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message 2: by David (last edited Nov 06, 2011 04:04PM) (new)

David | 552 comments Mod

Here is another one:
Science Tattoo Emporium

Kenny Chaffin (kennychaffin) | 559 comments :D Not that I'd ever get a tattoo, but if I did, I think it would have to be Maxwell's EM Equation.

or maybe just E = MC^2

Jonathan Blake (stvltvs) | 9 comments Or the Boltzman's entropy equation which is carved on his gravestone: S = k ln W. Especially ironic as my skin begins to sag. :)

Charise | 44 comments Betsy wrote: "Octopi Wall Street"

Definitely brought a smile to my face. Thanks!

Charise | 44 comments David wrote: "LoL!

Here is another one:
Science Tattoo Emporium"

I like the atom tattoo.

Priscilla Newcomb (PENewcomb) Betsy wrote: "Octopi Wall Street"

the best - thanks for the big chuckle

message 8: by Betsy, co-mod (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) Those both lead to events in which I want to participate - thanks for sharing!

David | 552 comments Mod
Betsy wrote: "Science vacations:"

As the caption says, this type of lenticular cloud is very frequently seen in Colorado, especially in the winter.

Another interesting cloud feature that we saw occasionally in Colorado is the cloud corona. It is caused by diffraction by water droplets or ice crystals. This phenomenon is so vivid, that the first time I saw it, I thought it was due to some rocket experiment.

Jenny Hemming | 21 comments Hi All; here in the UK Pennines we don't get to see lenticular clouds very often (in fact, I've still never seen them), but we had an instance just before Christmas, and they were very spectacular indeed. This is one of the best pics I saw of them:


Cheryl (cherylllr) That is an excellent photo. I love how the light is shining on the buildings, too.

David | 552 comments Mod
Jenny wrote: "Hi All; here in the UK Pennines we don't get to see lenticular clouds very often (in fact, I've still never seen them), but we had an instance just before Christmas, and they were very spectacular ..."

Beautiful photo! Are there hills or mountains nearby, in that general direction?

Jenny Hemming | 21 comments Hi David, yes exactly. Prevailing wind is from west
& this was taken just to the East of the Pennines,
a n-s ridge of hills, the backbone of England.

Conditions not usually right for these clouds, so
a special treat.

message 16: by Betsy, co-mod (last edited Sep 09, 2012 12:44AM) (new)

Betsy | 621 comments Mod
Looking for something fun to do in December when the world doesn't end? How about Cruisegeddon:

Leonardo Noto (LeonardoNoto) | 109 comments There's a study and an editorial article about infections from contaminated tattoo ink. I just saw them listed on the cover when I pulled it out of the mailbox. I'll read them tonight and update everyone tomorrow!

Leonardo Noto (LeonardoNoto) | 109 comments Okay, essentially there was a recent outbreak of nontuberculosis mycobacteria in contaminated tattoo ink. The specific case series was in Rochester, NY, but there have been reports of several different outbreaks, involving several different strains of mycobacteria, throughout the U.S. It would appear that the manufacturing process of tattoo ink is the problem b/c the tattoo parlors where these infections were traced to were not in violation of industry standards. I usually don't give specific medical advice on the internet (for legal reasons), but if you have recently gotten a tattoo and it appears infected you need to go see your physician immediately. So far, most of the cases have responded to either macrolide antibiotics or doxycycline (both common types of antibiotics).

Dr. Leonardo Noto (nonfiction book reviews and author updates) or follow me on Twitter @DrLeonardoNoto (medical tweets).

message 19: by Betsy, co-mod (new)

Charise | 44 comments Unfortunately I read this post too late for this year. I will need to remember this for next year and celebrate with my science students

message 21: by Betsy, co-mod (new)

Betsy | 621 comments Mod
Gifts for science geeks:

message 22: by Betsy, co-mod (new)

Meenakshi (meenakshi_r) | 28 comments Betsy wrote: "Fun little project:"

That one is fantastic! thanks for the link, Betsy.

message 24: by Betsy, co-mod (last edited Jul 18, 2013 02:36AM) (new)

Betsy | 621 comments Mod
That one is good, but if I had to choose I think I'd like the pi bracelet.

message 25: by Betsy, co-mod (new)

Betsy | 621 comments Mod
A great interactive online chemistry tool, and game:

Metin Bektas | 4 comments "Home is where your displacement is zero."

"Two Neutrinos go through a bar."

Q: Why can't you trust an atom?
A: They make up everything

"Did you hear about the man who got cooled to absolute zero? He's OK now."

A photon checks into a hotel. The bellhop asks: "Can I help with you luggage?" The photon replies: "I don't have any, I'm traveling light."

Q: What did one physicist say when he wanted to fight another physicist?
A: Let me atom.

David | 552 comments Mod
Then he ordered a beer. He got the bartender's attention. A tachyon went into a bar.

message 29: by Betsy, co-mod (new)

Betsy | 621 comments Mod
Jewelry is a Secret Drug Science Joke:

Kenny Chaffin (kennychaffin) | 559 comments Betsy wrote: "Jewelry is a Secret Drug Science Joke:"

Ha! Love it!

message 31: by Betsy, co-mod (new)

Betsy | 621 comments Mod
How good is your general knowledge of psychology? Take one of Steven Pinker's exams:

Mel | 76 comments Ha, awesome, it never occurred to me to get a science tattoo, cause i'm usually in trippy art mode about those, that's why. Unless deliberate moon phase placement counts? LOL not if it was me being all pagan like, right? (got a waxing crescent on one wrist already, and planning to put a waning crescent on the other wrist, but shite keeps coming up if ya know what I mean) Thought about being a smartass and getting the word No tattooed under each of them, but stopped short there. Planning to put moon related song lyrics under the waning one, the space under the waxing one is (mostly) taken. by a crazy bird spirit thing :P

I am totally gonna go to town on this.....dunno what equations I would want yet, but I def am interested :)

Nancy Mills (nancyfaym) | 94 comments 3 logicians walk into a bar. the bartender asks "do all of you want a drink?"
the first logician says "I don't know."
the second logician says " I don't know."
the third logician says "yes."

Kenny Chaffin (kennychaffin) | 559 comments That's terrible!

Nancy Mills (nancyfaym) | 94 comments no its not! it's funny!

Nancy Mills (nancyfaym) | 94 comments here's another one. Einstein, Pascal and Newton are playing hide and seek and Einstein is It. Pascal goes off and hides and Newton draws a one meter by one meter box in chalk on the sidewalk and stands in it. when Einstein is done counting to 100 he opens his eyes and sees Newton. he goes, "Newton! I found you!"
and Newton goes, "no you didn't. you found Pascal!"

Mel | 76 comments Word jazz about Fibonacci numbers from the brilliant Ken Nordine :)

Mel | 76 comments Vi Hart is a goddess. She is a mathematician who got an artistic side from her sculptor father. I would not be able to handle that level of brilliance without popping. this is just part 1 of of a 3 parter.

Mel | 76 comments She also does some awesome spacial and music theory math videos. Vi Hart. SHE'S AWESOME :)

Mel | 76 comments VI HART!

this one made me go "no no no, just NO" lol it can't be.

Let's take this and make a portal. NOW. cause that's what it's amounting to.....

message 42: by Betsy, co-mod (new)

Betsy | 621 comments Mod
Physics themed halloween costumes:

David | 552 comments Mod
Betsy wrote: "Physics themed halloween costumes:"

Reminds me of Sheldon's costume, in "Big Bang Theory". :-)

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