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Aestas Book Blog maybe I'm just behind on all this, but I just saw an interview with SK confirming that Dark Hunters are going to be a TV series + Chronicles of Nick is going to be a movie ... last I heard, Nick was getting a TV series and that was it... but (see link below)

anyone know any more or finalized news????

Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥  (mylheage) | 188 comments I only know about the DH series and the Nick movie.

message 3: by Tempi (last edited Nov 05, 2011 03:31AM) (new)

Tempi | 234 comments Yeah. I know DH series are going to be running on TV and CON is going to be a major motion picture , the Ware-Hunters are going to be an animated series. I have my consurns about the DH series. Don't know how are they going to approach them ,cause you have modern-day settings like New Orleans , the flashbacks to ancient times , the greek pantheon with the temples. They sure are going to CGI the hell out of those.

Libbi | 1 comments So Cool, can't wait

message 5: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 5680 comments Or film everything in Toronto Canada, as I've learned that is a trade secret of most directors. Do to up there having so many colorful landscapes and places to shoot from. But I hope not, be great for them to take snippets from actual places here and there. I'd be excited to see the real Cafe Du Monde.

message 6: by Aestas Book Blog (last edited Nov 05, 2011 12:39PM) (new)

Aestas Book Blog its true its really cheap to film in Toronto but if they did in all likelihood they'd replicate sets as much as possible. I'm a little nervous about the 'tv' part cuz in it would be most likely 'based-on' the books ... i hope it stays true to the feel of them though...

im not worried about the special effects side though. have you guys seen the stuff thats on TV now??? its borderline movie quality effects. so at least thats something i feel very comfortable with. though i am glad they didn't try to tackle this before. its good to have waited for the FX to be as developed as they are now

message 7: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 5680 comments Yea, I've seen some good special effects and some bad ones. I just hope they have everything to sync up and make sense. Other wise something might look crazy and weird.

message 8: by Lizabel Barrons-Kattalakis-Quiakides-Tehrror (last edited Nov 06, 2011 08:52AM) (new)

Lizabel Barrons-Kattalakis-Quiakides-Tehrror | 355 comments I hope they don't make them cheesy...*crossing fingers* Hopefully they'll be close to the books!!!

message 9: by Tempi (last edited Nov 05, 2011 03:05PM) (new)

Tempi | 234 comments And be not cheesy I mean with suspense and mystery. I want it to go right there with True Blood (the first 2 seasons, cuz the last one was kind of a let down) I do belive they are not going to be exactly the same as the books , cuz that would be kind of pointless in way. I mean none of the other Tv series like The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Dexter are following the exact events as the books but they are still good.
It will be fun to see how are they going to pull off the Dark-Hunters with thier average 6'5'' high. Maybe Pete should try with the castings:)

message 10: by Aestas Book Blog (last edited Nov 05, 2011 03:13PM) (new)

Aestas Book Blog Well it's easy to give the illusion of a tall guy by casting a very short girl. I just really hope the casting director (and everyone else involved) actually reads at least some of the books rather than just the scripts that end up being written. I'm really hoping they "stay true to the books" at least in the world building/character creating, rather than have them 'based on' the books meaning that the only thing they have in common is like 'dark hunters fighting daimons' and the rest is all artistic lisence.

message 11: by Tempi (last edited Nov 05, 2011 03:30PM) (new)

Tempi | 234 comments Nah, I doupt SK is going to let then tear up the DH series so much. She probably is going to have some creative control over the whole project and оbserve the process

Aestas Book Blog maybe.... hopefully.... fingers and toes crossed

Robin (MnMover) | 5 comments My major concern is who's going to play Ash???? The DH's??? They are to important to the whole series that if they cast them wrong, it will screw the hell out of the whole thing. Keep this in mind...they're having Tom Cruise play Jack Reacher.(Lee Child's Reacher Series)Jack Reacher is 6'5", built like a mountain & ex-military! Does this describe ANYTHING remotely like Cruise? I'm just flippin crazy mad at this. How do they have a 5'8 small framed guy play this larger than life 6'5 guy?? And his size is a major influence in every book! It makes NO sense & it completely kills the movie for me. You can fudge a few inches but nearly 10?? Really???
So this is an example of my concern with the casting. Not just Ash, but all our DH men. We all have an idea in our heads of what they look like to us, however, each DH is BIG, bigger than the typical human man, it's a major & consistent description of a DH, the Were's & most of the men. So to me, casting will be a huge influence to this series.Unless they use normal men & little people for the others? LOL more thing...back to Ash, he HAS to be so hot, so gorgeous because he is considered the most beautiful man ever. This will be interesting to see what they will do with this & who? He'll have to look good in white-blonde hair & also all the other crazy things he does with it. He especially has to be tall & built or it just won't work in my opinion.
Sorry so long & maybe this has all been said but just throwin it out there.

Here is a link to a website that talks about Tom C. playing Reacher & the uproar over it.And since I'm already so long winded I might as well throw in a plug for the Reacher series, awesome series if you like a big, strong, take no shit, doles out punishments his own way & always ends up saving the day kind of man, you'll love Jack.Check him out!!!

message 14: by Rare (last edited Nov 06, 2011 10:30AM) (new)

Rare | 72 comments I can guarantee you that there will be some major flaws considering their choice of actors, no doubt about it (with every series based on a book they have this certain problem) . But still if they concentrate on the plot and so on and IF (one big IF) they tend not to water it down or make it more teen appropriate (that will be a major fuck-up) I think it could turn to be the very least watchable :)

Aestas Book Blog ya i agree with the importance of casting, especially Ash - if they get Ash wrong, I don't think I'll be able to watch the series. He's too important.
Like I said earlier though, its possible to cheat a bit of height with camera angles and by casting shorter heroines and supporting cast. But they still have to go with a guy who is naturally an absolute minimum of 6'2" IMO. But honestly, for me, I can understand the sacrifice of a bit of height (like having him seem like 6'4" instead of 6'8" but he HAS to be drop dead GORGEOUS and needs to be able to act very subtly - I think a lot of Ash's story is about his inner turmoil/pain and that's something that takes a lot of skill to convey.

Rare | 72 comments Don't sweat, there are a lot of tall actors (excluding Tom "The midget" Cruise). I don't think the height will play such an important role rather their looks and acting abilities mostly (imagine some tall muscular moron that can't say his name in a proper way - it'll be like some cheap ass softcore porn)

Aestas Book Blog lmao haha ya I totally agree. so long as he's taller than the heroine, my main concern is looks and acting ability :P

Tempi | 234 comments " more thing...back to Ash, he HAS to be so hot, so gorgeous because he is considered the most beautiful man ever"
*snorts" Not likely, lady. I'm refusing to be depraved enough to consider some fictional guy with hair longer than mine to be most handsome man ever. And who exactly is considering him to be top of the hotness chain,is it the fat ugly chicks with his symbol tattood on their shoulder blades, cause if that's the case then excuse me for not beliving it.
I'm pretty sure there won't be any if the Hollywood big shots in TV series, since they tend to avoid the small screen 'cause that would mean it's the dawn of their career.And I would look forward to more talent then their hight or hotness (of course it wouldn't hurt the eyes to have some good lookin' men)

Aestas Book Blog I actually suspect that they will cast unknowns in most of this - or at least actors who have yet to make their big breaks... and I don't mind. There are a lot of gorgeous people out there who could fill these rolls and I honestly am not sure I'd actually want any big shots in these rolls anyway. I also like having unknowns cast because then I see the character instead of seeing the actor.

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Rare | 72 comments Actually I think if they use well-know actors it will be a major mistake because people always have prejudices so they better assemble a primarily "fresh" cast that keeps viewers watching long enough to get hooked.

message 21: by Lizabel Barrons-Kattalakis-Quiakides-Tehrror (last edited Nov 06, 2011 04:27PM) (new)

Lizabel Barrons-Kattalakis-Quiakides-Tehrror | 355 comments Yeah...I rather they cast an unknown good actor that a known one with a big ego, he needs to be gorgeous but very masculine at the same time!!!!

Aestas Book Blog Lizabel Kattalakis-Quiakides-Tehrror wrote: "Yeah...I rather they cast an unknown good actor that a known one with a big ego, he needs to be gorgeous but very masculine at the same time!!!!"


Rare | 72 comments Well most of the times "stars" are born in TV series they're not playing in them so... :)))

Cindyg (BrotherLover) | 237 comments Okay so a part of me is fearful of who would be cast. But a larger part of me is excited. So I say bring it on...what's the worse that can happen...I don't watch the series or the movie???

Rare | 72 comments The worst that could happen is that it could turn out to be like Twilight (how 'bout that) (no offense to the people that enjoy the movie) :)))

message 26: by Tempi (last edited Nov 10, 2011 04:41AM) (new)

Tempi | 234 comments My brother ,who is 32, likes Twilight and even has the nerve to say it gets better with every movie. I don't care who gets offended , but let me tell you this, I never miss one chance to point out how rediculous his taste in movies is. Hell ,even Robert Pattionson hates Twilight (like when he said "so when these vampires go out in the sunlight they My Little Pony" lol)So don't worry Pattinson fans, when this horrendous monstrosity of a movie is over you can like him all you want without shame.
And the movie is going to be about Nick and the CON series so don't expect anything but a blockbuster with the right maketing, kind of like Percey Jackson and the Olympians or I am num 4

message 27: by Rare (last edited Nov 10, 2011 08:48AM) (new)

Rare | 72 comments He's dead on with that statement though, the last movie is going to be great, a real classic end (emphasizing on the the second of them two words) I may even go watch it (yeah, right)

"I am number four" was a waste of time in my opinion (could've spend my 5 bucks to grab a bite rather than to watch it)

I hope with these series they focus more on the acting than on the fancy and flashy stuff. :))

message 28: by Aestas Book Blog (last edited Nov 10, 2011 10:02AM) (new)

Aestas Book Blog I agree that with Percy Jackson, I am number four etc it's all flashy SFX and bad acting. However I admit to being a fan of the Twilight movies. I know, I know, most people on this site seem to hate them but I think they are beautifully written, well directed, well acted and well put together. Not too flashy, and with good music. If Nick's movie can have that much, I'll be satisfied. Haha I hope I don't startR a "love/hate Twilight" issue here. This is just my personal opinion. I know not everyone shares it.

message 29: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 5680 comments I don't hate Twilight per se. I just think that first one was weird as hell. The other ones after that seemed to get a little better. But my excitement for teen vamps and such has lessened now that I'm older. If I had of read or seen the movies when I was an actual teen I might have liked them better. But my paranormal interest have grown so I'm beyond the swooning for vamps and teens angst phase.

I did see I am #4 not too long ago on tv. And beyond the effects. That movie really felt like a dud. Not do to the acting in my opinion(as I'm no acting extradinoire to really judge that kind of thing). But because the plot was so damn weak. I mean the purely amazing thing was the alien dog for a brief time. Beyond that I was having yawn after yawn going on.

message 30: by Tempi (last edited Nov 10, 2011 11:06AM) (new)

Tempi | 234 comments I love when I look at pictures of how the fans invision the DH characters and everyone seems to agree that Jared Padalecki will be a perfect Jaden. And I like that idea , he's a good actor, he's handsome and tall (6'4'')2 thumbs up for Jared! He just needs one green contact lens and is good to go.

Aestas Book Blog omg YES!! Jared would be PERFECT for Jaden!

message 32: by Tempi (last edited Nov 10, 2011 12:37PM) (new)

Tempi | 234 comments Oh and that Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian/Doran Gray) I swear that boy has soled his soul to Artemis cuz he is 30 and doesn't look a day older than 18 and so handsome. And his eyes are sooooooo dark you can barely see any pupils. There is something fishy going on around here and I think I smell a heifer.
Oh , yeah and I can tooootally see Paul Walker as Talon. mmmmm Paul...

Aestas Book Blog hmmmm yes to Paul Walker as Talon - definitely.
Ben Barnes has an interesting look but I dont know ... I'm not sure who I could see him as... maybe if he was blond and got dreads he could be Wren? I dunno...

message 34: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (last edited Nov 10, 2011 02:24PM) (new)

Dhfan4life | 5680 comments I would think Paul would probably make a good Kyrian. But not as Talon. Especially when Talon gets really PO'ed. Because seeing Walker try to be that way. Makes me think about how from the "hood" they tried to have him in the second fast and the furious movie. And it was just terrible in my opinion. The other guys I can't recall what they look like off hand.

Took a look see. That Ben Barnes guy could probably be Nick. He does do the dark edge/grudge thing rather well. From Dorian Grey. And yet looks like how Nick used to be. Open and trusting before things changed.

I'd have to disagree on Padelicki too. Now that I know where I know him from. He'd be far too soft looking for Jaden. Just cause he is attractive doesn't mean he would have enough kick some ass and annoyance in him for Jaden. I'd probably say one of the squires. Like Tadd or something. Who would make a good Jaden I think is that guy from the mummy movies. Not Brendan Fraser. But the guy that was in all black, had the symbols on his face. him. Or he could be Stryker maybe. But no way can Padelacki or licki or whatever his last name is, lol.

message 35: by Lizabel Barrons-Kattalakis-Quiakides-Tehrror (last edited Nov 10, 2011 05:44PM) (new)

Lizabel Barrons-Kattalakis-Quiakides-Tehrror | 355 comments Ben Barnes s is really a beautiful specimen, I really like him but he needs grow some muscles so he can be considered for a SK character.

I'm not really into blond guys but I always liked Ryan McPartlin ("Captain Awesome" fron the TV show Chuck). I think he will be a good Kyrian...

Aestas Book Blog Ooooo a big YES to Ryan McPartlin - Captain Awesome would be great as a DH. Not sure which one though...

I have to say, I really hope that either unknowns or TV actors get cast though . no big shots. i want to be able to look at them and buy the character, not just see the actor. like for example, no matter who ryan reynolds plays, when i watch his movies, all i think is 'ryan reynolds'. and thats the last thing i want to have happen when watching a DH production

Lizabel Barrons-Kattalakis-Quiakides-Tehrror | 355 comments Ryan Reynolds is cute but, he is too funny...I could never see him as a bad ass DH!!!!!

Aestas Book Blog Ahahaha ya I was just using him as an example of a big shot actor. I could never see him in the DH world. He just randomly came to mind when I needed a famous actor name lol

message 39: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 5680 comments Reynolds would totally make a great squire too. All that smart aleck humor and he is hot. Although I remember him from a much earlier show before he got real big. 2 guys, a girl and a pizza place. He was so cute on that but as he gets older he gets hotter.

I do agree about the no big stars thing. I mean I don't even watch the practice but since a commercial for it the other day. And saw Benjamin Pratt was in there as a doctor. And I was like yea right. He is so standing out like a sore thumb. And the white doctor's coat he has on totally looks like a prop. And so I would never truly believe him to EVER be a real doctor.

Lizabel Barrons-Kattalakis-Quiakides-Tehrror | 355 comments Ryan Reynolds = Van Wilder to me forever LOL...can't help it!!!

Amna | 6 comments I think ian somerhalder will make a nice nick
but since hes got his hands full with vampire diaries i dont think i will get to see him as nicky
although one can still hope :D

Jennifer (jenlopez1283) | 18 comments I was reading through this thread and I am super excited about the thought of having a show (as long as they dont change it) but does anyone know what network it would be on?

Rare | 72 comments I know that in recent times he got buffed and so on but come on ladies, please. Ryan Reynolds ?! :(

BJS | 16 comments Rare wrote: "I know that in recent times he got buffed and so on but come on ladies, please. Ryan Reynolds ?! :("

I'm with you Rare

message 45: by Aestas Book Blog (last edited Nov 11, 2011 08:53AM) (new)

Aestas Book Blog aaaaaa lol, k the whole Ryan Reynolds thing was NOT meant in association with any DH movie or anything to begin with. It was only originally mentioned as an example of a random big shot movie actor and how it would suck to have him or any other big shot in a DH show/movie because all you'd be thinking about was the star or the star's name, not the character.
so to repeat, Ryan Reynolds has nothing to do with this thread.

message 46: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 5680 comments And I was saying if he were to be in there. He could still make a good squire. HIs humor would fit rather well. So can't deny that part. Though I don't think him and a leather anything would go in the same sentence though.

message 47: by Tempi (last edited Nov 11, 2011 10:38AM) (new)

Tempi | 234 comments And Ian Somerhalder will do well as a squire also. I mean the guy is small , bearly 5'9'', I can top that without wearing anything higher that ugg boots. And I'm not impressed by his eyes , got a pair of the exact same for myself. Don't know why every bulgarian girls, including Nina Dobreva ,got the hots for him (yes I called her Dobreva cuz without the 'a' Dobrev is a male last name, like I'm Iva Velcheva and my brothers name is Vladislav Velchev)

message 48: by Aestas Book Blog (last edited Nov 11, 2011 10:53AM) (new)

Aestas Book Blog Tempi wrote: "And Ian Somerhalder will do well as a squire also. I mean the guy is small , bearly 5'9'', I can top that without wearing anything higher that ugg boots. And I'm not impressed by his eyes , got a ..."

ya he's got a nice face and all but wayy too short . and too famous to be in the DH in my opinion. after doing vampire diaries, he'll always be 'Damon' in my mind so I'm not sure I could handle him as a main character. Besides, his agents would never let him be a squire or supporting cast anyway if they are worth their salt

Dhfan4life wrote: "And I was saying if he were to be in there. He could still make a good squire. HIs humor would fit rather well. So can't deny that part. Though I don't think him and a leather anything would go in ..."

lmao! ... ya you were the only one who understood the reference :P - and i totally agree lol

message 49: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 5680 comments Tempi wrote: "And Ian Somerhalder will do well as a squire also. I mean the guy is small , bearly 5'9'', I can top that without wearing anything higher that ugg boots. And I'm not impressed by his eyes , got a ..."

I think there is a certain rarity of grey eyes. That is why most like them. And the way he works em, i.e. the slight eye widening and direct stare thing. Can be a rather piercing looking into your soul kind of thing. I couldn't see him as a squire though. Not just cause of the height. But maybe a side demon or something. He just have more energy to be the bad guy than a good one. Interesting masculine/feminine versions of names there too. I'm kind of glad I haven't really heard such versions for surnames over here. Cause I honestly could not tell ya if my last name is masculine or feminine or what. But it is a color though, lol.

And probably so Aestas. Although I still remember him from Rules of Attraction with that blonde haired guy that was on Dawson's Creek. And Ian played a gay guy that had the hots for him, lol.

Rare | 72 comments People adapt to the roles of some actors in TV series or movie sequels and stuff but there are a lot of artists that manage to transcend into another character quite swiftly. Let's say David Duchovny who I never thought I would accept in a different manner than a special FBI agent hunting down aliens and investigating paranormal cases but from what I've seen recently on TV from Californication I must say David pulls it off. For that matter I beg do differ also by mentioning George Clooney, he managed to "escape" from his ER days and become one of Hollywood's top actors. (not that I like him that much but still got to give him that) So it's all about how things are going to turn out. If the producers and all the people involved put in a little bit of hard work, good acting and of course have some luck we may be watching the next big thing TV wise in the near future :))

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