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coffee obsession?

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Jula Silber has anyone else noticed that all characters drink coffee on every other page of the book? :)

Yuliya Yes. And this is a true. In many countries of Europe coffee popular as water in America (how much is recommended to drink glasses of water by American doctors or whoever recommend that - 8 glasses a day? I hardly drink one!) I drink coffee from 3(minimum) to ++++ times a day (I'm Russian, living in America already 12 years) My co-worker (American girl) say by knowing me during 2 years she is not surprised by amount coffee people consumed in this book )

Jula Silber Internet told me that Larsson had up to 20 cups per day and thats why his characters are coffee addicts ;))) but everynow and then i burst out laughing when Salander yet again made herself a coffee to come her nerves down...

Old-Barbarossa If it had been set in England or Ireland it would have been tea.
Certain areas of Scotland it would have been Buckfast.
Different countries/different customs...

Jula Silber true i was just surprised on how often it was brought up. i love coffee myself but i have a natural limit of caffeine intake.

Bianca I think that was one of the (not so subtle) things that endeared me to this book (among a million other things of course)...their love of coffee! I can relate! Although, I'm the same as you Jula, I do have a natural limit of caffeine intake :)

Cheyenne That and smoke cigarettes...

Summer And sandwiches, usually had with coffee. :)

Jula Silber and don't forget Salander drinking Coke in gallons... quite the healthy life style ;)

Saloua AARAB I m not a coffe fab but reading this book gave me the envie of drinkin cofee

Giovanna Locatelli That’s right! Coffee and sandwich obsession seems to be an expedient to fill the pages. Otherwise I cannot see the point in reminding us all the time that both Lisbeth and Mikael live on that. Another filling trick used by Larsson is to repeat almost everywhere name and surname of each character, even of Lisbeth and Mikael!

Esther My British mother and Grandmother drank tea at every possible moment but we also had a European influence at home so I loved coffee from a young age.
At my high school they wouldn't let us have a snack shop but were happy to serve us coffee ,which we drank black and sweet, at our morning break.
As a result in my teens I could easily drink half dozen cups each of coffee and tea during a single day.

Cherie The coffee didn't bother me so much as the sandwiches did. I always wondered what kind of cheese they were using. I just assumed it was cream cheese. I read through all of the books, one after the other and could not put them down. It was almost a shock when I got to the end and found out that Larrson was dead and there would be no more.

message 14: by Ken (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ken Fredette My day starts with a trip to the coffee shop. I read all three books there. I nurse a large coffee for five hours, there and at home. It stays hot in the mug my wife found.

Danni Swedes do drink a lot of coffee :)
In the morning, at a coffee break at 10, after lunch, at a coffee break at 3, after dinner. Perhaps also a cup or two in front of the computer at work.

//Danni - Swede that doesn´t drink coffee :)

Christen From these books, I gather that everyone in Sweden drinks nothing but coffee and eats nothing but sandwiches, or Billy's Pan Pizza...

Danni Students eat a lot of Billy´s pan pizza :)I do have a feeling though that they were more popular 10-15 years ago (when the choices of microwaveable foods were sparser)

Kathryn As someone said, Swedes drink a lot of coffee. It flows like water there. Its a Swedish culture-thing: coffee sandwiches, etc. Its like the Brits with tea, biscuits, scones, crumpets, and English muffins.

Maria Here we do drink a lot of coffe also, but in the expresso kind: the litle cups, not the large mugs - and that´s what i pictured that Mickel and Lisbeth drank all the time: tiny expresso cups, with sandwiches and a whole lot of Billy´s Pan Pizza hahaha for someone as skinny as Lisbeth she sure eat a lot of fattening things!
I know of people that drink up to 10 cups a day, but like i said, it´s the tiny things - and it´s a ritual during the day: after breakfast, in the midle of the morning, after lunch, mid-afternoon and maybe after dinner, so, whole lot of caffeine flying around in our veins.
But strnagely enough i thought that aside us, only the Italians dranks as much coffe as us....guess i was wrong.

Sally Swedes drink a lot of strong coffee. When I visited there coffee was served in small cups. It was very strong.

Melissa also writers in general typically drink a lot of coffee.

message 22: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa the point was made too - indirectly - in the movie of Dragon Tattoo. People were constantly toting around paper coffee containers. It made me want to run out to Starbucks. Next movie I'll make a stop first and bring a jumbo extra-grande in with me.

Stephanie Since reading the series, my coffee consumption has tripled... :)

Kathryn Stephanie wrote: "Since reading the series, my coffee consumption has tripled... :)"

Haha, me too! :)

Stephanie Caffine bothers me, so I specifically bought decaf so I could drink it all day, just like my favorite characters in the books. Sad... :)

Maria I am sticking tomy 3 tiny cups a day and that´s it - ot either my head will spin 360º non-stop hahaha

Lesley McCullough Can't remember the book I was reading but I do remember how many cups of coffee I drank and I kept making it stronger because it didn't taste as good as it read. Go figure....

message 28: by Jen (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jen I did notice that! The book also made me crave sandwiches.

Colleen Cross I noticed the all the coffee in Steig Larsson's books too. How could you not! Then I read more Nordic crime fiction, partly because I couldn't sleep after all that coffee!

Later on I realized it's in most Scandinavian novels. Liza Marklund, another great Nordic crime writer, has lots of coffee references too. Wonder what idiosyncracies we have/write about in North America that we aren't aware of?

message 30: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Love it Colleen! BTW are the Liza Marklund books good? I'm always on the look out for a new good writer.

Colleen Cross Yes Lisa, I would recommend Liza Marklund's books. I find her books start a little slow to start(like many thrillers), but be patient as they get very tense soon after.

I haven't read all of them yet but plan to. I like reading authors from other countries, because the slight cultural differences really add flavor to the book.

Esther Jen wrote: "I did notice that! The book also made me crave sandwiches."

I drink a lot of coffee so I'm not sure whether the book made me consume more but I was on a low-carb diet at the time and I began to hallucinate about delicious sandwiches!

message 33: by Tom (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tom Torkelson The Swedes (and lots of other locales) have their coffee and the Brits have their tea.
But if you want to see some absolutely obsessive hot drink consumers, you should come down here to Argentina and see how these people (myself included) drink "yerba mate" non-stop all day long. It's normal to see people in the streets with their gourd in hand and a thermos tucked under their elbow. Liters and liters a day...
I come from a Minnesota Swedish/Norwegian family, though, and still prefer coffee. My parents each drink on the average 20 cups/day, and have their whole lives...

Colleen Cross Tom wrote: "The Swedes (and lots of other locales) have their coffee and the Brits have their tea.
But if you want to see some absolutely obsessive hot drink consumers, you should come down here to Argentina a..."

Yes, I've visited Argentina and they are yerba-obsessed for sure. Yerba mate sure has a kick to it! Do you know if it shows in Argentine fiction like coffee does in nordic fiction? Lucky you to live in Argentina, especially this time of year :)

Colleen Cross Well, at least we are all well-hydrated :)

message 36: by Maeve (new) - added it

Maeve Jula wrote: "has anyone else noticed that all characters drink coffee on every other page of the book? :)"

haha, yeah. i thought it was funny. made me want coffee while i was reading it.

Wayward Child It`s Europe. We drink a lot of coffee

Virna Try reading it with a cup of coffee, and you will get it ;)

Esther My mother is a true Brit - has to wake up with a cup of tea and a digestive.
She takes fewer clothes with her on holidays to England just so she has room to bring back more tea and biscuits!

message 40: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Sorry for being too scientific but coffee (caffeine) is a diuretic - makes you pee. So we'd be getting DE-hydrated :-)

Kathy Saw the American movie yesterday and I was hoping for an intermission so I could have a cup of coffee.
If I lived near an IKEA I would be going there looking for one of those open face sandwiches:)

message 42: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa I know what you mean! Something about those take out cups they all had in the film too. I start to get latte cravings.

And I get like that too - sort of immersed in the food and drink in a movie or book I love. I was in a Russian lit phase several years ago, and couldn't stop making black bread and borscht. Seriously, my favorite bread cookbook still has the dough marks.

Ignore the advert...but loads of coffee info.

Joseph Buro ROFL. My favorite bit was when Blomqvist urgently needed to get somewhere, but decided to take a shower and put on a pot of coffee first. Nothing comes before coffee!

message 45: by Anne (new) - rated it 4 stars

Anne Jula wrote: "has anyone else noticed that all characters drink coffee on every other page of the book? :)"

Yes! I did notice that. It made me want some.

message 46: by Mina (last edited Feb 08, 2012 04:24AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mina Jula wrote: "has anyone else noticed that all characters drink coffee on every other page of the book? :)"

OMG I am not the only one thinking that! haha!!!
They drink coffee like breathing air, huh?

Natalia that's funny! coffee and sandwiches were mentioned a lot. I have to admit that i did drink a few cups of coffee while reading those books.

Ashley I thought it was funny how they drank it right before bed!

message 49: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Ashley... me too! I'd be on the ceiling! And it's not like they were drinking the light stuff. They were boiling the grounds and making hair-curling coffee in what I hear is the true Swedish style!

Danni My in laws do that every night. Evening coffee (and they do it the "boiling grounds in a coffee pan on the stove" way). They are Swedes :)

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