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The Kraken Wakes
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The Age of Ostensible Reason

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"Don't you sometimes wish that you lived in the Age of Reason instead of the Age of Ostensible Reason?" - Phyllis Watson.

Don't you sometimes know exactly that feeling. In my more cynical moments, I often fell that we've passed right through the Age of Ostensible Reason and straight into the Age of Total Bull. Perhaps it would be more decorous to say the Age of Outrageous Flummery. Certainly, Wyndham would have seen no change for the better.

Perhaps the reason I relate so strongly to Wyndham is that I sense a kindred spirit. Like his, my own novels also have a vaguely upbeat ending, no matter how bleak the first 95% of the story, but very often I find that I don't really believe it. I often wonder whether Wyndham always really believed his endings.

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