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message 1: by Sally, la reina (new)

Sally (MrsNolte) | 17267 comments Mod
Leah is really sick and in the hospital for the next day or two. Prayers or Any support, thighs, my swype is wonky so im signing of. But know that when I say thighs I mean thoughts.

 ~Geektastic~ (atroskity) | 3207 comments All the best to Leah, I'm definitely sending good thoughts your way, Sally.

Jim | 6485 comments Prayers are on their way Sally.

Jim | 6485 comments i will pull a kevin and not use capitals or any punctuation and you can go through and correct everything that i have written it may not make you feel any better but may take up some of your time and distract you for just a minute otherwise i may be forced to bloody my toes and post pictures of them and im sure no one really wants that

message 5: by Sally, la reina (new)

Sally (MrsNolte) | 17267 comments Mod
I do! Years I mean tears of haopy gratitude.

Félix (habitseven) Pushing positive energy your way!

Koeeoaddi (Koee) You and Leah are in my thoughts, Sally. Please keep us updated.

Jammies Lots of good thoughts headed your way, Sallers.

Sarah | 13810 comments Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for lovely Leah. Hang in there.

Sarah | 13810 comments PS if you're looking for distraction, come over to the 'suggestions' thread in music, which you hijacked several days ago. We can talk books and graphic novels and short stories.

Barb | 11186 comments Mod
I'm sending all the good vibes I can muster ... I hope she's better in no time. Hang in there.

Brittomart I hope your baby gets better soon, Sally!

janine | 7703 comments I hope Leah gets better soon. She is an awesome little girl. You and Leah are in my 'thighs'.

Jim | 6485 comments janine wrote: "I hope Leah gets better soon. She is an awesome little girl. You and Leah are in my 'thighs'."


janine | 7703 comments Alright alright, I'll keep them in my thoughts instead.

Jim | 6485 comments janine wrote: "Alright alright, I'll keep them in my thoughts instead."


Jim | 6485 comments BunWat wrote: "Thinking good thoughts for Leah, doing geeky dancing to distract Sallers"

You probably shouldn't do that in the intersection next time Bun, it may be awhile before they get this accident straightened out from all the distracted drivers.

Phil | 11390 comments Get well soon, baby L.

Phil | 11390 comments Oh, and to distract...

"The hospital? What is it??"

Jonathan Lopez | 4728 comments Sally, I hope Leah feels better soon. Must be an anxious time for you and Sweeters. Hang in there.

Mary Which town or hospital?
Am sending lots of love your way, hang in there Sally.

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

Sorry too here about Leah Sally. I hope she recovers quickly.

Carol | 1618 comments All good vibes to little Leah.

Distraction: do you still love isketch?

Lobstergirl | 21710 comments Oh noes! Praying for a fast recovery for Leah.

message 25: by Sally, la reina (new)

Sally (MrsNolte) | 17267 comments Mod
I had forgotten all about I sketch!

RandomAnthony | 1 comments I'm so sorry, Sally. Praying as well. You're a great mom. Please sleep, even in her room, and know she's well taken care of.

RandomAnthony | 1 comments Distractions: That guy from Mad Men. Walking in the woods. Making doughnuts.

Lobstergirl | 21710 comments Can you make doughnuts in a hospital?

RandomAnthony | 1 comments MacGyver could.

Cyril | 493 comments I am sending positive thoughts toward your whole family, Sally.
This video might give you a smile:


Helena | 1058 comments Poor baby- I hope she’s feeling better quick, take care of yourself too.

Janice (JaMaSc) Awww - poor baby! I hope she starts feeling better quickly. I'm thinking of you all. Hugs!!

message 33: by Sally, la reina (new)

Sally (MrsNolte) | 17267 comments Mod
Msn from mad men?

Koeeoaddi (Koee) Update, Sally?

Jaimie (Jez476) | 664 comments Good vibes coming your way for Leah. Get better soon!

janine | 7703 comments I read on facebook Leah is back home and already chasing Marla Singer around. Yay!

message 37: by Heidi (last edited Nov 02, 2011 03:06PM) (new)

Heidi (heidihooo) | 10818 comments Update from Sally today:

"Home safe and sound! Leah is racing around following Marla Singer. A bit of a cough lingers, but overall Sweetie is back to her sweet self!
Thanks again for all the positive thoughts, facebook friends and family.
Monday night was the scariest of my new mom life, with her wheezing, raspy breath, racing heart, caved-in chest, and endless coughs, but a bit of oxygen tent camping and non-stop mom and dad cuddles have restored this girl!"

Also, I adore that everyone kept you and Leah in their thighs, Sally. I'm sure that went a long way towards her recovery and in giving you the energy you needed to tend to your sweet baby... I'll have to remember that if I ever get sick - note to self: have someone keep me in his/her thighs, multiple thighs, if at all possible if I'm sick. Will speed up recovery.

Jonathan Lopez | 4728 comments That's great news!

Koeeoaddi (Koee) Yay! That's great news and big relief.

Janice (JaMaSc) I'm so glad to hear that Leah is back to her sweet self. Look out Marla! :)

message 41: by Sally, la reina (new)

Sally (MrsNolte) | 17267 comments Mod
Magical thighs.

Leah is home. I'm tired momma.

Barb | 11186 comments Mod

 ~Geektastic~ (atroskity) | 3207 comments That's great! So glad she's home.

Lobstergirl | 21710 comments Awesome!

Thighs help.

Charly Glad to hear you guys are at home. were it not so serious an issue I can imagine the thighs thing would have had a life of its own for days.

Jim | 6485 comments Great news Sallers!

Sarah | 13810 comments Yay!

Jammies Wonderful news, Sally!

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