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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Woman accidentialy time travels through the stone henge to 1600? scottland. [s]

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Jenna | 2 comments I do not remember names but a woman is visiting scotland with her husband and they see a group of women dancing naked around stone henge. They become intriuged and start to look into it..She decided to go take a look at the stone henge again. She puts her hand on the stone henge and time travels back to im geussing 1600 scotland. The men still wore kilts and were in battle with england. She has no idea that she time traveled and she went to 1600 scotland because that is what she was thinking of at the time. She meets her husbands relative who is a spitting image of him. He ends up being very gay. She falls into the hands of a scottish mob? One of the men's arm is out of socket (she is a doctor) and she puts it back into socket for him. Showing them that she is smart for a woman. Ends up that the man whos arm she put back in socket was given to her to marry. They do and end up falling in love. She proves that she isnt crazy and that she really did time travel. They have a miscariage and then she has to go back to her current time and is pregnant. The book is a whole series. I know that the scotish guy has a sister who was supposdly raped by the gay guy but didnt because he is gay. And there is another woman who time travels from her time but is evil. I can tell you more if you know what i am talking about. Im a little sketchy on the time line but i know alot alot more about the books. I just have no idea about the name. I do believe that part of the books do contain real history and follow the time line and events that did happen in history.

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100% sure


Jenna | 2 comments Yay!! thank you!! that was fast! You are seriously a life saver! I have been pondering about the name of this book for weeks! I am so glad i found this site!

Chris | 2 comments I am looking for a similar book (thought it was Outlander, which is why I am reading it again, and it is not). Also a time travel through the stones, but the woman ends up back in time naked or nearly so (only metal can go through the stones) in the middle of a battle. She is scooped onto the back of a horse by a Highlander involved in the battle.

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Chris, you need to start a new thread for your book, otherwise people will be very confused.

Chris | 2 comments Lobstergirl wrote: "Chris, you need to start a new thread for your book, otherwise people will be very confused."

OK - thank you. Can you tell this is my first time doing this? duh.

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