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What is the Scariest Book you've ever read?
Kirsty Kirsty Oct 24, 2011 11:28AM
Im looking for inspiration for a genuinely terrifying read? Looking for some suggestions please x

The Haunting of Hill House. You won't want to get into your bed at night.

The Girl next door by Jack ketchum.

I read The Exorcist when I was thirteen and had to sleep with the lights on for two weeks.

deleted user Anything by Dennis Wheatley
Dec 27, 2014 02:02PM

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On the river- Guy de Maupassant. A short story about a man who has to spend a night on a raft in the middle of a river...
N- Stephen King. Oh, this one scared me... I HATE numbers.
In the Hills, the Cities- Clive Barker. There is one paragraph I cannot, will not, read again.
The Doll Who Ate His Mother- Ramsey Campbell. Less pulp that the title makes believe!! and veeery creepy ending.

Read The Shining at 12, Exorcist at 15, and Red Dragon at 16. Nothing I've read since has been nearly as scary.

I will agree with several people on here by saying it really depends on what scares you. For me, there have been few books that have really scared me. Pet Sematary by Stephen King is one. I cannot finish it. I have tried several times and I just can't handle it. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson gave me several nightmares. Autopsy Room Four by Stephen King really bothered me. Though for this one, I would suggest finding the audio of it. I listened to Stephen King read it and that is what put it over the top for me.

Cthulu gave me the chills when I read it as a teen. As did the original Amityville Horror (the marching band at night scared the wits out of me).

But since I was about 17 (I'm now 37) I don't think I have read anything that frightened me

I have to agree with Wynter, it was definitely "Hell House".

The Passage was an eerie read and American Pyscho just made me laugh until I thought about how people actually act like that, then it became very very disturbing.
The Exorscist is by far the scariest book I've ever read. It still makes me terrified after reading, needing to seek solace in brigt lights, hordes of people and a need to avoid all forms of ouija breads. William Peter Blatty caught our absolute fear of being possessed to a t, the way we could be overtaken and have zero control over it.

Kirsty wrote: "Im looking for inspiration for a genuinely terrifying read? Looking for some suggestions please x"

The book that scared me the most was "IT" by Stephen King. I couldn't watch the movie because the book scared me so bad. (I still haven't seen it!).

Kirsty wrote: "Im looking for inspiration for a genuinely terrifying read? Looking for some suggestions please x"

All great answers - the Exorcist and almost anything by Steven King will keep me up at night. Last Halloween, I reread Bram Stoker's Dracula and found it delightfully scary.

Usually fiction of any sort doesn't scare me. I find some of it disturbing and wonder at the imagination. What scares me are true stories. I remember reading The Hot Zone years ago and that really scared me. Badly.

Duane Yeah, no schumer.

When I was 11 years old I discovered a book on forensic medicine on my father's bookshelf. There were *actual photographs* in there o
Nov 29, 2014 09:42PM

Apartment 16 and The Ritual both written by Adam Nevill have given me nightmares during my night sleep! They're really scary and disturbing, well written novels that are worth reading.

1. The Exorcist

2. Helter Shelter......about Charles Manson

3. The Stranger Beside Me....about Ted Bundy

# 2 and 3 because they were true

Apt Pupil and Rose Madder by Stephen King. The 1st is about a Nazi influencing a sociopathic teen and vice versa.

The 2nd is about a woman fleeing an abusive husband. Both scared the sh*t out of me because they can and DO happen.

'Salem's Lot. It was the first King book I read, and I was about twelve years old. I took every bulb out of the lamps, the overhead and the closet and replaced them with 100 watt bulbs. I even looked under the bed before climbing in. I slept with all the lights on, and my arms wrapped around me. The windows were closed and I didn't dare look out. It was summertime, the house didn't have air conditioning and I was so hot. But I would rather have been hot than to let the vampires get me...

Rebecca (last edited Nov 07, 2011 02:08PM ) Nov 07, 2011 02:00PM   0 votes
American Psycho is absolutely the most disturbing and scariest book I have read. I know it is often considered a "black humour novel" but the horror scenes were so graphic and terrifying that I would not read it in the evenings, for fear of nightmares. And I don't scare easy.
And if you want to know whether I liked the book and would recommend it, the answer is no, but I did manage to finish it.

The Bad Place by Koontz and The Exorcist by Blatty and Pet Semetary all have a place in that order.

Though I have not read it, my mother said that Helter Skelter, which is an account of Charles Manson's trial written by the prosecuting attorney, Vincent Bugliosi, scared her to death. The Exorcist and The Shining are both great choices as well, and I have read those. :)

1. Exorcist - William Peter Blatty
2. Shining - Stephen King
3. Salem's Lot - Stephen King
4. Legion - William Peter Blatty
5. Devil Rides Out - Dennis Wheatly
6. The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson
7. Dracula - Bram Stoker

Bangla Books:
8. Kutu Mia - Humayun Ahmed

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From the very beginning Mr. Alauddin did not like Kutu Mia. He thought somewhere there is a big problem but he didn’t know what. Against his will, his life began to change. After some time he started to sing with Kutu Mia

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Kutu Mia knew he died years ago, he was put in grave. And when he woke up in pitch blackness, he was submerged in rain water with boils covering his whole body and insects in it.

'Kutu Mia' is a story of the darkest world. It is the story of growing panic in the deepest pit of our consciousness. The terror that we know in our heart, but can never face.

I have to say that in my younger years (teens)
Pet Sematary by Stephen King did it for me. But in the last couple of months, twenty years later maybe,
I read The Woman in Black by Susan Hill and it truly spooked me. This type of horror, ghosts and such is a little more believable to me than that of resurrected pets. Hence the scaredy cat

The Exorcist was it for me when I read it. The idea of something you can't see that has powers like that over the human body scares the poo out of me :)

Aunt (last edited Jan 28, 2012 06:54PM ) Jan 28, 2012 06:53PM   0 votes
By Reason of Insanity - Shane Stevens - was out of print may be back. I am not easily scared - this one had me looking over my shoulder while reading it! My friends were equaly scared lol. Some never borrowed another book from me, may be a good thing lol.

Dunno, these days it's more a matter of being disturbed by the plausibility of some novels, regarding human behaviour.

As a kid King's "It" scared me and so did his "Pet Sematary"

I would throw in Clark Ashton Smith to go along with H. P. Lovecraft.

Thanks to the person who recommended The Ritual. I just read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just what I was looking for - atmospheric, horrific, and very spooky.

The Mask & The Bad Place by Dean Koontz scared the heck out of me.

The Shining for me

The scariest books I've read are Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs. King has some scary stuff. One of the scariest by him is probably Pet Semetary.

Salem's Lot. Hands down. It scared the bejesus out of me. Really. Didn't sleep for two days afterward.

If you haven'r read "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, you have a terrifying treat in store.

Drew (last edited Jun 04, 2012 03:42PM ) Jun 04, 2012 03:41PM   0 votes
IT by Stephen King
Pet Semetary by Stephen King
The Shining By Stephen King
Lurking Fear by H.P.Lovecraft
The Shadow Out of Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft
Summer of Night by Dan Simmons
Song of Kali by Dan Simmons
The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar by Edgar Allen Poe

Salem's Lot, any early Stephen King.

classic scariest: King's "It" and Lovecraft's "Dunwich Horror"
Most realistic scare: Blatty's "The Exorcist"
Most recent scariest: McGhee's "Murder Red Ink"
Personal fave: Poe's "Cask of Amantillado" but only because it's humanity scary

Zodiac by Robert Graysmith. That was terrifying but sooo interesting. The zodiac killer was on my mind for a long time after that read. Had trouble getting it all out of my head...

Absolutely, "Alice In Wonderland". I stole it from my older sister's room when I was seven, and secretly read the whole thing. I did not understand "Victorian England", nor what those two terms separately conveyed. I only knew: Nothing and no one in this entire book is normal.

The only book I ever threw across the room because it scared me was King's Pet Sematary - but you need to be a pet owner for that to get to you.

I'll throw in the Survivor by James herbert, bit dated now but scary back in the day!

This one is the scariest for me: The Sentinel

Am I the only one who didn't find The Exorcist to be that scary?
Sure, there were a lot of tense moments... but scary? Not really.

Same goes with Stephen King's It. I loved it but didn't find it scary at all.

As for the question, I can't really think of any because I've never read a book that actually made me feel scared or gave nightmares...

"It" when I was a teenager, but today the winner is "The Girl Next Door". Never read anything like it, and the reality of the story makes it even scarier.

I have read at least 80% of the books mentioned here. I read most of these books within months of publication. The Exorcist and Shelter Skelter kept me awake at night. I have found true crime to be the most disturbing since I know humans are capable of horrible things. Please specify what scares you....vampires...monsters....supernatural. There are great books to be had for each one.

All of King's books were scary, but the Exorcists gave me nightmares. I even thought my bed was shaking one night. I also saw the movie, and I wished I hadn't.....

One book I haven't seen in the responses is Justin Cronin's "The Passage" - I'm not one who is easily creeped out, but this one got under my skin. Also, Bram Stoker's "Dracula" is another one that I found rather creepy, probably because I didn't actually expect it to be scary given that it's been misused and abused so much over the ages.

It would be between Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot and "Helter Skelter."

Salem's Lot by Stephen King. Had to sleep with the lights on for three nights after. 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King

I give a lot of credit to the Exorcist as one of those books that actually creeped me out. There were some moments in Stephen King's It that got me too (but we've probably all read or seen that by now). I'm currently reading the Lovecraft collection 'The Road to Madness'. Lovecraft has a way of capturing so much detail in just a few pages and he paints such a vivid picture that I find myself so caught up in his creepy stories that I actually want to leave the light on when I go to sleep. 'The Festival' is a good example of one of those well written stories from this collection.

Strangely enough one book I found quite scary toward the end was The Religion by Nicholas Conde.

I don't think it's a great book in general, but the suspense toward the end was very gripping, particularly if you start to see where it's going in the end (can't say much more without ruining it).

While the characters were kind of cardboard and the way Vodou was covered somewhat insulting (though better than most pop culture versions), the emotion of the situation the protagonist was in by the end was so great, coupled with that feeling you get as the reader being able to see the big picture but being powerless to sway the character's course.

Other than that most stories that scare me are short stories.
The scariest was Lovecraft's "Whisperer in Darkness", but then again I read that alone in a cabin in the woods during a storm, constantly interrupted by tap-tap-tapping of things hitting the door.

Well, The Exorcist is definately number one on my list of Hibbie gibbies worthiness. I still can't watch the movie by myself without hiding my face with my hands. Stephen King's it gave me the willies and so did the Omen. Also, let's not forget the master of gross and creepy, Clive Barker. A couple of his stories from the Books of Blood gave me the chills.

I was scared by Salem's Lot and I read Jaws before the movie and found it scary.

The scariest true story I ever read was Helter Skelter.

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