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Choosing a Great Name for a Comedy Book

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Jon Finkel | 16 comments Mod
No, I'm not looking for anyone to pat me on the back that The Three Dollar Scholar is a great name. I, of course, like it, but what goes into picking the title of a book? What goes into picking the title of a book that's supposed to be funny? What's the thought process for eliminating titles? Whose opinions do you trust most? Least?

Jon Finkel | 16 comments Mod
Bossypants is phenomenal... As well as 'Are You Their Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea'.

Jon Finkel | 16 comments Mod
This doesn't have to be limited to books. What book/movie/TV show names do you think are funny?

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Melki | 8 comments "Pushing Daisies" was a funny name (and a good show!)

I can't stay awake for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Line-up, but some of the show titles crack me up - "NTSF:SD:SUV", "Mongo Wrestling Alliance", "12 oz. Mouse", and of course, "Assy McGee".

Movie-wise, I think "The Hebrew Hammer" is a great title.

Jon Finkel | 16 comments Mod
I have never heard of Fingerprints of Armless Mike, but it sounds great. How was it? When I was a kid I devoured baseball books and Nolan Ryan's book was titled "Throwing Heat".... That name always stayed with me as being very high on the 'cool' factor...

Me, Myself and Irene became one of my favorite movie names as soon as I heard it. I had an internship once where I read movie scripts and two titles that I always loved (though the scripts were bad) were Love Truck and the never able to forget: The Jackass from Mass

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