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message 1: by Val (new)

Val  Cowhugger  (MomOf2Gremlins) | 442 comments And another book by Celine Steen that I haven't seen posted here in the group yet: 500 Vegan Recipes Hundreds of Healthy and Delicious Animal-Friendly Dishes Everyone Will Love by Celine Steen

I'd love to hear some reviews from you girls! :)

message 2: by Lisa (last edited Dec 02, 2011 06:30AM) (new)

Lisa Vegan (LisaVegan) I added the author to the topic title, Val. We don't have threads for every cookbook, just the threads started by members who want to discuss specific books, but 500 Vegan Recipes: Hundreds of Healthy and Delicious Animal-Friendly Dishes Everyone Will Love by Celine Steen is on our bookshelves. We have many more books on our shelves than we have as separate threads, and always will.

This is a book I have been looking at, and I'll first try to reserve it at the library. This year was an anomaly. Next year I'm back to making extremely few book purchases.

ETA!!!: Hmm. Different subtitle.

Val, Who is the author for the book you meant? I'll change the topic title and my link, and make sure the book is shelved.

message 3: by Val (new)

Val  Cowhugger  (MomOf2Gremlins) | 442 comments Lisa,
I still seem to be confused by what is on this group's shelf and what is only discussed in this group, you know? Sorry! *blush* I've read the reviews on the 'main GR source' but was hoping for members of this group to give their personal input as well if that makes any sense?

The author is Celine Steen, maybe they changed the subtitle??

I wish I had the resource of a library to check books out first!.. Unfortunately I don't so I have to hope for the best when buying the books -after many hours of reading reviews, checking out blogs for recipes and even falling asleep over thinking of them! (I know, it's a madness! LOL]

message 4: by Lisa (last edited Dec 02, 2011 07:09AM) (new)

Lisa Vegan (LisaVegan) Oh, good, it's the same book.

Val, Any time you're interested in our members' feedback about a book and there isn't already a thread about it, it's fine to start a new thread for it. Hopefully people who've used the book will chime in. I might get it/borrow it eventually so I might end up posting.

message 5: by Val (new)

Val  Cowhugger  (MomOf2Gremlins) | 442 comments Thanks, Lisa!
I'm glad I didn't cause any 'wrong' post or anything! ;)
Yes, I think I'll invest more time into reading more reviews about this book as well. Some reviews seem so mixed.. But then again, that's mostly the case, right?
Luckily I got some $ from sold PBS credits (I have more than plenty of books to read here!) as well as from the trade-in program on Amazon, so I can see it guilt-free if I chose a book! ;) (I already ordered Robin's 1000 vegan recipes finally as well as Everyday Happy Herbivore. :D)

message 6: by Lee, Unrepentant Eggplant Addict (new)

Lee (LeeKat) | 1027 comments Mod
Val, I have a friend who owns and likes this book. She's not vegan but has used it and recommended several recipes. I'll go and see if I can find which ones she liked.

message 7: by Val (new)

Val  Cowhugger  (MomOf2Gremlins) | 442 comments Thank you, Lee!
The more I read other reviews on other sites about this book, it seems it's not as much as a winner as let's say 1,000 Vegan Recipes so I'll probably not get this one. [In all reality I shouldn't look for more books anyway! LOL]
But still let me know nevertheless which recipes she liked, maybe I can test some from online sources?

message 8: by Don (last edited Feb 19, 2013 05:16AM) (new)

Don (Bayfrontguy) | 1704 comments This week's cookbook challenge includes Joni Marie Newman and the only book I have is 500 VR.

This is not a book I cook from often. It doesn't inspire me for some reason. A huge chunk of it is devoted to desserts, breads, etc. so if you're a cook that likes this stuff it might be for you.

Minor rant about the index. I remembered a good review of a marinara that uses pumpkin from another website, so later that night I tried to find the recipe in the index looking under "pumpkin" and "marinara" and couldn't find it. I had to get out of bed (yeah, I read cookbooks in bed) and go to my computer to find out what the name of the recipe was and with was "smokey pumpkin marinara" was and found it under "smoky". Very annoying.
A few of the things I've made:

Sesame bean spread - which is a simple chickpea and sesame oil spread. Loved it. I used a low sodium can of chickpeas, so I added some Maggi Sauce which was genious and made it awesome. I ate the whole recipe alone in one sitting for my main course alongside the soup. It screams for the addition of something like Maggi, Braggs or soy sauce in my opinion.

Millet salad - Very good. I followed the recipe except instead of pecans I added raw walnuts and cashews. The apricots are an ingenious addition to something like this.

Smoky Pumpkin Marinara - Delicious! Thinking to combine pumpkin puree, tomato sauce and chili powder is pure genius and very unique (at least to me). It tasted very good with the fasuxsage I made above. It might have been better with a more chunky sauce like crushed or petite tomatoes instead of sauce.

lemon herb coconut tofu with udon - Borderline meh. Nothing exciting here. A+ for uniqueness as it has coconut milk, lemon, dill, basil, parsley and curry powder, along with a whopping 7 tbs. of chives and 1/2 cup of scallions which are combinations you don't see. It calls for 3 tbs of lemon juice which is too much for my tastes. I'm beginning to find out at this age that too much lemon in dishes isn't a good thing for me...gotta add that to my "inner voice" and take notice. I used pad thai rice noodles instead of udon.

Balsamic vinaigrette and marinade - Good easy and quick dressing for a salad. It took me three tries not to burn the mustard seeds and toast them properly, but that's because I'm a ditz and don't pay attention. I cut down the amount of agave nectar from 3 tbs. to 1 because I like spicy better.

Creamy curry coleslaw with roasted red peppers - Good. I used purple carrots that I got from my CSA, so the color is not appealing. I think a cup of mayo is a bit too much and I did cut down. Perhaps my cabbage was too small because it still seemed too "mayo-ey" to me. I used raw pumpkin seeds instead of sunflower seeds, and I didn't have any raisons and didn't want to buy any so I used some dried cranberries I had on hand, and it worked well.

Raw kale salad - Very good. This is a simple easy to prepare vinegrette. I spaced out thinking I had some toasted sesame oil, but didn't and used chili oil instead and it was still good. I did not have lemon zest but used lemon pepper. Forgot to add the sesame seeds after chilling, and used red mustard greens instead of kale. It's pretty standard fare and I've made similar dressings many times from other sources.

Barley chili - I enjoyed this. It's pretty basic chili seasonings, nothing unique or imaginative here. The use of barely is a good idea for something diffferent. Stealling an idea from AC above, I used mushrooms instead of zucchini because mushy cooked zuchinni is unappearling to me. (I like it a bit crunchy and stir fried). I used fresh hot chili instead of cayene, and I used the veggie broth option instead of water.

BBQ beef sandwiches - Meh....what onions didn't fall out during the kneading fell out during cooking...I don't think adding chopped onions to the seitan was a good idea. The bbq sauce was way too sweet for me...the writer asked for 1/2 cup of packed brown sugar. I'm not sure what the writer means by pulling it apart with a fork...I know they are going for the shredded beef idea, but it doesn't work, or didn't work for me. It made a huge amount. The use of "steak sauce" is lazy. I mean who the frick has steak sauce??? I made my own with ketchup, Worchester sauce, hot sauce, garlic powder and mustard. The recipe would have been better served with ingredients such as these as an option to steak sauce.

Pumpkin fauxsages - I'm not too excited, not bad, but I guess I was expecting more. I don't think it was spicy enough. I forgot to turn it over halfway in the oven and the bottom was a bit crispy. I will say it was very good in the pumpkin marinara, so I guess I'm disagreeing with the writer that it's good on it's own. It makes a huge amount.

Taco seasoning - loved this! I made the seasoning and used it the following way: sauteed some onions, green peppers and chili peppers, then added water the spices and mixed, and added a lb of crumbled tempeh and simmered until the water was gone. Delish! If I didn't have any chili peppers I would have added some cayenne to the mix.

message 9: by Don (last edited Feb 19, 2013 05:17AM) (new)

Don (Bayfrontguy) | 1704 comments Today's recipes.

Quinoa pilaf - this is pretty good. It has an olive oil and lemon juice dressing, and the addition of the dried fruit is what makes it good in my opinion. I used dates, raisins and dried tart cherries. Instead of garnishing with almonds, carrots and parsley, I mixed it all in the pilaf.

Leek, bean and rice medley - I wasn't expecting much, but boy was this delicious! It has wild rice, brown rice, pecans leeks, tomato and basil. It uses Worcestershire sauce which is an excellent idea and no other spices or herbs other than the basil. She uses vegan butter to sauté the leeks and I like that flavor in this dish a lot. (yeah, I know..palm oil, but I'm still using frozen vegan butter that I've had probably over a year).

message 10: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (LisaVegan) Don, you're good enough to be a restaurant cook or food artist or cookbook photographer. Thanks for sharing everything you do.

message 11: by Don (new)

Don (Bayfrontguy) | 1704 comments Thanks for the compliment Lisa and thanks for your faithful support. :)

message 12: by Don (new)

Don (Bayfrontguy) | 1704 comments Smoky black bean soup - Pretty good. Run of the mill recipe with the addition of liquid smoke. It was too liquidy for my tastes, so I might ditch some of the liquid and puree some of the beans to make it more hearty. I'm not inspired to post a pic, you've seen one black bean soup, you've seen them all.

Fajita pitas - Delicious! I enjoyed how this came together. Nothing earth shattering, just normal spices and such. I subbed baby bellas for portabella caps, Braggs for soy sauce, and tofu for seitan. Yummy.

message 13: by Don (new)

Don (Bayfrontguy) | 1704 comments Cannellini All' Italiana - Pretty good. This is a simple dish of beans, roasted red peppers and olives and spices. I used a can of kidney beans instead of two cans of cannellini because it was what I had. I used on jar of roasted red peppers instead of two because that seemed like too much. Instead of 1/4 cup of broth, I used about 1/8th and simmered about ten minutes instead of 30. Served over rice for lunches at work...quick and easy and good.

Mushroom lasagna - Pretty good. This uses a recipe of tofu ricotta on another page that I really liked. The mushroom sauce was thick and pretty good. I used almond milk and that taste really was slightly off putting...maybe another milk would have been better. I topped with some Daiya mozz. because you can't have a lasagna without it.

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