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Here is the Character Sheet:

Appearance: At least five sentences.
Personality: At least five sentences
History: At least five sentences

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Hope Name: Mist

Age: Two years

Gender: She-wolf (female)

Pack: Scarlet Pack

Rank: Hunter

Appearance: Mist is an appropriate name for this she-wolf. Covered in silky silver-gray fur, her coat is not hard to pick out in the forests of Scarlet Pack’s territory, though it provides good camouflage at the best of times. Mist’s eyes are colored a pale gooseberry green, a color that is not only rare for a wolf to have, but beautiful as well. She is adorned in almost all places with scars, trophies of past victories against the males of other packs. The only ones visible, however, are those on her muzzle, as the rest are covered by her fur.

Personality: Years in Scarlet Pack have hardened Mist’s heart—she is not the most gentle of wolves. Her sharp tongue and stubborn attitude do not make her a favorite among the pack members, as she is known to defy direct orders given from the Alpha female herself. Her ways also make Mist unpopular with males, the loners who wander by to mate with the strong females of her noble pack. As a result, she has only had three litters in all her years. Occasionally, when the right wolf comes along, Mist’s hidden gentle side will make an appearance and stay in control for days, even weeks at a time. Pups, too, are one of her hidden loves. Even though she pretends most of the time to be snappy and stern with them, if one pays close attention they will be able to see the fond gleam in her eyes, maybe even watch as she partakes in the little ones’ games. All these traits aside, Mist is an honorable she-wolf who will defend her pack tooth and claw.

History: Mist’s history, though not exactly long, has been filled with exciting events and noble battles. She was born a pup of Scarlet Pack and had four other siblings, being the only female in the bunch. She was raised by a strong, hard mother by the name of River, who always expected her pups to perform their best. In fact, her challenging puppyhood is part of what makes Mist the wolf she is today. When she was about six months old, still learning from her mother, River was stolen away from her, kidnapped by a cruel male of Cragg Pack, leaving Mist and her four brothers to learn from the other females or otherwise fend for themselves.

The rest of Mist’s childhood passed uneventfully, with her learning to hunt and fight and rear pups. She always talked to her brothers about her problems and kept them company in between her training sessions. It was just as her brothers were leaving the pack to find one for themselves or become loners that Mist had her first battle. It was a lovely spring evening when the rogues of Brick Pack struck, brutally slaughtering her brothers and stealing pups and other females. Mist fought hard to protect her kinsman, even going as far to kill an offender who got too close to a newborn.

She had been one year old then, and just a few months later she became heavy with pups of her own. She soon gave birth to healthy female twins and loved them with all her heart. But that year, the worst occurred: Her pups were overwhelmed and killed by the determined males of Frent Pack. Worse still, Mist herself was attacked and rather heavily scarred from that particular battle. The fight lasted long, from sunrise to sunset, and the events left her heard and determined—she would never let such a tragedy into her life again.

As it was, she bore two more litters in her years, the second suffering a cursed fate: One of ceaseless mating with the evil males of Brick Pack, the third growing to be healthy and strong, defenders of the Mist’s home. Over the years her pelt became marked and scarred by constant battles with other packs, and her mind became filled with a passionate hate for the battles she fought. At present, she is a relatively unreachable she–wolf with a guarded mind and walls around her heart, ever-building, ever-sharpened by her time with her beloved pack.

Crush: None. At least, Mist hasn’t remained with one male long enough to actually find true feelings for him.

Mate: She has had three in the past: Loners Shale, Hawk, and Trench. She never exactly developed a true fondness for any three of them, though Shale is a wolf she misses and longs to see again.

Kin: Pups Iris, Beauty, Ivy, and Sky.

Other: N/A

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Wonderful! I'm glad to see you've easily picked up the storyline and information!

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Hope :)

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Woah....
I could never live up to that... o.O

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Hope Aww, you flatter me. ^-^

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Hahaha!
I love your character, she's amazing :)

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Hope Thank you very much, Aria.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) You're very welcome, Hope. ^-^

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Hope *whisper* Make a character! I want to roleplay, like, sooo bad!

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Hahaha, Okay.
I'll make one :)

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Hope Note: I have changed Mist's rank to be that of a hunter.

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Name: Flynn

Age: A little over a year old.

Gender: Female

Rank: Messenger

Pack: Scarlet's Pack

Appearance: Flynn is a pitch black she-wolf, and tends to blend in during the winter season.
She is lean and slender, which is one of the many reasons she was chosen to be a messenger. Flynn has a long torso, with lanky legs, making her the fastest wolf in the pack. She has a short snout, which immediately cancelled out the hunting career.
Flynn is a fairly pretty she-wolf, with icy blue eyes. Flynn's body is mostly scar-free, as she avoids most battles.
The only misshapen thing you can see on her body, is a long gash, that runs down her side. The skin is raw and pink, with no fur to hide it. She's very self-concious of it, and she tries to hide the ugly thing.
Flynn has medium sized ears, but you never really see them, as she is timid, and flattens them down often.

Personality: Flynn is a shy wolf, and never speaks much. She loves her job, as she gets to spend weeks at a tim traveling in solitude.
She's very timid, and hates confrontation, always trying to avoid the other pack members. Enduring a life of bullying, and almost becoming Omega, Flynn has learned to keep her head low.
Though almost useless, this she-wolf is the loyalist you'll find, and would die to protect her pack. She has never failed on delivering a message, and actually is pretty fierce when she gets with a stubborn alpha-male from the Uplands.
Though under-appreciated, Flynn lives her life fine. She's almost carefree, but is often concerned about when she will have her own pups. She doesn't wish to leave her job, but she knows she has to pass her genes down.
Flynn, being shy and timid as she is, hates males. Not as if she wants to rip them to shreds, she's just uncomfortable around them. She's afraid that they will kidnap her, as every year she has to endure the awful spring season, when Brick's Pack raids the camp and kidnaps she-wolves and pups.

History: Flynn was born during a scorching summer, which is notorious for being the wolves least favorite season. The elk herd may have been at large, but they where stronger and healthier, making them harder to catch.
Her father had been gone for the past week, tracking down an elk herd with four others. During her mother's birthing, something went wrong. Flynn's mother died in childbirth, Flynn being the only non-stillborn pup.
Flynn nursed off another queen until her father returned. Being a male wolf, he had no maternal instinct, and decided to raise his daughter to be as tough as a male. He named her Flynn, his own father's name. He believed giving her a male name would give her more strength.
Marco (That was his name) trained his daughter harshly each day, forcing her to battle the other pups, who were twice her age and size. Flynn wasn't bothered much by this, but she never really talked, which angered Marco.
Hardly a grown wolf, Flynn began to hunt for the pack. Alas, when she was gone, a bear had attacked camp. This was during the winter, which had shocked Flynn, seeing as bears hibernate.
No others made it out alive, except for another male wolf, who had been out hunting with her. He was a year old, one of the other she-wolves sons who had nursed alongside Flynn. He told her to come with him, and bear him pups, and start a pack. She declined, running away to the only other pack she knew. Scarlet's Pack.

Shocked by the way her father treated her, and how bold and rude the male had been, she knew that an all she-wolf pack would treat her well. She was let in easily, as their messenger was getting ill.
Flynn was immediately delved into training, running miles every day, and being ridiculed on how to deliver a message properly. It wasn't long before her mentor died of old age, rather than the sickness.

Every since, Flynn has been eagerly delivering messages across the land. She loves her job, but sometimes wondered if she should have became the male wolf's mate instead.

Crush: She hasn't found, nor really seen any male wolf that she likes.

Mate: She's never had any mates, and doesn't know any males.

Kin: Kali (Mother; Deceased), Marco (Father, Deceased)


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Hope Want to RP with me, Silver?

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Name: Mae
Age: Two Years
Gender: She-wolf
Pack: Scarlet's Pack
Rank: Sentinel
Appearance: Mae has a thick, ginger coat tinged with white. Her eyes are big and they are a golden colour. She has a black nose and the tips of her ears are black. Mae is fairly well fed, although she appears a little thin. She has long legs and she always has a soft expression.
Personality: Mae is extremely sweet, although a little stubborn. She knows her place and she never attempts to step outside of her comfort zone. She can be kind of bossy at times, but she means well. Mae is intelligent and she often gives other wolves advice. Mae loves pups and she wishes someday for her own.
History: Mae was born a loner and she was one of three pups. Soon after they were born, Mae's brother and sister were killed. Mae was the only one who survived. Her father left a little while later on a hunt and he never returned. Mae's mother had to raise her on her own. Mae lived with her mother for another year, then she too died. Mae was left on her own in the world with nowhere to go and nothing to do. She was soon found by a Scarlet Pack wolf as a bedraggled pup close to death. The wolf took her in and back to the pack. Mae has lived there ever since.
Crush: Open
Mate: Open
Kin: Deceased

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Thanks!

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You're welcome!

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Can I have the alpha of Brick's pack? I thought I posted my sheet, but apparently I didn't, and I don't have time to re-do it right now.

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Sure, I'll reserve it.

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Teadrinkingcat (Alex!!!) (Silverstreamisawesome) | 592 comments Mod
Wait, which alpha? Male of female?

message 22: by Ella, Author/Script Writer-Want to help write the novel? Please PM me! (new)

Ella (ellarosewood) | 262 comments Mod
Male, thanks!

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Name: Luca
Age: Five Months
Gender: Male
Pack: Brick's Pack
Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Luca has a black, shaggy coat. His eyes are ice blue and they always seem cold. He has a black nose and his ears are tipped with white. Luca's paws are socked white and he has a white patch under his chin. He has a scar running over his left eye.
Personality: Even though Luca is still young, his heart is as cold as ice. His attitude is bad and he doesn't like being challenged. He won't take no for an answer and he ends up in fights a lot. Luca takes orders from no one and he hates company. Luca is independent and he doesn't let anyone boss him around or attempt to take care of him, even though hardly anyone in Brick's pack can be bothered with an apprentice.
History: Luca was born outside of Brick's pack as a loner. He was one of two pups and his mother and father raised him. When Luca was still just a few weeks old, his parents were killed by hunters. Him and his sister were left alone to fend for themselves. Luca and Olive set off in search of a pack. Soon after they started their journey, Olive disappeared. That's when Luca's heart truly turned cold. He had lost everyone that meant anything to him and he had no idea what to do. To make matters worse, Luca was soon attacked by rogue wolves, that's how he earned his scar. Luca escaped and found Brick's Pack. He joined, fully turned. He was evil.
Crush: None
Mate: None
Kin: Olive (sister, whereabouts unknown), Della (mother, deceased), Lance (father, deceased).

I have a really good idea for Luca if anyone wants to hear?

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Sure! You can tell me here, or PM me.

message 25: by คгเค (new)

คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Okay, well what I was thinking is that Luca should stray away from the pack and meet a she-wolf his age from Scarlet pack. They shouldn't know that they aren't meant to speak to wolves from other packs and they should keep playing with eachother. The girl wolf should change him, make him good again....

Is it a good idea??

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Aria *What Makes You Beautiful* wrote: "Name: Luca
Age: Five Months
Gender: Male
Pack: Brick's Pack
Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Luca has a black, shaggy coat. His eyes are ice blue and they always seem cold. He has a black nose and hi..."

Accepted. Who's his mentor?

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) I'm not sure....
Who do you suggest??

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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Name: Damien
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Pack: Loner
Rank: Loner
Appearance: Damien has shaggy black hair. His hair is also very soft. He has a black nose and very sharp teeth. He has brown eyes that are hardly visible behind his long hair. He is average size and weight.
Personality: He is very emotional and clingy. He is a caring wolf. HE HAS A DARK SIDE. If he is betrayed he shall seek revenge. When he wants something he gets it!
History: He fell in love with the alpha female of his old pack who didn't have a mate. She picked a different wolf to be her mate. Damien got depressed and ran away. He spent weeks plotting revenge. He got his revenge but was so ashamed he fled the area and traveled for years until he reached the lowland. He is trying to get to the uplands but he has fallen in love.
Crush: It's a secret
Mate: none
Kin: All deceased none very note worthy
Other: HE'S BAACK!! But this time he's in black!

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Name: Blackstorm
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Pack: Brick
Rank: Alpha
Appearance: Blackstorm is a tough black wolf. Under the moon he turns a light shade of blue. He is big and strong. He can outrun all the other wolves. Most wolves turn back when they see him coming
Personality: Blackstorm isn't as cruel as his father, but he is still mean and fierce. He follows his fathers traditions of killing the pups of Scarlet and her pack. (Which has now stopped)
History: Blackstorm is the only living child of Brick. He was the most favored by his father. His mother was a loner that had stopped in for food. She stayed until she died soon after Blackstorm was born. Blackstorm grew up close to his father, and was devastated when he was killed. He has turned sour and mean because of it.
Crush: Rocky
Mate: Rocky
Kin: Brick(great great grandfather/deceased), Char (Great Grandfather/deceased), Coal (grandfather/deceased), Scar (father)

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*Two more sentences added to appearance.
*One more sentence added to history
*Note: Brick has been dead for ages. You can't make Blackstorm his son, but feel free to make him his great-great-great grandson or something.

Once you fix these changes, he's accepted. :D

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Ella (ellarosewood) | 262 comments Mod
Oh, I thought this was recent, but ok...

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No, it wasn't recent. He was the one who discovered and founded the pack, but there have been the packs for ages.

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Marisa *Star of the Night* wrote: "Name: Damien
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Pack: Loner
Rank: Loner
Appearance: Damien has shaggy black hair. His hair is also very soft. He has a black nose and very sharp teeth. He has brown eyes that are..."

Umm what about him?

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Teadrinkingcat (Alex!!!) (Silverstreamisawesome) | 592 comments Mod
Marisa *the brains behind it all* wrote: "Name: Damien
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Pack: Loner
Rank: Loner
Appearance: Damien has shaggy black hair. His hair is also very soft. He has a black nose and very sharp teeth. He has brown eyes that are..."

Yes, he too is accepted.

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) YES! Where do loners RP

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) | 305 comments Mod
Name: Caeryn (pronounced CAY-ren)

Age: 3 years old

Gender: F

Pack: Scarlet's pack

Rank: Hunter

Appearance: Caeryn has dark red fur with white hairs scattered throughout. She has a white tip at the end of her tail. Her left eye has a white ring around it. She has a scar on her shoulder-blade that she got from hunting. She looks like this.

Personality: Caeryn most of the time is happy. She loves the snow, but hates the rain. She loves to run and is very fast. She can be stubborn sometimes. She is loyal to her pack and doesn't trust anyone from outside the pack.

History: Her mother's name was Allin and her father was a loner named Cayman. They fell in love and had pups. Shortly before she was born, Caeryn's father moved on to other territories. Caeryn was the only pup in the litter. Allin raised her until she died when Caeyrn was two months old. To remember her mother, Caeryn trained to be a hunter like Allin. She trained hard and never gave up. She got the scar on her left shoulder from a hunting accident when she was a year and a half. She was hunting a stag, which turned on her and stabbed her in the shoulder with its antler. She killed it, but it left a scar.

Crush: open

Mate: none

Kin: none

Other: none

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Teadrinkingcat (Alex!!!) (Silverstreamisawesome) | 592 comments Mod
Love her name! Totally accepted.

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 390 comments Name: Rainfall

Age: 28 moons

Gender: Female

Pack: Scarlet's pack

Rank: Alpha, though she can preform the Healers duties if necessary.

Appearance: She is thin, so thin that in the winter her ribs are visible, and long legged. But do not take this as sign of weakness- no matter the season, her legs are well muscled, her jaws strong enough to rip flesh clean from the bone. Her coat is fairly long, and usually very clean, to the point that it shimmers in the sunlight. Her fur is white over her muzzle, belly, and legs. It is orange over her back and the top of her tail and head. Her eyes are coal black, so you can never tell what she is thinking, but with one look she can seem to stare into the depths of your very soul.

Personality: Quiet. She prefers to let the pack figure out their problems for themselves if they can. But she is strong-willed. She is not afraid to use strength to over power any who defy her. Her manner is sharp, and she does not tolerate failure. But she is gentle with pups, and does all she can to protect them when Brick's pack comes to attack.

History: She was born into the pack by Blossom, the previous Alpha, and the last wolf in the pack with Scarlet's blood running through her veins. She was the only pup Blossom had, because Blossom did not want any of her pups to be taken or killed by Brick and his pack. Blossom only allowed herself to have Rainfall because Bricks pack was still weak from a harsh summer and even harsher winter. Every pup and she-wolf survived the attack this year, and Blossom knew that Rainfall was going to grow and thrive.
Rainfall started off as a hunter at one year old, and her skills made her one of the best. But Blossom could tell Rainfall was not happy. She put her daughter on Sentinel duty. Still, though Rainfall defended the packs borders with vicious loyalty, anywolf could see she was unhappy. Last of all, Rainfall tried to learn the arts of Healing. at this, she was most skilled of all. She memorized the names, scents, and the best places to find every herb the pack used. But she became secluded, only coming out when needed. She sank into the blackness of her den when she wasn't fixing up a wolf, and did not talk. Desperate now, Blossom did what she had been dreading she would need to do.
At 18 moons old, Blossom finally took Rainfall on as her apprentice. Rainfall's depression quickly fell away. She dealt evenly with each and every wolf, and did not leave herself out of anything. Though it exhausted her, Rainfall had a new spring in her step that none of the pack had yet seen. She became a strong leader, and when Blossom died, Rainfall was ready to take her mothers place.

Crush: None

Mate: None

Kin: None

Other: None

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Ella (ellarosewood) | 262 comments Mod
Scarlet is long dead, and Alpha is open I believe.

message 40: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 390 comments I can fix it :P

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Teadrinkingcat (Alex!!!) (Silverstreamisawesome) | 592 comments Mod
Accepted! Rainheart, it's been so long since I've seen you!

message 42: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 390 comments I know right! I haven't had too much time for Goodreads, but I'm glad I'm back!

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight | 249 comments Name:Rocky
Age:1 year
Rank:Alpha female
Rocky is a small she-wolf, though she is quick and clever. She has short thick light grey fur, with tints of black, which helps her blend into her suroundings. She has a averaged legnthed tail, with a faint black stripe down the center, and a white tail-tip. She has small, white tipped paws. She's not very slender, making her better at fighting rather than hunting. She has a slender muzzle and light brown eyes.
Rocky is a clever she-wolf, though she oftenly to shy to show it. She's strong willed, and wants nothing more than to follow her heart. She's carfull about who she trusts, and wishes that other wolves could understand and exept her for her. She always stands for what she believes, but if your looking for a fight, Rocky will give you one to remember. Sometimes Rocky acts like a pup, with her curousity and playfullness, but most of the time she's honest, calm, and understanding.
Kin:Brother:Hawk(statue unknown)
Other:Born and raised in Scarlet's pack as a sentel but she left when she fell in love with Blackstorm.

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight | 249 comments Name:Fang
Age:6 years old
Fang is a large muscular biuld he-wolf. He has thick short white fur, and wide paws. His shoulders are wide, and his stomach is slender from a lack of food. He has a long bushy tail, with a black tip. His eyes are a cold shade of grey. He has a black nose, on the end of his thick muzzle. Grey fur lines his muzzle, and he had long fangs.
Fang dosn;t let any lower ranking wolf get in his way. He oftenaly holds grudges sometimes for years. He dosn't forgive easily and never forgets. Though he's growing older he still has a fierce temper,and a fiecer scence of loyalty. He loves pups, perhaps remembering the son he lost when he was younger and his mate had been a loner she-wolf, who joined Scarlet pack to give birth to her pup(s) but was killed in the yearly raid.
Other:He dosn't know Flight's his son.

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 1 comments I was wondering if I could be a loner pup and MAYBE be taken in by a pack?

๖ۣۜƧilverlight | 249 comments Razor wrote: "I was wondering if I could be a loner pup and MAYBE be taken in by a pack?"

U could probbely do that ^^

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Teadrinkingcat (Alex!!!) (Silverstreamisawesome) | 592 comments Mod
Both accepted.

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 390 comments Name: Flight

Age: 27 moons

Gender: Male

Pack: Brick's

Rank: Hunter

Appearance: Flight is thin and wiry. He is pretty much muscle and bone- it would be hard to find an ounce of fat anywhere on him. He has a black nose and pads, and bright, playful green eyes. his pelt is so light gray its almost white. His tail is short, with a black tip, and a black-ish stripe along the top of his muzzle to the top of his head.

Personality: Flight has a very bouncy personality, and he is very fun to be around. He likes to poke fun, but he knows where the line is. He doesn't enjoy making people angry or being angry. He gets scared easily (hense his name) but he is good to have beside you in a fight. You could never doubt his loyalty, but since he's such a prankster, his honesty is easier to doubt.

History: Flight was born into Scarlets pack, but since he was a male, he was soon sent to fend for himself. He holds no grudge against the female pack for sending him away, because he recognizes their tradition and accepts it, and he feels he already got even with them by attacking them and their pups. He joined Brick's pack when he was but six moons old, and ever since has been loyal to none but them. He cares not for his mother, whom he cannot remember, but he knows that his litter mate, a sister, has already died. Flight lived happily in Bricks pack. But at two years, he met Nova on border patrol. Her kind fairness enraptured him, and he fell in love. She is the only one he is always honest to, and around her he becomes a shy, clumsy pup.

Crush: Nova

Mate: None

Kin: None

Other: The fastest runner in the pack.

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Axela | 217 comments Mod
Name: Saelynne (SAY-lin), but likes to call herself Saelunae.

Age: 4 years

Gender: Female

Pack: None - Loner

Rank: Her own Alpha.

Appearance: Saelynne is a beautiful wolf. She is well muscled and strong, with a raven-like coat that shimmers in the sunlight. Her toes are white and so are her claws, which are great for digging. She has decorative scarring on her face that looks a little like swirling mists. Her eyes are a golden amber, and her ears are tipped with brown. Her tail is white underneath.
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Personality: She is very strange for a wolf. She has a fascination with fire that leads her into danger very often. She is proud and will stand her ground against a Pack of seventy if she must to retain what she calls her Honor. Her Honor is a myterious thing. Sometimes, her Honor speaks to her. She is a little crazy but gets along well with others. Most of the time, she will be kind to you and hunt for you once or twice, but if you catch her at a bad time she will not hesitate to take your life. She is ruthless in battle and doesn't care who she's fighting. She hates being in a Pack and disregards that world altogether, paying no attention to borders.

History: She used to be a kind of pet of a group of people with a tribal nature, her friends being people. She never really liked it there, being surrounded by so many, but she stayed because of her one friend, Laykin. He was a kind wolf that was never confrontational with her. Once, she saw the people take him away, screaming, and he was never seen again. She isn't sure what to think. The next moon, she was captured and taken and cut in pretty patterns along her face and jaw. She was held until she healed, but the fur never grew back, leaving thick, white scars. At her first chance, she ran. She never looked back and has roamed between the Upperlands and Lowlands since.

Crush: None.

Mate: None.

Kin: She doesn't know if she has any.

Other: She's an excellent hunter, and can somehow find enough food for herself in these lands, mostly because of her skill and speed in catching small prey.

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