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Justin Brooks | 5 comments Dear Mr.Viskanta,

I started reading this book called Gravity, by Tess Gerritsen. It's a science-fiction book, but it looks like it's going to become a lot more the farther I go into the book. Maybe a horror as well?

I've heard it's good, and so far it is. Starts out a little slow with the introduction of the characters and their lifes, but its finally picking up and all that backstory will probably come in handy later once the action sets in.

The book has to do with space ships, but it doesn't take place in the future, focusing on the modern space shuttle (but soon to be past, as they cancelled the program a while ago), space station, their crews, and the experiments on board. Will something go wrong up there?


message 2: by Justin (new)

Justin Brooks | 5 comments Alright, so I finished this one a while back, but it stuck with me. I really liked this book, there were only a few dull moments here and they were only to add character depth or some other part of the story.

This book is definately a horror book. It might not seem like it for the first few chapters, but about a quarter of the way through, things pick up fast. It's not scary in the sense that you have monsters jumping out at you at every corner or something lame like that. I thought it was interesting that the author used realistic modern time space shapes (most of this book takes place on the International Space Station that's orbiting Earth as I type) as opposed to a more futuristic setting. But now I think I know, as the cramped settings provide a perfect stage for this book's more creepy scenes.

All in all, I liked this book. I'd recommend it to anyone that likes science fiction, horror, or both. It's kind of boring at the start, but once it picks up, it picks up.


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