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Who else thought the movie was missing things?

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Sabzzy123 how about alot of some thing

Rachel The biggest mistake they made was having Annabeth's hair brown. She's BLONDE!!! And Percy and Annabeth are suppose to be 12. Clarisse and Ares weren't even in the movie!!! The special effects were cool, at least.

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Lulu Awawda I hate the movie but i love the book

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles lets just face it, the movie was a disaster! all the details was wrong: character features, setting, plot, etc. it was just awful, a waste of time and money. such a disappointment!

Rachel Lee I'm not sure if someone else mentioned this but I find it distracting that the minotaur didn't disinigrate! I mean what if they kill a monster and some mortal saw it! They can't possibly carry the body and throw it into a dumpster!

Rachel Lee Rachel wrote: "The only thing they got right was Logan Lerman :)"

Soooo true!! And I agree with Kira that Percy is too hot its distracting!!

little_red_ridding_hood Q is: What DIDN'T they miss? EVERYTHING was wrong and in the wrong order. Movie sucked and I'm not not going to see the second one if it ever does come out. >_<

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"Woe to all Depraved Souls.
Percy is given the pearls by one of Poseidon's Nereids. Persephone has three pearls hidden in America for her visitors to escape the Underworld.
Percy, Grover, and Annabeth encounter Procrustes in a water bed shop. They never encounter Procrustes or go into a water bed shop.
Annabeth has met Athena and her mother has helped guide her. Annabeth says that she has never met her mother until she went to Olympus with Percy. She did mention that her mother talked to her telepathically to guide her
Percy and Sally were on a summer trip to Montauk Beach using Gabe's car. Percy and Sally never go on their trip. They go straight to Camp Half-Blood with Grover after a Fury attacks Percy.
Percy attacks Mrs. Dodds using Riptide. Chiron threatens to hurt Mrs. Dodds. She flees, crashing through the museum window.
Mrs. Dodds asks Percy to speak with her privately because he attacked Nancy Bobofit. Mrs. Dodds asks Percy to speak with her privately after he correctly reads a stone statue that says "Perseus Defeating Cetus," in Greek, not becuase of the incident with Nancy Bobofit. Also, Nancy Bobofit does not even appear in the movie.
Percy promises to come back to Camp Half-Blood next summer at the end of the book. At the end of the movie, Percy is seen staying at camp, possibly year round.
Medusa's body dissolves leaving the head. Medusa's body doesn't dissolve as the heroes take the pearl and head.
Percy breaks off the Minotaur's horn and uses it to kill the Minotaur. The Minotaur breaks its own horn off after running into a tree. Percy pulls it out and stabs the Minotaur with it.
The Minotaur dissolves after Percy kills it. The Minotaur does not dissolve after Percy kills it.
Percy, Annabeth, and Grover use the ransom of a pink poodle named Gladiola to get money for a train ride across the country. They never encounter Gladiola and instead drive across the country but there is a poster of her hung up.
Percy, Annabeth, and Grover ride in the back of a zoo truck found/provided by Ares to Las Vegas, in the end releasing the mistreated animals. The zoo truck never appears or is mentioned; instead the three drive across country.
Hades' Helm of Darkness was also missing. Hades' Helm of Darkness was never stolen or mentioned.
Percy encounters a Hellhound in the forest at camp. Percy never encounters a hellhound in the forest. Instead, a demonic form of Hades appears from the camp fire and tries to persuade Percy to give him the Master Bolt.
Percy is called "Seaweed Brain" throughout the story on various occasions by Annabeth. The nickname "Seaweed Brain," is never used by Annabeth or anyone else.
Annabeth owns a Yankees cap of invisibility (a gift from her mother Athena) that she uses constantly and in Capture the Flag. Annabeth is never seen with such cap and instead ambushes Percy at the red flag's location (by hiding in bushes/trees and jumping down to meet him).
Clarisse attacks Percy during the game of capture the flag. Annabeth attacks Percy while he is trying to get the flag.
The shoes 'activate' when you say the word 'Maia'. According to Luke, the shoes activate when you have a running start like a plane on a runway.
Grover explains to Percy why Sally married Gabe. Chiron explains to Percy why Sally married Gabe.
Percy hears Kronos speak to him in his dreams and asks him to join him in his war against the gods. Percy does not have dreams and only hears his father's voice guiding him.
Percy believes that Hades stole the bolt. Hades is never accused of stealing the bolt. Percy's purpose in confronting Hades is to get his mother back from the Underworld.
Percy never gets wet unless he wants to. Percy gets wet when in water. But, in the Capture the Flag scene, after he heals himself, he is dry.
Percy can breathe underwater. Percy can hold his breath for an unnatural period of time underwater (roughly 7 minutes), but since Percy hasn't really tested his powers, it is still unknown if he is able to breath underwater in the movie.
Camp Half-Blood's borders include strawberry fields and Thalia's tree. Half-bloods have the power to let others enter the borders, like Annabeth did for Tyson in the Sea of Monsters. Camp Half-Blood's borders include a forest and a magic gate with a huge sign saying: "Camp Half-Blood." Grover would have known how to allow someone in and didn't allow Sally in.
Cabin Three is made up of seashells and is decorated with corals, and seemed to be filled with ocean's air that smells "salty and cool." Cabin Three is isolated from the others. It sits on the lake (or ocean, not exactly specified in the movie) and is an open-walled "cabin" with a cloth roof. It seems to be made out of wooden pillars. It is furnished to look like a sea captain's study.
Percy is directed by Annabeth to be the border patrol on the left flank next to the river in the woods. Percy teams up with Luke to attack and capture the flag. He is directed to keep going when they encounter resistance from the red team.
The lower half of Chiron's body is described as being a white stallion. The lower half of Chiron's body is shown as having brown fur.
Chiron is the only centaur at Camp Half-Blood. Other centaurs were seen (together in a herd) roaming along the beaches of the Camp with Chiron.
Annabeth, Percy, and Luke are all on the blue team during Capture the Flag. Clarisse is on the red team. Percy and Luke are on the blue team whereas Annabeth is on the red team. Clarisse does not make an appearance in the movie whatsoever.
Luke is shown using the sword "Backbiter" at the end of the book. Luke never wields Backbiter during the movie.
Annabeth has a necklace consisting of 5 clay beads that mark each of the years she has spent at Camp Half-Blood. She also has a college ring (her Dad's) attached. Camp necklaces are never seen or mentioned.
Percy and Poseidon have black hair and green eyes. Percy and Poseidon both have blue eyes, and Percy's hair is dark brown and Poseidon's is light brown/blonde.
Luke betrays Percy and teleports away from camp at the end of the novel. Luke is thrown by the force of a trident into New York Harbor, and is possibly killed (but this is unlikely because he is a central character to the plot throughout the series).
The Mist is a central part of the mythology's secretive world. It plays a major role throughout the books in either hiding or disguising what an object really is or what is really happening. It is essential in keeping the mortal world in order. In the movie, however, there is no mention or active presence of the Mist. When Grover holds up Medusa's head in the motel, a passing maid sees the severed head and is surprised and runs. Also, the monsters simply transform from a human form into their monster form (for example, the Hydra is represented by multiple security guards until they transform into the hydra).
The Master Bolt is a cylinder of celestial bronze. The Master Bolt is a crystal-like lightning shaft.
Only Poseidon and Zeus are shown on Olympus after Percy completed his quest.
All the Olympians are shown on Olympus.
In the Underworld, there are shown the different areas of afterlife, such as Elysium, Asphodel, Tartarus, and the Fields of Punishment.
None of these are shown, and instead the Underworld is a fire-drenched, burning version of Los Angeles (i.e The Hollywood sign now reads "Hell"). Charon even makes clear note that all lives end in suffering and tragedy.
Percy and Annabeth go on the Thrill Ride O' Love in Waterland to retrieve Ares's shield. Percy and Annabeth didn't do the Thrill Ride O' Love in Waterland, and Waterland wasn't even mentioned in the movie.

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Macho wrote: "Book Film
Annabeth and Percy are 12. Annabeth and Percy are 17.
Annabeth has curly blonde hair.
Annabeth has straight brown hair.
Annabeth's family life is mentioned. Annabeth's family life is not ..."

And LOTS more!!!!!!!

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Book Film
Annabeth and Percy are 12. Annabeth and Percy are 17.
Annabeth has curly blonde hair.
Annabeth has straight brown hair.
Annabeth's family life is mentioned. Annabeth's family life is not mentioned throughout the movie, although she did tell Percy that she grew up at Camp Half-Blood, similar to what she said in the book, and how she'd only been in the outside world a couple of times..
Luke has a scar down his cheek from a dragon attack. Luke had no scar at the beginning of the film, but received a cut on the cheek when Percy slashed him with his sword.
Clarisse is the camp bully at Camp Half-Blood. Clarisse doesn't appear in the film.
Percy fights Echidna and her Chimera atop the St. Louis Arch, the Minotaur on top of Half Blood hill, Procrustes at a water bed store, the three Furies multiple times, and encounters Cerberus at the gates to the Underworld. Percy fights the Minotaur at the entrance of Camp-Half Blood. He also fights the Hydra at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. The Hydra expels fire instead of acid. Percy also encounters a Fury ( Mrs. Dodds a.k.a. Alecto ). Yet Alecto's sisters, Megaera and Tisiphone, are never mentioned. Also, there was no Cerberus in the movie.
Tyson gives Percy his shield wristwatch in the second book, The Sea of Monsters. Percy already has a compact shield that is given to him by Luke. The shield has a secret compartment which held Zeus' Master Bolt.
The Hydra only appears in The Sea of Monsters. The Hydra appears in the movie.
Persephone is with her mother because it is not winter. Persephone is shown being held hostage by Hades.
Percy, Grover, and Annabeth take a taxi from the Lotus Hotel and Casino. Grover who is driving the car, bursts through the Lotus Hotel and Casino doors with a Maserati.
By taking the green credit/play cards, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth were allured to staying in the Lotus Hotel and Casino. By eating Lotus Flower-shaped hors d'oeuvres, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth were allured to staying in the Lotus Hotel and Casino.
Ares has a main role in the book. Ares only appears when the gods are arguing.
Cabins have specific features catered to their patron god and in a U shape. Cabins consist of various tents and are scattered throughout the woods.
Riptide is a celestial bronze sword and appears to mortals as a cap pen. Riptide appears as a click pen and is never named.
Percy and Annabeth are trying to be friends and work together. Percy and Annabeth seem quite attracted to each other. In the deleted features it shows a scene near the end where Annabeth gives him a kiss when they get to the camp.
Medusa is fought by looking at her through a glass ball. Medusa is seen through the reflection of an iPod Touch.
Percy doesn't own any type of electronic device, because they attract monsters. Percy has an iPod Touch.
Percy's Trident Sign is like a hologram and is shown after Percy defeats the Ares campers using extra stength gained by him being in the water. Percy isn't claimed in the film. He is introduced as the Son of Poseidon from the offset.
Luke mentions to have met his dad once. Luke mentions to have never seen his dad.
Grover walks with a limp, but runs "like the wind" when using mortal outfits. Grover walks with crutches and is barely shown running in the movie, except when he was running away from Medusa and the Minotaur.
Percy discovers Luke's betrayal at Camp Half-Blood and nearly dies from the betrayal. Percy learns of Luke's betrayal on top of the Empire State Building.
Annabeth is a good strategist and fights using a celestial bronze knife. Annabeth is a good warrior and strategist, and fights using swords, bows, crossbows, and uses her knife at the end.
Annabeth first meets Percy when she was nursing him back to health after the encounter with the Minotaur. Annabeth first sees Percy when Grover was showing him around the camp. Percy and Annabeth encounter each other a second time when they fight each other in Capture The Flag. They formally meet at the banquet after the Capture the Flag game. A deleted scene, however, depicts the two meeting at the infirmary, and the nectar from the scene is also seen being drunk.
Medusa is an old, Middle Eastern woman, with coffee-colored skin. Medusa appears to be a young, caucasian woman.
The campers wear orange t-shirts with "Camp Half-Blood" written on them. Campers are shown to wear armor during training and Capture the Flag and modern clothing at other times
The only gods that appear in the first book are Dionysus, Ares, Hades, Zeus, Poseidon and Hestia, though Percy thought she was just a young girl at the time while she was tending a fire. Hera, Demeter, Apollo, Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, Hephaestus, and Persephone also appear in the film. Dionysus isn't seen at camp at all.
Annabeth is on the team with Percy during Capture the Flag. Annabeth is on the other team against Percy during Capture the Flag.
Percy shows signs of being the son of Poseidon by causing the water in a water fountain to well up and "attack" Nancy Bobofit.
One of the signs that Percy is the Son of Poseidon is his ability to hold his breath for an unnatural period of time underwater.
Percy has barely any control over his powers. Percy can manipulate his powers like the way he can in The Battle of the Labyrinth.
The gods usually wear normal clothes. The Gods, except for Hades and Persephone, wear Greek armour and/or togas. But, if they're with mortals, they wear normal outfits -- like Poseidon and Zeus did in the beginning of the film.
The key to the elevator that leads to Olympus is a card. There is no key, but a set of buttons Sally Jackson pushes to open the elevator to Olympus.
Percy and Annabeth don't get near a swimming pool. At the motel pool, Percy heals a bruise on Annabeth's arm. Afterwards they discuss their relationship with their immortal parents.
Percy never wears the flying shoes that Luke gives him because of Zeus' warning of a Poseidon's son in his sky. Instead, he gives them to Grover for him to wear. Percy uses the flying shoes to obtain the pearl in a crown atop a statue of Athena at the Parthenon. He also uses them throughout the fight over the Master Bolt with Luke.
Medusa wears a black veil to cover her eyes. Medusa wears black sunglasses to cover her eyes.
Luke never fights Percy with the Master Bolt. Luke and Percy fight over the possession of the Master Bolt, using it on each other during the process.
Hades wears black, silky robes. Hades wears gothic rock star-like clothes. (Grover reffers to it as the Mick Jagger style).
Medusa's head is mailed to Olympus after Percy decapitates her. They keep the decapitated head, and Grover later uses Medusa's head to turn the Hydra into stone.
Percy goes to Olympus alone. Percy and Annabeth go to the Gods' throne room, while Sally is left in the elevator.
Athena speaks with an American accent. Athena speaks with an English accent.
Hades is cold, and unfriendly. Hades is made to appear somewhat humorous.
Hades dislikes the Olympians, but doesn't make an obvious attempt to overthrow them. Hades wants to use the bolt to become king of the gods.
Kronos is heard speaking throughout the story as a prisoner in Tartarus (at the Underworld) and is mentioned as Luke's boss. Kronos is never heard of but mearly mentioned by Chiron at the beginning of the film. The plan to overthrow the Olympians is apparently Luke's in an attempt to make a new race of gods.

Percy fights Ares on the beaches of Los Angeles.
Percy fights Luke in New York. Ares doesn't have a major role in the movie.
Hellhounds are large demonic dogs. Hellhounds are medium sized rodent-dog hybrid creatures that only understand Greek.
Sally is left behind in the Underworld and then released by Hades. Grover is left behind in the Underworld with Persephone and an unconscious Hades, but is later released by Zeus.
Mr. D is in charge of Camp Half-Blood. Mr. D was not shown in the movie.
Sally turns Gabe into stone using Medusa's head. Sally kicks Gabe out of the apartment. When Gabe comes back to reclaim his belongings, he breaks open the refrigerator to get beer, but instead finds Medusa's head, which turns him into stone.
The gods are about 15 feet tall while in Olympus. The gods are giants over 60 feet tall while on Mount Olympus; however, it is shown that they can shrink to a normal size.
Each of the gods has their own customized throne. The gods' thrones are all the same.
The Oracle gives out prophecies and quests. The Oracle is never incorporated into the movie. Also, Percy is never given the quest but disobeys Chiron's orders to stay in the camp.
Argus is the many-eyed security guard. Argus never appears in the film.
Luke injures Percy and leaves for Kronos' army. Percy beats Luke and hurls him into the sea.
Thalia's Tree and her story is told. Thalia is mentioned by Grover in a deleted scene. The tree is still not referred to, but her history remains the same, hinting to a role in possible sequels as in the books. There also appears to be a pine tree just outside the gate to camp.
The Big House is an important place. The Big House is never shown or mentioned.
Grover is shy and very clumsy. Grover is outgoing, funny, and shows an extreme interest in women.
Yancy Academy is a private school. Yancy Academy is a public school.
Mrs. Dodds is a pre-algebra teacher. Mrs. Dodds is a substitute teacher in English.
Percy is at Camp Half-Blood for two weeks before his quest. The same day Percy arrives at camp he sneaks out for his quest.
The pact of the Big Three is a main focus. The Big Three pact is not mentioned, but Chiron says Big Three children are rare.
There is no law regarding whether or not gods can see their children. Zeus placed a law on all the the gods saying they can not have contact with their children.
Luke is given his flying shoes for his quest from his father. Luke steals the shoes from his father's house.
There is to be no technology whatsoever at Camp Half-Blood. The same rule applies, but Luke's tent is decked out with HD TV's, a couple of game systems, and an Apple computer, all of which (that can be assumed) he snuck into Camp.
Poseidon left before Percy was born. Poseidon left when Percy was seven months old because Poseidon was becoming too "human".
The Minotaur has Fruit of the Loom underwear. The Minotaur has no clothing.
Sally has light brown hair. Sally has dark red hair with brown highlights.
Sally kept her maiden name, Jackson. Sally is referred to as "Sally Ugliano."
No one knows who Percy's father is until Capture the Flag. Everyone is well aware of who Percy's father is except him (until he arrives at Camp Half-Blood).
Persephone is portrayed as kind and innocent. Persephone is quite defiant and quite suggestive towards Grover.
Percy, Annabeth, and Grover use the Iris Messaging rainbow to contact Camp. Annabeth iChats (through the use of an Apple computer) Luke with a question regarding the flying converse shoes.
There is quite a bit of detail regarding Annabeth and Luke's past. There is no mention of their past whatsoever, so Luke's betrayal seems irrelevant, except for the fact that he was angry at the gods.
Percy, Grover, and Annabeth check into the Lotus Hotel and Casino. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth never check in at the hotel.
Camp Half-Blood is fairly spread out. Camp Half-Blood is crammed and in the middle of a forest.
Percy, Grover, and Annabeth meet Ares and go to Denver. They never encounter Ares and do not go to Denver. Instead, they go to a replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tenessee in search of one of the three pearls.
Sally made blue food as a sign of defiance. There is no blue food.
The Three Fates appear before Percy and cut a blue string. The Three Fates are never seen or mentioned.
Cabin Three was most likely built by campers. Percy's father, Poseidon, built the cabin for him.
The Underworld's entrance is in a production studio. The Underworld's entrance is at the Hollywood sign and opens when one reads the phrase:

Rachel The only thing they got right was Logan Lerman :)

Nanohackertres the movie was horible i mean they didint even have ares i what the heck

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Kira Mimi wrote: "These r some of the things that the movie didn't have:

• forgot Dionysus in camp half blood
• Percy should b 12 years old
• forgot the fight between ares and Percy
• there weren't any pearls ment..."

-yup i agree with you..

Gisselle No Clarisse.. she is an important character. MR.D!! THEY FORGOT HIM! He is annoying but important character. >:[

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Pat At least they should make it closer to what was written in the book, like Harry Potter and Hunger Games(as seen in the trailer).
I was very disappointed especially in Annabeth's character. -____-" I wish they'll remake it.

April TONS and TONS more

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Mimi These r some of the things that the movie didn't have:

• forgot Dionysus in camp half blood
• Percy should b 12 years old
• forgot the fight between ares and Percy
• there weren't any pearls mentioned in the book
• the water mattress shop was missing
• the way to enter the underworld changed
• medusa didn't serve them fast foods
• they already knew that Percy was the son of Poseidon
• they didn't put how Percy broke clarisse's spear or the bulling in the bathroom
• clarisse wasn't in the movie

These r some of the things that the movie didn't have. But there is tons more.

Maria B. Mescudi i didnt even say anything

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Kira yes! that is soooooo true!

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Hugo i think so also, which is why i dont like book movies, but twilight, EVERYBODY wants to watch TWILIGHT, :P just because of some hot guys, its so shallow, but i hope someone messages Eoin Colfer before they make his Artemis Fowl movies, a story plot thats as good as those deserve perfection!

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Kira @Maria B. Mescudi/ Graham
whoa,whoa, whoa slow down there guys take it down a notch no need for anger!...

Anna-Cosette After watching it, I was very angry. I watched it again and made a large list of everything that was wrong. It was about four pages in size 11 font. Plus, I forgot to put down some things because I was basically writing the list during the entire movie.

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just look at Annabeths hair colour!!!!!WTF!!

April lol

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Kira in the movie Percy was way too hot!
it was distracting

April why should i back off

April Well technically, be quiet with the muta truka thing and nope. I read every comment before i started mine

April Anyway.... I wasn't even talking to you in the first place. I said I did because i thought the movie was missing things. SO GET YA FACTS STRAIGHT!!!

April Oh I am hilarious!!!!!!!

April I did

Maria B. Mescudi he-hem! do u guys just skip over waht i said. first u guys say that harry potter was executed well, but when i try to tell u details that might cahnge ur mind, you dont care.

and i have one other thing that in harry potter is TOTALLY DIFFERent: hagrid is suppose to be a giant. not liek a human that is tall, but a monster looking thing/ ogar type. so HA!

Tsing Lin The movie was really lame and I thought that the book is more interesting than the movie.(Duh) And when I heard there is a movie coming out I was kinda looking for the fight with Ares and the part when Clarisse drinks toilet water... :(

Paula They also had technology at Camp Half Blood; which is bad because the monsters can track with that.
The prophecy was never heard of.
The cabins are in a U shape.
No Ares! (who plays a huge part in the book)
No abandoned amusement park where Percy and Annabeth run into a trap.
Oh and they showed Hades true form TWICE! Anyone who sees the Gods true form dies.
..... there are just too many things


kristeen the ovie was messed up and espetialy annabeth and grover i imagined them way diffrent and i actuly stoped watching the movie half way through

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Maria B. Mescudi Leah wrote: "I was so mad at the movie!! If they would have changed the Harry Potter movies that much, people would have freaked out!! This book could have worked in film just as well if they would have followe..."

haha. 'tis ironic as well as funny that you shall bring up that tonpic, Leah. In the harry Potter series, they do leave out some important parts and change it up/ add parts. for example, they skipped the whole scene where harry is in argus filtch's 'office' and harry finds this thing that says "can't do magic as well as other? well try-" and so filtch hates harry because harry found out that he was a quid. that is why filtch hates him so much. anyway, that is why filtch thinks that harry killed mrs norris. in the same event, the words that were written on the wall when mrs noris was petrified weren't written in blood. i could keep going, but i must give you an example of a time that they added.

in the second game (in the movie) and/or the first game that malfoy plays, harry catches the golden snitch right away, there is no chase for it between harry and draco.

i am forgetting right now but there was one part in the movie that they switched.

now you can see that (even though im only giving weak examples) the harry potter movies did leave some improtant parts out. you guys must have either: not been paying attention to the books or not paying attention to the movies.

Sasha Chaudron This movie was crazy, it was almost like they made up a movie and through this book in along for the ride!

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Leah Spiegel I was so mad at the movie!! If they would have changed the Harry Potter movies that much, people would have freaked out!! This book could have worked in film just as well if they would have followed the story line!!

Shubham Tripathi The movie was quite different from the novel, though sometimes it is an attempt to simplify things for the viewer, but they should not leave the hard-core important parts out.
The movie could have been better..

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Seth Gaglione I also hated how the quest concept was to find the pearls....

Biondy Zsiddiqui wrote: "Do you think I should watch the movie??? Reply..."

well... personally my answer will be no... just avoid the movie if you have read the book...

Maria B. Mescudi well i dont know who ur considering "everybody" c uz theres a different book discussion and litteraly EVERYONE hated the movie

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Zsiddiqui PS. I wonder if the directors read the book...

Marilyn i'm not sure how you could miss it if you read the book at all. the movie is one of the worst things that's ever happened. you change that much crap, the story falls apart. they needed to smooth it over with a completely different story line or something lol.

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Zsiddiqui I read the series, everyone says that the movie is amazing! Basically, I'm 50/50... I'll ask a few people then get back to you!

Stray I agree, it sucked, except for the pen scene, that was hilarious :)

Zsiddiqui wrote: "Do you think I should watch the movie??? Reply..."

if you've already read the lightning thief, no, you shouldn't because it really has nothing to do with the book, but if you haven't... well, there's not much to lose then

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Zsiddiqui Do you think I should watch the movie??? Reply...

Valerie It was missing the humor, action and all. It was definitely a terrible movie.

Biondy I think everybody who had read the book would realize. The movie was not as great and as hilarious as the book :)

Stray Loony Lovegood wrote: "I believe everybody did."

yup, they sure did

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