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Jill Kismet Series by Lillith Saintcrow

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Tammy | 85 comments Mod
Another great series suggestion! I just read the final book in this series and was not disppointed. I have loved each book more than the other. The characters are awesome...Jill is just one badass chick but definitely has a softer side that she rarely shows. Perry, what can you say, he is the devil. Saul, strong, supportive and sexy. And many more wonderful characters. These books are dark but the story is well written and I couldn't put any of the books down once I started. If you are intersetd, here is the reading order:

Night Shift, Jill Kismet, Book One
Hunter's Pray, Jill Kismet, Book Two
Redemption Alley, Jill Kismet, Book Three
Flesh Circus, Jill Kismet, Book Four
Heaven's Spite, Jill Kismet, Book Five
Angel Town, Jill Kismet, Book Six (Final Book)

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