fourth-grader son enjoyed reading it again.

message 13: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Lawrence (wendylawrence) | 3 comments Naked Mole Rat is absolutely my favorite picture book! Last night we read a wonderful book about winter coming to an end with gorgeous, stunning pictures and beautiful prose called The Longest Night by Marion Dane Bauer. If you want to learn more about it, I blogged about it awhile ago:

message 14: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Lawrence (wendylawrence) | 3 comments Ruth wrote: "Every night, my husband or I read a book aloud to our daughter. I thought it might be fun to share that book and what we thought of it. Please join in and have fun with it!"

Ruth, Thanks for starting this thread. Great idea! I can't wait to see what other people are reading. I'm always looking for new ideas. :)

message 15: by Dana * (last edited Jan 20, 2012 09:24AM) (new)

Dana * (QueenofEgypt) | 2 comments I just finished two books with my 10 year old.
The People of Sparks and Amelia Rules! Volume 7: The Meaning of Life . . . and Other Stuff.
She had to read The City of Ember for school, and loved it so much shes wants to read the series, which makes me happy.

The Amelia book is the last in the series so far, and these are great books for discussing life lessons.

message 16: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments I haven't been posting lately. Our daughter has been reading books from school lately and most of them are not really worth mentioning. They are good books for developing her reading skills, but not much substance.

She has been caught drawing in books at school, so we're in the midst of a book freeze, which is a torture for her, but what else can we all do. It's just for a week.

message 17: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments Reading many books from school, we've fallen a bit behind - again - so here I am updating the latest collection of books read with my daughter that I think are definitely worth a look.

Princess Smartypants I loved this book. My five-year-old princess daughter didn't know what to think. The princess in this tale doesn't want to get married, but to get her parents off her back, she sets forth a challenge for each suitor to try and win her hand. They each fail in a comic collection of terrible tasks, until one actually succeeds where all the others had failed. Has Princess Smartypants met her match?

My daughter was disturbed by the notion that Smartypants didn't want to get married. She wants to get married... to her brother... LOL

message 18: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments We read in succession three Ladybug Girl books, Ladybug Girl, Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy, and Ladybug Girl at the Beach. My daughter and I went to Home Depot today to get some gardening supplies and she wanted to pick up the bag of turf builder. I warned her it's a bit heavy and she said, "Not for Ladybug Girl!" and she hefted it up and into the cart. Not bad for a five-year-old!

message 19: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments All the sudden my kids wouldn't read with me anymore. LOL

I tried to read "Seven Tales of Trinket" with my 7-year-old, but could not convince her to read it with me.

My son and I have been rereading the Harry Potter series audiobook-style with fantastic performances by Jim Dale. 5 stars!

message 20: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Douglass (RDouglass) | 13 comments I haven't been reading with my kids since the oldest started high school (3 years ago), but we really enjoyed family reading time up to then. We'd really try to make a point of all of us sitting down together to read aloud. I miss that.

message 21: by Catherine (new)

Catherine | 5 comments As the kids age it gets harder to find time to share, but I'm a big believer in family reading time where everyone is reading in the same location, but perhaps all reading their own book selections. It's good to be in the same room, all doing this thing we love.

message 22: by Elaine (new)

Elaine | 1 comments I read a great new book by Marsha Cook to my Grandchildren. The Busy Bus.
"The Busy Bus by Marsha Cook is an amusing collection of poems for children. The rhymes are witty and the illustrations are colorful. This is a fun book to read with your child and is sure to bring smiles and giggles especially when read out loud in a classroom, library or before bed."

message 23: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments Lovely! I think I missed a lot of poetry when I was little.

message 24: by Beth Ann (new)

Beth Ann | 1 comments Well, not last night (I don't have kids of my own (unless you count my many pets, which I sometimes do, even to the point of reading something to them) but by profession, I run the early literacy program at work. Basically, I do story times (read a book, then have an accompanying activity like a craft or animal visitor) twice a week. On Tuesdays I read to kids in the dinosaur museum, Wednesdays it is at the farm or garden, and mid-may we are even adding another on Thursday for our new Museum of Natural Curiosity. Anyway, just a little back story. Now for the answers: Yesterday we read I'm Big! and drew a collaborative mural of dinosaurs. The story is simple, but cute and made the 3 year olds giggle. Today it was Grumpy Goat and we made Yellow paint dandilion fields for a little paper goat. This book is VERY cute. Great story, awesome artwork (both by the uber-talented Brett Helquist who is awesome and from my hometown.

message 25: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Douglass (RDouglass) | 13 comments No reading last night, but today I read twice to the story-time kids at the library. I can't remember which books I picked out. . .I'll know in an hour when I get to work. I just hope my voice holds out--we sing, too, and I am pretty hoarse. I may need to switch to books about frogs and sing about (and like) a frog.

message 26: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments LOL Rebecca. Sorry to see your throat is bothering you. I sprained my foot last week and had nothing to do but read. Darn! ;)

My son just wrote a book report on Esperanza Rising Esperanza Rising. He is in sixth grade, but he also read it in fourth grade and really loved it.

My daughter is seven and reading at a fourth grade reading level. She loves Junie B. Jones, Ivy & Bean and refuses to read anything her brother has read. *sigh* He was an avid reader, so this is quite a predicament! One of the few exceptions has been Winnie the Pooh.

message 27: by Beverly (new)

Beverly (bjbixlerhotmailcom) Another children's librarian weighing in here. My own 2 children are grown now, but I still read to the preschool crowd at the library. This past week our theme was "Critter Fun," so I read Over in the Forest: Come and Take a Peek, Bedtime in the Jungle, and one about animal feet, the title of which escapes me at the moment.

message 28: by H.J. (new)

H.J. Frederick (hjfrederick) | 2 comments My 7-year old daughter is a newly-independent reader. She has been reluctant to approach "chapter" books, even if I offer to read them. We recently crossed this hurdle with Kate DiCamillo's "Flora & Ulysses, The Illuminated Adventures"--a book about a squirrel who gets sucked up into a vacuum cleaner, turns into a superhero, and writes poetry. It is as wonderful as it is ridiculous. So fun to read out loud, and my daughter found this the perfect transition between "books with pictures" and novels.

The "illuminated" part of the adventure refers to the occasional page written as if it were a comic book...which only makes sense, when you realize that Flora is an avid fan of comics, and the book loosely follows the comic book structure, in which there are heroes and arch-nemeses and battles in which good (the squirrel) vanquishes evil (say, a cat).

But mostly it is a heart-warming story about a little girl who loves a squirrel, who loves her back. A great introduction to novels for my own little girl.

message 29: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (basson_mommy12) | 25 comments Oh my goodness! That book sounds perfect for my Eliza! We love Kate DiCamillo. Eliza almost actually read "Because of Winn-Dixie." She is 8 and has a similar reluctance to reading chapter books, even though at school, her AR reading level has been recorded at a better than fifth grade level. She is convinced that she has to read a whole book in one sitting.

message 30: by Panisoara (new)

Panisoara (OPanisoara) | 2 comments The seven medals of success presents the adventures of two children who win, one by one, the medals of courage, cooperation, curiosity, patience, creativity, perseverance and empathy. In their journey they are accompanied by Memo, the dwarf of their memory; he reminds them certain events in their life and they learn the rules of each psychological characteristic.
The book contains stories for children about developing personal success skills and it is based on psychological and pedagogical studies. Every chapter of the book has a Parent's Corner, with a short description of the psychological concepts and exercises for developing each personal trait. Also, every chapter includes a poem because psycho-pedagogical studies demonstrate children learn easier by combining the linguistic and the „musical” intelligence.
We, the authors are university researchers and professors: G. Panisoara has a Ph.D. in Psychology and I.O. Panisoara has a Ph.D. in Educational Sciences.
The patience poem (fragment from the ebook)
Do you know Trici – the caterpillar?
She cried: her beauty was no thriller
But time marched on, as it went by
She turned to a fine butterfly
Here is why:
You want time to pass by quicker,
“I want to play now,” you dicker,
You want to grow up much faster.
But patience is what you must master.
If you have patience you will learn
To calm yourself and wait your turn
Step by step you will succeed
Patience is the thing you need.

message 31: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Fuentes | 1 comments Each night my son (5 yrs) and I work on 1 book that he can read and then I read 2 chapters from the Magic Tree House series as he follows along. He loves adventures and history, so it's a great end of the day read. It is hard for us to stop though. LOL. We regularly read one entire chapter book on the weekend just for fun. Admittedly, I have instilled my librarian love of books in him. ;)

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