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message 1: by David (last edited May 14, 2009 04:55PM) (new)

David Korinetz Oracle Story and Letters has just offered to publish one of my Fantasy short stories. I agreed, but don’t have an issue or release date yet. They are in California and I am in British Columbia. Has anyone in this group ever seen or heard of this magazine? I believe it is a quarterly.

message 2: by Keelin (new)

Keelin at the risk of sounding completly stupid and off the point ..... wheres british columbia ??????????????

message 3: by Jim (new)

Jim (JimMacLachlan) BC is just north of Washington state in Canada. Pretty place. I spent a delightful couple of weeks there about 30 years ago. Vancouver Island & Victoria were neat, too.

message 4: by David (last edited May 14, 2009 04:56PM) (new)

David Korinetz I'm looking for information about Oracle Story and Letters. See Message #1.

message 5: by Sandy (new)

Sandy (sandynathan) | 5 comments I'm a California native. 357 of us exist. Born in San Francisco, and alas, David, I've never heard of Oracle Stories & Letters. Try google or Meg Weaver's Wooden Horse News. She lists magazines and he like. Also based in CA

Sandy NathanNumenon

message 6: by Michael, Author (new)

Michael Bialys (Bialys) | 29 comments Mod
I'm in Cali but I'v never heard of them.

message 7: by Phyllis (new)

Phyllis Twombly (ScifiAliens) | 47 comments Hi Keelin,
British Columbia is also a province about three times the size of Texas. I live in the top third, in a village called Pouce Coupe (rhymes with loose Snoopy,) just outside of Dawson Creek, which is the start of the Alaska Highway. Also known as the Alcan, it was built in WW2 as a way for Americans to reach the stategic state of Alaska. It's at least an eight hour car drive for me to go south and reach Vancouver.
Phyllis K Twombly

message 8: by Julia (new)

Julia | 7 comments I am a native Californian, who now resides in Upstate New York. I read a lot of magazines and haven't heard of that one. I did a google search and didn't come up with the magazine- but found a letter of submission to the magazine.

Good Luck!


message 9: by David (new)

David Korinetz They are listed in the Writer's Digest Novel Writer's Market. I called and spoke with the editor to confirm they exist but couldn't find anything on the web. I guess I will just have to wait until they publish my story and send me a copy.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I've lived in California almost all my life but I've never heard of them. The question is: why do they not have a site? Did you sign a contract with them? If not, be sure to contact them again in 3 months and ask why they have not sent you one. Also, it would help to get their physical address and doublecheck with their county's records to make sure they have a history.

T.M. Moore
Ikthalion Press

message 11: by David (new)

David Korinetz As it turns out, I was mistaken about the state. I contacted the editor and found out that they are actually on the east coast, in Maryland. I'm going to see if I can change the title of this thread as I would still like to know more about them.

Kjersti but you can call me Captain | 32 comments I hate to point this out, but that's rather a big mistake isn't it? Something like a 5000 mile mistake. >< No worries, I hope it goes well for you (I've never lived in Maryland).


message 13: by Jim (new)

Jim (JimMacLachlan) I lived in Maryland for most of my life - until last year. We always figured it's about 3,000 miles from MD to CA, as the crow flies.

I googled "Oracle Stories & Letters" & their address comes up as:
7510 Lake Glen Drive, Glen Dale, MD 20769, in a submission letter from 2007. Google can't map that, but Glen Dale is just north west of DC & just north of Bowie, MD.

Only one person came up as having published with them. His web site is:

A pretty light web presence. I've never tried googling other small publishers, though. It can be tough to get high up on the search engine indexes. Lots of competition.

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