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message 1: by Jared (new)

Jared Levy | 24 comments All right guys, lets try to make this group more active, shall we?

message 2: by Starburst (new)

Starburst (ana-sofia) I second that!

message 3: by Jared (new)

Jared Levy | 24 comments Lets start inviting more people!

message 4: by Starburst (new)

Starburst (ana-sofia) okay... I don't know anyone else on goodreads though, I already invited as many people as possible (which was sadly like 2)

message 5: by Jared (new)

Jared Levy | 24 comments O well...

message 6: by Starburst (new)

Starburst (ana-sofia) but we can still have an active group with the members we have now!

message 7: by Viv (new)

Viv (a_pocky_box) Yes we can :)

message 8: by Shannon (new)

Shannon I just joined :) I'll try to be as active as I can :)

One thing that you could do to get this group more active is create more new discussions :)

message 9: by Starburst (new)

Starburst (ana-sofia) you people can create discussions about whatever you want, doesn't have to be book-related.

message 10: by Meg (new)

Meg | 180 comments Mod
I know, right? We can just go on and on about just about anything on this!! :D

message 11: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Awesome :D

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