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message 1: by Angela (new)

Angela Quarles (angelaquarles) | 3 comments Hello! I've finished a third draft of my time travel romance, and I'd like to get feedback before the final polish and the grueling period of querying for agents. Looking for readers to give me feedback. Here's my blurb:

Isabelle Rochon is an American museum curator working for the British Museum. When she finds a mysterious silver card-case, she thinks it a perfect accessory for a reenactment ball. But what she thought would be an exciting lark, fulfilling her desire to "live a little history", becomes more than she bargained for when she realizes that the attendees are a little too realistic: she is truly in 1834 London, England. There she meets Lord Montagu, who's so hot he curls her toes. A thief steals her silver case, stranding a feisty, modern American in a stiffly polite London on the verge of the Victorian age. She finds it hard to resist her growing attraction for Lord Montagu, known even to his relatives as the Vicious Viscount.

Can their love overcome the biggest barrier of all - time? And what difference will a working model of the Analytical Engine make to the next two centuries?

message 2: by Linzy (new)

Linzy | 1 comments I would love to read it. I am currently editing my book and love to help new authors like myself.

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