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Is WICKED good?

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Lauren Jarvis I think they proved themselves to really be in the best interests at the end when they gave up the trails and sent those immune away. They were willing to sacrifice a potential cure for those immune to have a chance at a normal life. So yeah I think there intentions at heart were good. the means to that end though not so much.

Lettersalad I agree their ambitions were indeed good; try to find a cure and save the human race. I also comply with Wicked by separating the Gladers from their infected parents, to save their lives. That’s cruel, though necessary. But in the Trials, Wicked’s methods have gone way too far beyond humanity. It starts with eliminating the boys’ memories (even their own real names!), messing with their brains and risking their mental and physical sanity, watching them like mice and the worst of all: infecting them with the Flare, although they knew some of the boys aren’t immune. So, I really can’t just say: WICKED is good. It’s hard to judge about the boys’ time with Wicked before the Maze, because of Thomas’ missing memories (oh Boy >.<), but Thomas and Teresa both said, Wicked forced them to work with them. Even if Thomas, Minho and the other remaining Gladers are at some place like paradise now; they’ll never have a normal life again due to all the terrible actions by Wicked.
I don’t really see other options, but I do think there could be a cure. The Flare virus was man-made, so mankind should also be able to create something against it; maybe by analyzing the virus itself and not just what it does to people who are infected with it. The virus must have a weak point, so it doesn’t work on everybody. There was so less about the biological aspect in the books, I think. Gosh, this series is so in need of a fourth book… :D

Elizabeth: I think there idea was good but then they did things they probably shouldnt have but in the end they were good by leading them too a new life to start over life.

Aurora Taylor There was a tweet by someone to James Dashner that he said accurately summed up the book. It was "Well said! RT @MeL_666: WICKED is good.... or bad...or good...or bad...or good...or bad...or good...or bad"

Fish Are Friends, Not Food yes. i believe so. That chancellor didn't care about the cure at the end and focused on building up a community from scratch instead. a good decision by far from WICKED

Atheer Suliman WICKED is good, even Rat man(Jonson) is good too but unfortunately the Flare missed up his head and made him screw the experiments

Madai in some ways yes they are

yojharobed And the kids never knew their real names, or their history, or anything. Why do you think that Thomas didn't want his memory back?

message 9: by Lire (new)

Lire I think their purpose is good, but as time continued. . . I believe the workers forgot the purpose. They were so rushed and confident, that it defeated the meaning. It seemed as if they were working for themselves. Also, they became forceful and demanding; therefore, risking lives and angering public. Overall, I think the organization died bad; the associates forgetting the purpose and failing to complete the task. Not to mention, nearly ripping out the brains of Thomas. . .

Katie Oh, touche subjet. Now, i do say that it would count on who you are talking ABOUT. The leader of wicked was not wicked, but i do say, that all the others were. Tss, Tiss, so sad, but true... :(

Oksana  *Bookaholic* I agree with Lettersalad, because if WICKED really did have good intentions, and really wanted to "save" mankind, why would they torture all these kids? And why wouldn't they try out the trials for themselves? I believe they could have done more to "help".

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Erika You guys are forgetting something... WICKED created the flare in the first place as a means of "population control", then the flare got out of control and it was eradicating human race, so they were now forcing these kids to go into those trials and suffer terrible things just to try to find a cure for a disease they themselves created...

Yeah, their intention of finding a cure was good, but they are bad.

Tina J This is a hard one for me!

How can I agree that WICKED is good, when I (immune or not) would NEVER want to be part of WICKED, The Maze, Scorch Trials and the variables!

I understand that WICKED's intentions were 'good'. But I wouldn't ever want to be in Thomas' position and it also felt like WICKED was killing off people for the sake of it.

I don't think I could ever agree to; kill a few, to save many! At the end of the day, no matter what way you spin, what they did was just wrong!

Oksana  *Bookaholic* Exatimo!!

Devora I don't know all through the first two books I was for sure they were evil, but in the end whether they looked for a cure or not people were going to extinction. But at the end if wasn't for WICKED(chancellor Page) sending off then there would really be no humans in the future.However what they did was still bad, especially killing Chuck.

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Herapeacok Is there a movie comming out, because while I was looking up the Maze Runner just for fun it said Maze Runner trailer and I watched it.It looked good.

Oksana  *Bookaholic* When is the movie coming out?

Tina J Look it up on IMDB, it's there! (set for next year)

But since it's 'in-development', there's not much information on it.

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Rose Erika wrote: "You guys are forgetting something... WICKED created the flare in the first place as a means of "population control", then the flare got out of control and it was eradicating human race, so they wer..."

Although I loved the book, I still don't understand why would they use a virus as a means of populations control when viruses SPREAD. Thus it cannot be CONTROLLED. LOL. Sorry about my rants, can't help but be annoyed with the plot holes.

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Nup. Loada crap.

After what they did to everyone, HOW?? They killed Alby. They Killed Newt. Chuck. Winston. Teresa. They traumatised a bunch of innocent kids for a reason that could never WORK! THEY'RE SHITHEADS!

Mojoboy31 Yes, of course W.I.C.K.E.D is good! It's run by Santa Claus, and Rat Man was really just the Easter Bunny in disguise, and all their evil experiments that led the world to doom, and the horrible torture of children was just a big misunderstanding.

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