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message 1: by Theresa (new)

Theresa  (TSorrels) Ok to post spoilers here.

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Kevin (kevn57) The only reason I read this book was because it was a BOTM. I wouldn't normally read a book about angels, not really into the whole mythology. But I was determined to give this book a fair try.

I kind of liked it, I’d say 2 ½ stars, As I read it I just couldn’t stop thinking of other things that I’ve read that used very similar lines and situations. In the beginning I felt that Madeline’s voice sounded so familiar, she sounded almost exactly like Rachael Morgan from the “Hollows Series” A series that I like a lot. Also the small gargoyle Beezle reminds me highly of the “Hollows” Jenks even though the two are different species. Rachael has a gargoyle as well but the small wise ass side kick personality matches Jenks to a "T".

"As Katherine died, she performed a binding to protect you from Ramuell, using her own life force as a sacrifice”
Angels, Fallen Angels and monsters this is like a Christian Harry Potter, mother saves her daughter, but gives up her life.

"It's a nightmare the likes of which you have never known. We are on the verge of a real biblical-style apocalypse here."
Who you call "Ghostbusters" all we need to add is the Gatekeeper.

I found the plot a little confusing at times as I tried to remember who sired whom and what type of angel creature they were the angels in this universe are a randy and potent bunch. Someday I’ll give the second book in the series a try to find out if the author finds more of a voice of her own.

Darcy (Sunnytat462) | 821 comments I liked this book, but have to say that while reading it my mind kept wandering and I am not sure why.

I liked Maddy, but did think she accepted her new heritage awful easily. I loved how she gave everyone a hard time, it didn't matter who you were. I also loved her relationship with Beezle. I think with her past, he was the one thing she could count on. Even when she was disgusted with him, she still did little things to show she really cared about him. I also really loved the dreams that Maddy got about Evangeline letting her learn some interesting facts.

I didn't care much for Gabriel and think the relationship between him and Maddy was too predictable.

Right from the start I had some definite thoughts about JB, Maddy's boss. It turns out with the last couple pages my thinking was right.

message 4: by Rich (new) - rated it 1 star

Rich blech. Couldn't finish it. Doesn't mean it is bad, just not my cup of tea. There were parts of the plot that I found interesting but just didn't hold my attention. I decided to skip to next months book.

message 5: by Gin (new) - rated it 3 stars

Gin I think I generously rated it 3 stars only because I didn't put it down. It was more like 2.5 stars. I actually moved on to the second one just because so many seemed to think it gets better. It was just more of the same. I really liked the premise of the story and wanted to love the book. The plot was incredibly predictable and repetitive. I did love Beezle though. But, I agree with Kevin he reminded me too much of Jenks.

Music_lover3 | 29 comments I thought this book was just okay. It seemed very generic to me, and I was hoping for better. I might try the second one later. But I agree with everyone else here, and it didn't really stand out for me.

message 7: by Emily (last edited Jan 04, 2012 03:55AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Emily | 2 comments I also thought it was average. Nothing very original about the plot, the characters, or the way it was written. The only thing that did interest me was the idea of death as a bureaucracy... but that was quickly put aside for the whole angels and demons thing. It certainly wasn't a bad book and it kept my attention. But as soon as I moved on to another book I couldn't remember much about Black Wings because nothing really stands out. Perhaps the characters and the plot develop better with book two, but I'm not sure I'm invested enough in the story to find out.

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