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"First Book" for Book Club Meeting
Isabel Vazquez Isabel Nov 25, 2011 04:32PM
Four of us agreed that the book was awesome and were excited for the next one to come out. One person had mentioned they were not impressed with the book because of poor choice of wording. What do you think of the book??

thanks all i did manage to read the whole book in the end very interesting read.

I found this book very entertaining. The quality of the writing was decent, with a good balance of romance, erotica and action. My only real complaint was all the talking during sex. It kind of reminded me a porno movie, which was distracting in a gritty sort of way. I guess it sort of cheapened the love/sex scenes for me. Maybe that's what your book club member meant by poor choice of wording?

I've bought the next book and one of the novellas in this series, and I'm sure I'll love them, but I can't help hoping they keep their mouths shut during the juicy parts.

I loved the book. I think I finished it in one sitting!Definitely excited about the next one. cant wait

Have read the both books --- A Touch of Crimson and Hunger so Wild...Looking forward to "A Taste of Seduction" Syre's story with the vitrologist with lupus! Kinda exciting! Sylvia Day is one hell of a great writer :)

I loved this book and just got the 2nd book 'A Hunger so wild' I can't wait to start reading.

I thought the book was awesome. As for the title, I guess for the title matching the story it isn't really related to the story. But I have say I love the cover.

Isabel Vazquez Denise, it mentions somewhere in the book that the reason his tips turned Crimson was because he was the first to pass on punishment. I am not 100% su ...more
Jul 07, 2012 12:14AM
Denise Isabel that is correct. I thought there was a comment on the title not matching the story line of the book. Since he is the first to pass punishment t ...more
Jul 09, 2012 05:55AM

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